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Diary Pick!

April 10th 2012 6:34 am
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Diary Pick, again?! I have not even been barking much lately! Kind of weird, but thank you HQ!

And congratulations to Lexi & Zak's Wedding Page and Petey, too!


Oh, Dear!

March 31st 2012 4:28 pm
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My goodness, my diary has been picked twice since I last visited Dogster! Thanks so much fur the gifts, bones, messages and comments! And I am so happy to have some new/old furiends! Long time furiends of Pepper's that are now my furiends too! Plus a thank you to MrJackFreckles and his family fur the nice picture frames to commemorate the honor!

Rainbow wags,


Champion show dog found neglected in East Oakland

March 27th 2012 2:51 pm
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Carolyn Jones
Saturday, March 24, 2012

Once upon a time in Tulsa, Okla., there was a flaxen-haired princess with a coterie of loving attendants, a three-hour-a-day grooming regimen and a room full of trophies.

Fast-forward seven years to East Oakland. That princess - a champion shih tzu show dog named Pup-Pourri's Briana - was found this week staggering along one of the city's meanest streets, tangled in chicken wire and dirt-encrusted dreadlocks, one of the most bizarre animal-neglect cases Oakland animal control officers have ever seen.

"Our best guess is that she was enclosed in chicken wire so tightly she couldn't move, for months if not years," said Oakland Animal Services Director Megan Webb. "But she seemed to have all this training. This air about her. It was strange."

Oakland animal control officers have started piecing together Pup-Pourri's Briana's trajectory. After veterinary staff shaved off the chicken wire and matted fur, treated her skin infections and fed her a decent meal, they checked to see if she had a microchip. She did, and it was registered to a woman named Cheryl Baer in Tulsa.

Baer wept when she heard the fate of one of her favorite show dogs, a creature so beautiful, proud and charming she won best-of-breed competitions in five states. Baer was Pup-Pourri's Briana's groomer for five years, primping her for hours a day with shampoo, conditioner, curling irons and special latex bands for her topknot.

"I am absolutely appalled at what happened to her," said Baer, choking back tears Friday when reached by phone. "A dog that was so loved. ... It's a miracle she's alive."

According to Baer, Pup-Pourri's Briana was born in 1998 in Tulsa, the daughter of a four-time best-in-show sire. Her owners, an older couple who bred and showed shih tzus, hired a handler, as well as Baer, to shepherd the dog to stardom.

And a star she was. For five years, Pup-Pourri's Briana swept through AKC dog shows in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas, collecting ribbons for her smooth gait, spunky disposition and perfect proportions - wide-set eyes, flat high-set nose and luminous locks.

But then the wife developed Alzheimer's and the husband sold the kennel to a breeder in California. After that, no one's quite sure what happened to the pampered pooch.

Until Wednesday. That's when a resident of East Oakland saw Pup-Pourri's Briana hobbling along Thermal Street, just off 98th Avenue, barely able to walk because of the chicken wire enmeshed in her underbelly and rear legs.

Someone had apparently freed the dog from her chicken wire prison with snippers, leaving her to fend for herself on the tough streets of East Oakland.

Meanwhile, Baer hopes to make her first-ever trip to California to adopt Pup-Pourri's Briana and take her home to Tulsa.

"She was such a magnificent show dog," she said. "But now she's up there in age, and she's been through so much. I just don't want to risk seeing anything bad happen to her again."


Worms & Trojans & Bots, Oh My!

March 26th 2012 4:11 pm
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Been away from Dogsterland due to battling something attacking the computer. Think it is gone but the computer is not quite the same. Unfortunately, the humom is a little uncomfortable coming to Dogster right now. You see, something similiar happened in 2010 after that relaunch, too. Not blaming but just seems so coincidental.


Working Together Works!

March 17th 2012 10:07 pm
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From the CA Department of Fish & Game website

February 7, 2012

A male deer was rescued today from an irrigation canal in north Sacramento,thanks to the help of state and local rescue personnel. The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) collaborated with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District (SacMetro Fire) and the Office of Emergency Services (OES) to save the frightened buck from its unusual predicament.

The buck was trapped in a rain-swollen irrigation canal adjacent to Sunrise Boulevard. He was first spotted by a concerned citizen who called 911. Upon arrival, DFG wardens saw the panicked deer fighting for its life and immediately improvised a rescue plan.

Using a motor boat, a rope and the strength of 10 men and women, the deer was successfully lassoed and pulled to safety on the opposite side of the canal, where a state licensed veterinarian was on hand to inspect and treat it. Though it was exhausted, cold and wet, and had suffered scrapes on its hooves in its effort to escape, the deer was in otherwise good condition, said DFG Warden Patrick Foy.

“I am very pleased and impressed with my fellow first responders at SacMetro Fire and OES,” Foy said. “Our collaborative efforts were well-thought out and rescue personnel safety was an important consideration. Although deer are very good swimmers and can survive for a period of time in the water, it was evident that this strong male buck was exhausting himself and we had a short window of time for rescue.”

After the rescue, the buck was transported and released in the north Sunrise area far from the canal.


Angel Helps His Girl Get Home

March 8th 2012 4:47 pm
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This happened back in late January but just sniffed it out today.

By Karen Daily

A little bit of luck, good old-fashioned police work and a dog named Angel helped a little girl find her parents after she wandered away from home Sunday afternoon, police said.

On Sunday around 4:30 p.m., a woman called police because she found the 3-year-old girl walking outside with her dog and didn’t see any parents around.

The caller said the girl was dirty and crying and all alone – except for Angel, a small family dog which police said refused to leave her side.

The little girl said she was hungry and had taken her dog for a walk, but she had gotten lost and couldn’t find her way home.

Adding to the concern, she couldn’t tell the officers where she lived, said Sgt. Jake Mahoney, Aiken Public Safety spokesman. She was lost.

Officer Chad Cathcart walked with the little girl around the apartment complex where she was found to try to help her find her home, but they couldn’t find her family, Mahoney said, until another officer came up with an idea.

Officer Jennifer Bickel noticed that the dog was microchipped and had been registered with the City of Aiken. Then, all of the pieces started to fall into place.

The officers called Animal Control and found who had registered the small dog. That residence was nearby, Mahoney explained.

The officers took the girl to the residence and found her family.

The girl’s father admitted to police that he hadn’t realized the little girl had left. He and his wife fell asleep between 1:30 and 4 p.m., and he said he thought all of the doors had been locked. The girl’s older siblings, 5 and 6, were also home, but somehow, police said, she slipped out to walk the dog.

Mahoney said Angel stayed at the child’s side the entire time.

“The dog was very protective of her,” he said. “(The dog) didn’t want to leave her side.”

The girl was checked out by EMS and was OK, Mahoney said. She was a little shaken up, but she didn’t seem to suffer any trauma, he added.

Police said the parents do not face any charges at this time. Mahoney said they called social services, but charges are not likely.


Toola - The Sea Otter

March 6th 2012 9:48 pm
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By Jeannie Evers

Toola spent more than 10 years in the sea otter exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but what her caretakers loved the most about her was her wild side.

"She kept the wildness with her, even though she had grown very comfortable in the aquarium," said veterinarian Dr. Mike Murray. "She was the boss and let everyone know it."

Toola, who was the first sea otter ever to be a surrogate mother to stranded pups, died of natural causes early Saturday in the aquarium's veterinary care center. She was about 15 or 16 years old.

Staff members described her as frisky and feisty, nurturing and maternal. And they trumpeted her legacy as the inspiration for critical legislation that is helping protect the species in the wild.

"Toola was without question the most important animal in the history of our program," said Andrew Johnson, manager of the aquarium's 28-year-old Sea Otter Research and Conservation program.

Toola was about five years old when she was found stranded on Pismo Beach on July 21, 2001, and brought to the aquarium. She suffered from a seizure disorder, likely caused by a parasite that can be carried by cats.

Her story led to legislation in 2006 that created the California Sea Otter Fund, which has raised more than $1 million in taxpayer contributions for research into diseases and other threats facing otters in the wild.

Toola continued to do her part on a more personal scale, acting as surrogate mother to 13 pups, 11 of which were released into the wild. At least five of them are still alive. Two others now behind the scenes at the aquarium are on track for release later this year.

"She was really great at teaching the pups what they need to do in the wild," said aquarium spokesman Ken Peterson.

Her first pup was placed with her in November 2001 after she gave birth to a stillborn. She took to her new ward instantly, Peterson said. That pup, No. 217, is still alive and thriving in Moss Landing.

Her last pup was weaned from her Friday after it was clear her health was failing.


Dear Miss Whitney

February 18th 2012 3:16 pm
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Your funeral was today. Don't know if you had any furs here at the Rainbow Bridge.

You are just a few years older than my humom. She grew up with your songs on the radio. Such a beautiful voice.

Sad that with your beauty and talent you had some hard times coping with earthly matters.

This entry is not meant to adore nor criticize, but just to say thank you for your beautiful contribution to this world.


Lone Wolf

February 17th 2012 8:45 pm
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Literally! There is ONE known wild wolf in California! He came down from Oregon and here is a little about him from CA's Department of Fish & Game website:

'At this time, there is only one documented gray wolf living in the wild in California.

On Dec. 28, 2011 a 2 ½-year-old, male gray wolf entered California after traveling from northeast Oregon. Designated OR7, his behavior, called dispersal, is not atypical of a wolf his age.

Historically, wolves inhabited California, but were extirpated. Before OR7, the last confirmed wolf in California was here in 1924 and since then, investigated “sightings” have turned out to be coyotes, dogs, wolf-dog hybrids, etc. DFG wildlife managers anticipated that wolves would eventually enter California, and have been preparing for it.'

We learned about OR7 from a story in our local paper. So why did this wolf leave his pack to be all alone in California? According to the paper's interview with a DFG official:

“He’s looking for a female.”

But he went the wrong way.

“He didn’t have a map, and eHarmony was not working for him. This is typical behavior for a 2- to 3-year-old male or female juvenile, because the alpha male and female in the pack reproduce but prevent other wolves from reproducing. It’s very high-risk behavior,”


“Most of them die not long after they leave their pack. Another wolf pack could kill them, and a lone wolf is not as an efficient hunter as a pack. Game that they eat is at its lowest population this time of year, and they could get run over by a car.”

My heart soars that a bit of wild that was lost (or more accurately, "extirpated") has come back to California, but it must be tough being the only one of your kind in a vast wilderness. I wish you the best, though I fear a lonely life for you. A howl out to you, OR7!


Absurdly Rural?!

February 5th 2012 8:30 am
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Our little town of Boulder Creek was mentioned in Sunset Magazine recently. The Press Banner, our local paper, ran a story about it. Here it is:

Boulder Creek was recently featured in Sunset Magazine’s February issue as one of 20 “ultimate fantasy towns” across the world that would be ideal for city-dwellers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a “slower-paced, stress-free” lifestyle.

Sunset describes the town thus: “Just over the hill from shmancy Woodside, absurdly rural Boulder Creek (and neighbor La Honda) has the open space to keep cyclists, hikers, and horses happy.”

Oh, dear, they forgot to mention happy dogs! Boulder Creek is great fur dogs, too!

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