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Age is No Barrier to finding a new home

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One Week...

April 7th 2011 3:39 am
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It has been a week since I have been in my new home...
and I think I'll stay...

I love all my new fur family. My Mummy REALLY loves me Lots & Lots.
She tells me there is plenty of room in her heart to give me lots of love & cuddles. My Daddy gives me cuddles just like he does to all the others...
I give sooo many kisses that I sometimes get told to stop, but I just can't I have toooo many....

I do get spoilt..just a little....Mummy carries me down our back stairs...why ??? Will I just stand there and wag my tail and just look at her....and I just melt her heart..

I went for my first walk the other day . Only a short one as Mum wanted to make sure that cars & trucks and other people & doggies would not scare me......and guess what??? I was just the walkies will be more often now.

Oh I have my "special" spot where I have my dinner at night, and NO other doggie is allow to go good is that !!

AND the best part is I get to have special treats.....will we all do !!!!


How lucky can a girl get...

April 3rd 2011 9:20 pm
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My new Dad & THEY are my Dad & Mum are so good, and all my new fur family are really nice to me.

I have taught my pawparents that when I roll on my side and raise my paw and do a little wave it means that I need a good tummy tickle !! and if they stop I just put my little paw up and they keep going....

Wags & me we went to the shop the other day and we got nice new leashes..of cause I got a pink one , and a new food bowl, and new jackets...We both had to get the same colour but Mum said she will find something girlie to sew on mine. The RSPCA gave Mum nice new beds for us and pretty collars, for when we arrive at our new home.

I have not been for a walk yet, but Mum said very soon we will will be lots of fun.

Wags, I think is a naughty boy because he likes to bark when all the other furs bark, they are soooooo loud, but I don't do that, I am very good is that I have only barked once since I have been here....just looking pretty is all I need to get attention...Zena let me on that little secret.....

As each day goes I am sure I will learn more & more about my new family...


First Day at My new home

March 31st 2011 3:13 am
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Will how do I start...

I did not come to my new home till very late in the day, will it was late afternoon !!!
Would you believe my new Dad had to work !!! My new Mum got so up set that she rung where I was living..the RSPCA and told them that I could not be picked up till Friday....

When she hung up, a few minutes later she got a call and they said that they would bring Wags & Me down in the afternoon for her...

Will I arrived and walked in the front door. There was one doggie..she was Zena and she would not stop barking....and then I saw all these other doggies out side....

After Mum did what she had to do with the man that drove us, I said good bye to him. I started to cry as he was one of the nice people that looked after me at the shelter....

A little girl and big girl and a big boy came was so confusing..but I was on my best behaviour..will I keep giving my new mum kisses...I think she like that...

Then my new Dad let all these other doggies in. All this time my mum keep me on a leash, and held me or sat on a chair so the others could do the sniff sniff thing....I was not to happy a few times, but I was told they only wanted to make friends....
I think it might take me a few days but I think it might turn out alright.

We did go out in the back & front yards but we did not stay as it was getting to cool for us little doggies so tomorrow I can do some exploring.

Oh yeah, before I came, I had to go to the Dogtor to make sure all was good with me. Will I had my teeth clean, and a check all over and they found nothing wrong with me....will only that I have a little "grey" happening on my face ! ! !

So will let all my new pals know how it is going...

Woof Woof for now....

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