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Blazin Trails with the Blaze Man!!

Blaze Has Been Adopted

July 1st 2011 2:26 pm
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We checked the Rescue where Blaze has been and he's off the internet, so we're figuring that he went to an amazing home! Good luck Blaze - you deserve nothing but the best in life!!


Back on the Coast

June 17th 2011 4:07 am
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Blaze had a wonderful last day. We played and took a bunch of walks. Karl was home with him all day and just loved on him!!

We got up, at breakfast and headed out by 9:30 am. It was 42 degrees when we woke and almost 50 when we left. We hoped that Darcy would play with Blaze and I could cancel the drive. But once Blaze tried to get her to play (mouthing her leg) she froze, got white eyed and looked at me like - Help. So I told Blaze to leave it and he trotted to Karl to play with his giant Hedgehog.

One the way driving back I called the vets office for Darcy to have a blood draw, we're going to get her straightened out one way or another.

Anyway, we got ahead of schedule and took a lunch break at the town of Windham Gardens. Found a McDonalds and got some grub. Went down the road a block to get gas and found a grassy area with a breeze for us to sit at. Pealed the coating off the chicken nuggets for Blaze - he was happy!

Got to the rescue and met Becky, Blaze's original foster mom. She's wonderful! She has 2 other AB's and one of the two loves to play and was missing Blaze all week. She had her daughter with her and Blaze was thrilled to see her.

When we left I ended up behind them and there was Blaze, he had jumped from the back to the middle and the foster mom's daughter had her arm around Blaze. He's is a wonderful foster home for sure.

We really enjoyed having Blaze and miss him.


My Last Day in the Mountains....

June 14th 2011 4:42 am
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Today is my last day in the Mountains :( Mom is going to drive me back to Delaware tommorrow. Darcy will not play with me, in fact she will growl, snap and run from me when I play. I'm young (9 months) and need my playtime. Mom and dad have been enjoying me they say. We've had loads of walks, runs and playtime it's been a blast! Hopefully I won't have to wait long after this week of "vacation" to find my forever home. Mom hopes that my forever home will get in touch with her so she can forward my page to them...

Thanks everyone for all of the kinds words and word of encouragement. I'll miss everyone!!


Oh What A Night!!

June 13th 2011 4:20 am
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Me, mom, dad and Darcy went for a walk when mom got home. Didn't see any turtles, but we did smell a skunk. Dad figures it got killed and sprayed the road before a critter made it disappear! When we got back mom fed me and Darcy. After a break me, mom and Darcy went outside. Mom would only let me out through the doggie door. I got it a couple of times all by myself!! Wahoooo!!!! I still prefer my doors opened for me but hey, it's something new!

Well, mom went into the house and left me and Darcy outside. So I decided I was going to get her to play with me, again!! At first she seemed like she wanted to play, then I guess I got too rough and she growled, snapped and came after me. Then she would freeze. We didn't know it but mom was watching through a window. At first she was happy, thinking maybe I could stay. Then Darcy shut-down and mom came out and started to play with me so I wouldn't mess with Darcy. Her loss! Then I got the zoomies and went absolutely crazy!! I slipped on the grass, got green grass on my white fur now!! It was soooo much fun!! Then I needed a break. So into the house we went. Mom ate some dinner and then took me and Darcy for a walk around the cemetery.

Got back and mom took a few more pictures of me checking out the scenery. There are loads of birds that I chase away and I smell lots of rabbits and deer. Wish I could see them and chase them also!

Mom is taking me back to the rescue on Wednesday. I know her and dad will miss me, but I'm gonna need a different home. One where I can play with another dog. Mom and dad really like me and want me to stay but they feel that I'd be better off away from Darcy. :(


Turtle? What's a Turtle?

June 12th 2011 4:39 am
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Mom took us for 2 walks last night once when she got home. We went a new way and mom found a turtle in the road. Well I went to sniff it and it moved! AAAAaaaaa... I jumped straight up and my wrinkles went flat out! :) Mom was laughing so hard!! Then I tried to sniff it a couple of times but I kept jumping - what is a turtle?? Further down the road I went to sniff a pinecone, thought it was a turtle and jumped again! Mom reached down and showed it to me, then I was alright.... We walked about 1/2 mile further and I smelled something - what is that? Mom stopped us and said let's go back. Smell that? It's a skunk. We avoid skunks! So we went back to the house and played for a bit.

Later it got alot cooler and mom said let's go. And away we all went, again. This time our walk was much cooler and a whole lot longer. We got home I was pooped!! So we all took a break. About 10 minutes later I saw something move out back. The backyard goes straight up as our house is on the side of a mountain. It was tan and moving slow. I barked. Mom got up to see what it was. It was a young buck. I barked a couple of times and the buck looked at me. Mom took me outside so I could see him better. I just watched him until he went into the woods. Pretty cool, huh?

I tried to play with Darcy again with no luck. She was running and I ran after her. When I got close she froze, again. I mouthed her a bit and tried to get her to play. She growled and then snapped at me. Mom came was right there and moved me out of the way. Then mom threw my kong ball and we played without Darcy, again. Mom e-mailed the rescue that she's bringing me back on Wednesday. Darcy isn't taking to me and mom and dad don't want me to feel bad. So they;re making my time here in the mountains like Disney for Dogs! I'm having a blast! Wait until I get back and they see all the stuff I've got with me!!


Morning! :)

June 11th 2011 4:31 am
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Yesterday mom came home and me and Darcy out for a walk. The clouds were overhead and it was pretty cool out. Every time I would try to walk next to Darcy, she would walk to the other side. I don't understand. But mom kept us moving and we got a good workout in. On the way back we went up the front yard and not the driveway. Man is that a workout!! I loved it!! Got to the house and mom fed us dinner. Chilled out for a bit while mom ate and then it was playtime!! :) Mom found a Kong tennis ball that squeeks and I loved it!! In the middle of playing with mom I got the zoomies and made a few laps around the yard!! On one of the laps I slowed down by Darcy, gave her a playbow and tried to get her to play. Nothing. Hmmmmpff! So I took off again and did another lap around the yard. Then I found my stick and chilled out chewing for a bit. Mom is trying to encourage Darcy, we'll see. Mom took a bunch of pictures of me, I pose as much as she wants me to. Then mom brought out this 3 foot rope with knots in it. Boy did we have a blast with that thing!!

Cloudy day today. It was nice and cool last night and we slept with the windows open. Got to listen to the night sounds. Dad came home after midnight and I barked a bit. But dad called my name and said it was alright that I was a good boy. I saw it was dad and got the wiggles! He took me outside for a potty break and then we all went to bed. Mom woke up at 4:30am way too early for me! I was comfy in my crate crate but got up to greet her. She gave me a big ol hug and rubdown and we went outside. Came in and went back to my crate - I'm sleepy. Mom got ready for work. Before mom left she took me outside one more time and I finished my potty for the morning. When I came back in I walked to Darcy's room, then to check on dad. All is well time to go back to sleep until dad gets up and we go for our morning walk.


To Bark or Not to Bark

June 10th 2011 6:12 am
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So yesterday mom took me and Darcy for a walk. I trotted the entire time!! :) Darcy can really keep up a good pace. It cooled off to around the 70's and mom said - lets go!! One the way back we went up the front yard. You may think, so what? Well the front yard is 2-3 acres and loads of smells! I smelled bunnies and deer all over! Then we got back to the house and me and mom played like crazy!! I tried to get Darcy to play but she was like aaaaagggg - he's huge! She'll come around soon enough!

Dad had to work last night, so we had mom all to ourselves!! My tummy is a bit upset so mom boiled some chicken and rice. I fell much better already!! Before dad went to work mom said, boy he hasn't barked yet... Well dad came home last night and scared me (I was sleeping in my crate) and I barked my head off at him!! Dad said Hey Blaze it's alright. Then I went over wiggling my butt at him!! Mom got up at 4:30 for work and took me outside. I was still half asleep but did my business. Then went back to my crate with my hedgehog toy and fell back to sleep...


First Whole Day...

June 9th 2011 11:58 am
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Mom woke me up, I was a bit dazed and not sure until she called my name that I knew her! :) She took me outside to do my business. Which, of course, I did. Then we went for a walk. We walked about 2 miles, it was getting warm and mom didn't want to overdue it. When we got back I ate breakfast. I kept scratching where she put on the Frontline and she decided no time like the present to get a bath. So I did. I wasn't too thrilled so I sat down in the tub and made mom work around me. She got all the yuckies off of me and I'm so clean and soft now. I love the rub-down after a bath - that's the best part! Then we played. I gave mom the toy I wanted to play with and she used it to teach me Drop. I'm getting good at it!

Then, mom wasn't sure if I knew about crates. So she threw some treat in and said "Crate" of course I went inside for some treats, DUH!! Then mom got me a chewie and said crate. I went in and she gave me the chewy and closed the door. Out the door mom went (dad was still sleeping) to get Darcy. Well dad got up after mom left and found me in the crate just lying there, quietly. He told me I was a good boy and opened the door. He gave me a good rubdown and a treat.

Mom came home a little later and there was another dog with her. Hmmmm that must be Darcy. Darcy looked a little confused - like I wasn't someone she knew. We greeted outside and I was wonderful - she was a little concerned. Then we went out into the yard and we did a bunch of playbows. Then Darcy ran and I just about plowed her over. That scared her and she wasn't to thrilled. Mom came out to me and calmed me a bit. I really don't know how big I am, but I'm harmless. Darcy has smelled me a couple of times and we've chased a couple of times. But boy is she a scaredy dog...

Oh yea, I had an accident today. It wasn't my fault. Mom and dad are trying to learn my signals. I've been playing alot with my toys and drinking alot of water. Mom missed the cue and I started to pee in the living room. She stopped me and took me right outside to finish, which I did. Mom came right back in and cleaned it up. She wasn't even mad!!

Calling for rain in a bit, mom's curious about how I handle storms, guess we'll find out...


My New Home!!

June 8th 2011 5:20 pm
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Hi Everyone!! I'm Blaze and I met my new mom and dad this morning and here I am 300 miles later at HOME!! Wahooooo!!!! Let me tell you about our trip. First off we drove through traffic - I mean loads of traffic!! Mom and dad are in the country and not used to traffic it was funny watching them look at all of the cars/people/buildings!! Then we headed up the Turnpike Northeast Extension. Man was that fun!! We stopped at the huge reststop and I got to walk around and pee on trees! Saw loads of people and some other dogs!! :)

Then our next stop was off of Hwy 80 West. Guess where we went to ..... wait for it.... PETCO! Yea!! I had loads of kids lovin on me - my tail was keeping a steady beat!! Mom and dad picked out a new leather collar for me! I loved trying collars on to find just the right on. We all settled on a flat buckle leather collar with diamond studs... I may say so - it looks pretty amazing on me! :) Dad and I picked out some cool toys and when we went to check out mom told the lady at the cash register that they were on their way back from Delaware that they had just adopted me she asked for a copy of my paperwork and gave us loads of coupons! THEN, the girl from the grooming area came over and gave me a free gift bag! Score!! Big Time!! :) Dad and I went for a walk in the grass and mom took a picture of us!

Overall we made 5 stops and made it home in 7 1/2 hours. Not too bad! Now I'm checking out my new digs! Not too shabby! Mom just put on Frontline and I've had dinner, done pottied and played a bit... Mom and dad are so amazed at how big I am. I'm almost 8 months old and weigh around 70 pounds. That 5 more pounds than Darcy!! Speaking of Darcy - I smell her everywhere in this house. But I can't find her. Mom says she's at the kennel or spa as they call it and will be home in the morning. Can't wait!! Mom and dad started to teach me how to use the doggie door. I'm not sure about it, yet. Dad said that Darcy will definately show him how to use it! She helped train the dogs in TX!!

Well mom just put on Frontline Plus and told me I'm getting a bath before bed so I'm going to go play some more since it's cooler here than where I lived before. There was a heat index of 105 there today and now its in the 70's here... Not to shabby, huh?

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