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Thank you everyone for my birthday gifts and wishes....

April 10th 2014 7:44 pm
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Thank you everyone for my birthday gifts and wishes....since I am running out of zealies I want to thank everyone here. I don't want you to think I am not grateful for all your love!!!

Love and Hugs, Buddy


Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!! My first ever in my new furever- home!!

March 29th 2012 10:21 pm
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Today was my first birthday celebration in my furever home with my family. Of course Mom does not know my real birthday and I can't tell her, so she chose the day she got me as my birthday.:) It was a fun day with lots of love from my family and also my Dogster/Catster friends. Thank you everyone for your birthday greetings and all the love you showed me. I love you all!

Here are a few birthday pictures with my cake..Dad got it for me and had my name put on. With so much worry over Georgie being so sick at and the vet most the day it was a little rushed but you can see by the smile on my face that I had a beautiful time and even got a sneak first taste of the cake.

My birthday cake. Pay no attention to the name on it, Dad didn't know it was wrong until he got home with it. I loved it anyway!! Mom wants to know who the heck Betty is Bol!!!!!!!!

I want to thank Momma for my picture and Georgie for my birthday pawty at The Best Lil' Doghouse in Dogster. Thank you Bailey and Buttercup for my birthday pawty at PDPC! Also I want to thank all my friends..

Thank you for the gifts and rosies..

Bailey NWD.

Ciao Li and lovely family.

Lady Chadee, Lord Percee, Nestle, Brandee, Grandeur and the beautiful angel Lady Chewee.

Romeo Beau.

Hershey and Winkie.

Lola, Perry, Max and Jake.

Harley Diva and Jazzi Danz'r.

Brandy III and Nikki.


The Blackburn Angels ILM, Tinkerbelle and family.

Coty, Riley and Izzi.

My sis Merry, Pippin, Shamus, Piper and Clancey.

Krickette CGC.


♥ Lucy ♥ for your beautiful birthday wishes.

Roscoe, Lexi and Monnie for your beautiful birthday wishes.

Abbie and family for your beautiful birthday wishes.

Bonzer for your beautiful birthday wishes.

Walker and family for your beautiful birthday wishes.

I love you all and am thankful for such wonderful friends as you are!!

Hugs Buddy "That's My Baby"



April 23rd 2011 10:55 pm
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I want to thank you ALL for all the lovely gifts and congratulations for being Daily Diary Pick and I want to thank Dogster for allowing me to grace the front page today. It was truly an honor in all ways and I LOVE YOU ALL!

I am doing SO well now. I passed all the bladder stones and no more having to go pp every few minutes and no more blood and pain. I am now a sassy, BOSSY Buddy!Bol!

Hugs Buddy xoxoxo


UPDATE ON ME! Yay I'm feeling BETTER!!!!!

April 18th 2011 12:05 am
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Here is the update that George wrote in the Doghouse today!

Here is an update about Buddy. Buddy isn't peeing the blood today so far. He's perky and playing and appetite is ferocious. He does not have the pain and diarrhea nearly gone. I think and HOPE the blood was a signal that the stones may have already been emptied out of his bladder. That's all I know for today and will be back as I know more. Thanks to EVERYONE for the POP!! ♥ ♥ {{{hugs}}}

Hugs and Love Georgie and Mom Diana

I want to thank EVERYONE for all your prayers and the gifts sent. You made me feel SO loved. I will write again telling you if there are any more incidences. Mom really feels with a good diet and lots of love I will be FINE!!!

Love and special hugs Buddy!!!! xoxo


Please pray for me I'm not feeling well....

April 16th 2011 11:24 am
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This is what my brother Georgie wrote at The Doghouse so I will just put it here for you to see...xoxo Love Buddy

I just wanted you to know that Buddy had to go to the vet today, he was sick yesterday and this morning he pp'ed on the floor and it had blood in it. We took him in and he has bladder stones. He got a heavy shot of antibiotics, along with antibiotics to take at home. If he's not better by Monday he has to go back in for xrays and whatever from that point on.

Mom knew the little guy was sick yesterday. Since he came to live with us he has to go out and pp very often. Also he vomited off and on but still was up and alert until yesterday. This is part of it, Mom knew it was not right how much he had to go outside. It's good he p'ed on the floor today so Mom could catch it.

This is why he's been vomiting too from the pain. Not knowing his personality Mom could not determine what was going on and with just having blood work, physical and all was not sure what was happening. So like I said it's good he p'ed on the floor for her to see. Poor baby if not one thing it's another. He had a wicked time with the anesthesia as he wrote about in his diary. We didn't think he was going to make it.:(

Keep him in prayer please. Mom is so worried about him. She already loves him so much..he's such a wee baby in his heart. I guess I like him too now and don't like him being sick.

Love and Hugs Georgie and Mom Diana


Not a good day at all..

April 5th 2011 1:11 am
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Hi everyone, it's me Buddy. Yesterday was not a good day at all. I went to the Vet to be "fixed" (even though I was not broken!) and to get my first shots, micro-chipped and a skin tag taken off my lip. All went well with all that but what didn't go well is I had great difficulty coming out of the anesthesia. The vet was worried when Mom and Dad showed up at 4 as they were told to and said he did not like how I was doing but wanted me to come home to be with Mom knowing I would not be as frightened. He gave her and Dad his cell number and said he was only minutes from the hospital if I needed him.

On the ride home Mom was kissing my ears and they moved slightly at her voice but my eyes and mouth tightly closed. I came home and I slept and I slept and did try a wee bit to wake when George and Caroline were barking with the dog next door.

About 9 o'clock with Mom working on waking me every 15 minutes or so, Mom got the bright idea to get a small piece of hot dog which I'd do most anything for and hold it in front of me. I woke up for that some and ate it and ate a little bit of dog food, then wanted to go outside and go potty. I then slept until 1 (it was a peaceful sleep) then woke right up needing a drink and to go pp again. Boy was my Mom ever relieved, she was so frightened.

What the doctor said is he believes I may have a small liver causing me to take a long time processing the anesthesia. He said lots of times things like this does not show up until a surgery. All Mom knows is she will be extra vigilant and will not let me go under anesthesia unless extreme emergency. Also she will talk to the vet about alternative anesthesias.

Today I am back to normal other than it feels like my hind in was hit by a Mack truck. Mom is spoiling me up really good and George and Caroline are being extra careful around me.

Yesterday was a long, long day for my Mom and Dad.

Hugs Buddy


Things I have learned....

April 1st 2011 9:08 pm
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Hi everyfurbody!! I thought I'd share with you some of the things I have learned in the short while I've been in my new furever home. Very interesting to say the least.

1. I have learned that I CANNOT hump the big girl doggies in this house. They don't like it and grrrrr at me.

2. I have learned that I CANNOT hump the boy doggy in this house because he gets upset too and bares his teef grr'ing at me TOO!! :-O

3. I have learned that I CANNOT hump the kitties boys or girls in this house because they don't like it either! Plus if I try and they meow not wanting me to I will have Eddy and Timmy running into the room growling and looking at me like I'm a piece of TUNA and boy are they ready to set in order their laws!! They are the KITTY COPS in this house!!:-O

Why?? I'm just saying hello and I'm glad to meet ya, sort of like a DOGGIE PAWSHAKE!:D

4. I have learned to EAT FAST!!! If I don't it will be GONE!!!!

Well I'm tired from all this learning and going to take a much needed nap now. Thanks for listening.

Hugs Buddy


OMD! I'm Dogster's Daily Diary Pick!!

April 1st 2011 1:06 am
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OMD!! I'm Dogster's Daily Diary Pick!! I am really being shown the RED CARPET TREATMENT! I think I'm REALLY going to like it here. Thanks Dogster you guys ROCK!

Hugs Buddy



March 31st 2011 1:19 pm
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Bailey and Buttercup THANK YOU for making me Royal Member of the Day at PDPC!!! I love my new home and love my new Momma and Dad so much already and they love me.

I got my first bath today and no longer smell like goat so George really is interested in playing with me. Yes GOAT! I was being kept in a GOAT pen! I mean do I look like a goat? I was a good boy during the bath and blow drying and now am sleeping like a log.:) Oh and I got a little smoked lamb treat for being such a good boy! I wanted MORE but Mom said I could not have more until she knows how it affects my tummy. Why???


Hello Dogster World, I'm HOME!!!!

March 31st 2011 1:34 am
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Hello Dogster world, it's true, I'm finally home..never to be switched around again. It's been an exciting two days for me. Everything is so different, from eating schedules to type of food. Kitties and dogs around new Mom and Dad and skin brother. I am exhausted tonight from it all but am having the best of times.

I even went to the VET today!::o He checked me out and said I am overall healthy but have skin itchies from lack of grooming so I got a steroid shot and tonight I am not biting my skin trying to make that nasty itchy go away. That kept me up for the longest time.

Monday I will go in for a dental along with being noodled and will get my shots and micro-chipped while I'm under anesthesia. The Vet said since I need to be put under anesthesia for noodling we might as well get it all done at one time and I will wake not knowing I had so much going on.

I have been getting along really good with the gang here and I love my new Mom and Dad so much. I love to give kisses and be held. Tomorrow is bath day, I'll let you know how that goes.:D So much, so's tiring and now it's time for me to go to sleep.....again!

So until next time ...

Hugs and Wags Buddy.

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