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Doing just fine!

July 10th 2011 5:30 pm
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I've been doing just fine since my surgery last week. I didn't even have to wear the cone after a few days!

Mom gave me a bath yesterday but I haven't been back to the dog park yet. To make up for it, we've been haunting the aisles of pet stores and dining al fresco at local sandwich and coffee shops!

Ooohhhh, remember in my last diary when I was drooling over my pal ICE's frisbee? I found out he got it from the pool department at Target. Before Mom could go see if she could find it, he told me he went and got one for me and is putting it in the mail tomorrow! Thanks, ICE! I can't wait to get it!

I'm not sure I'm going to get that dog bone pool I talked about. Dad says I'll be a muddy dog after playing in it and running in dirt in the yard. I think that's the fun part! We're going to get our wood fence replaced soon and also want some new patio furniture, so I've put in my request for a big papasan chair or something just for me! Maybe after all that's done they'll change their minds.

Oh yeah, I chewed off one of the ties to Mom's robe, the ones that are inside to help keep it wrapped snuggly. It finally came out in two long pieces over the last few days!

Sure glad the weather cooled down this weekend because I was so afraid my tongue was gonna fall out.



Diary of the Day!

July 3rd 2011 4:06 pm
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I'm so excited to be Diary of the Day today! My parents say I'm not supposed to get too excited for 10 days after my surgery but I told them that the vet made a mistake and accidentally added a "0" to that number!

Thank you so much to my pawsome pals for stopping by to leave me pawmail, comments and nice little gifts on my page! And thank you to my pal STRIDER for the pawsome photo memento to honor the occasion!

It's HOT HOT HOT here today, so I've been enjoying the air conditioning inside and will go for a walk late tonight when it cools off.

Mom has been looking at pools for me but hasn't made a decision yet. The one she wants to get for me is this large bone-shaped one, so keep your paws crossed that I'll get it:

Large Bone-Shape Dog Pool

I have something else on my wish list that I saw on my pal ICE's page. I'm waiting to find out where he got his frisbee from but if you know the name of it or know where I can get it, let me know. Here's the link to ICE's page so you can see him playing with it in his main photo:

ICE and his frisbee

Have a safe and happy 4th!




July 1st 2011 7:32 pm
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I thought Mom forgot to feed me this morning but then when I realized we were going to see the vet, I remembered that today was THE day! After Mom left me there, I hung around with the ladies until I fell asleep, but when I woke up I was surprised that I had a lampshade around my head! Later on, they put a patriotic bandanna on me too.

Well, when Mom came to pick me up, she could tell I was very unhappy about the lampshade and wasn't sure how to walk wearing it. She led me to the car, took it off and I immediately put my front paws up on the backseat to get in, so she helped me.

I was so happy to be home! We went in the backyard and Mom took my picture wearing my new bandanna. Then we went in the house so I could drink, eat and nap. I have some pills to take too.

When I woke up from my nap, I was ready to lick around my stitches, so then I had to wear that Comfy Cone with my collar inserted in the loops to keep it in place. Since it has velcro, it's easy to open up so I can drink water and stuff. It feels like another lampshade to me, but at least it's more comfortable. I've been trotting around the house so I'm feeling fine otherwise.

Oh, I weigh 49.7lbs now! And the vet said I have an extra tooth on the upper right side and that it was hard for her to tell if it's a baby tooth or adult tooth, but she decided to leave it alone because it's not crowding.

Gotta go figure out how to get this Comfy Cone off my head!



Here, there, everywhere!

June 25th 2011 5:44 pm
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My bloodwork came back normal, so I'll be getting neutered on Friday, July 1st.

This morning, our neighborhood had their annual garage sale. I was invited by my neighbor Riley to go see his garage because his human grandparents were visiting from out of town and they wanted to meet me. They brought along their two small poodles on this trip. Riley is the one who has the human sister and brother that I have pictures with in my photo book.

Mom and I walked over to Riley's house while Dad was still sleeping. Along the way, we saw different people selling their garages! They were just sitting on their driveways with a bunch of stuff to encourage people to take a look. I was such a good boy sitting on Riley's front lawn. I met the poodles and I also met a puppy who was six months old like me. We did some wrestling too! I guess we didn't need to buy a garage so we went home after about an hour and a half!

After spending some time with Dad before he had to go to work today (uggh!), Mom and I went to PetSmart which is further away than some pet stores near our house. We thought we could find a Comfy Cone there but they didn't carry them. That's okay because I ran into a bunch of doggies and a lady stopped to ask if she could take my picture! People are always amazed when they find out I'm a puppy!

So then we had to go to Petco near our house to get the Comfy Cone. That's when we noticed a sign that a photographer was there this weekend, so we signed up! He was out to lunch at the time, so we hung around outside. When it was close to my appointment time, we saw a really tall dog in front of me and we asked if he was a Weimaraner like my pal Doo because he was super tall. Turns out he was mixed with a Great Dane which explained it!

I did good with my photo shoot, probably cuz' I was a little tired too. The photos aren't printed on a printer there, so that means the photographer had to get them loaded up on the computer and arranged so we could choose what picture package we wanted. Since that was going to take awhile, we decided to go home and come back within 30 minutes. We chose all my pictures so they should be sent to us at home in the next few weeks.

Mom was hungry so we drove thru In-N-Out burger by Petco. On the way home, we stopped to get the car washed by a girls soccer team who were trying to raise funds for camp. There was a nice Sheltie dog waiting to get his car washed and we got to sniff each other and hang out. Then we stopped at the ATM machine.

Finally, we went home, and just when Mom started to eat her burger and drink her milkshake, she discovered we had a message from Jumbo! They were headed to the dog park as a last minute idea but almost an hour had gone by already. Mom called his Dad on the cell phone and they were still there, so we hopped in the car again and went to the park. Good thing it's only a few minutes away.

Jumbo and I were happy to see each other! There were a couple of other dogs there and Jumbo had been pretty much cowering under the bench until he saw me. They couldn't stay much longer and we decided to leave at the same time. Mom was thinking about the burger and milkshake she left at home!

I got to eat an early dinner. I think you-know-who is one tired pup!



It's 4:00am, do you know where your dog is?

June 18th 2011 5:32 pm
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I'm very content to sleep in my bachelor pad every night. Mom usually goes upstairs to bed first, and then Dad and I hang out for awhile before we go to bed.

Some of the cats like to sleep on my parents' bed at night, so when Mom felt a "thud" on the bed around 4:00am the other morning, she assumed it was one of the cats until she opened her eyes and saw me plopped between them with a big smile on my face! So she smacked Dad and told him to look at me! BOL!

Guess Dad didn't latch the door to my bachelor pad properly and I didn't realize it myself until I leaned against it and it opened!

Mom decided to take me downstairs and finish sleeping for a couple of hours on the couch with me before she had to get up to get ready for work. Even though it was cute that I jumped on their bed, they know it won't be so cute when I'm fully grown, and the cats agreed!

I had a vet appointment this morning so they could take some of my blood to check it out before I get neutered on July 1st. I weigh about 45lbs now! Then Mom took me to a different dog park further away. I had some fun meeting some new dogs there and then on the way home we stopped at the park by our house. Wore me out!

Speaking of getting neutered, my pal Samson and I were having a discussion about when we should get neutered. His parents have been reading stuff about neutering after 12 months of age for various reasons. I told him I was getting neutered soon and he asked me if I had "dropped" yet. Huh? Dropped what? So he told me to look between my legs and then I understood what he meant! I've dropped! Apparently, he hasn't yet. BOL!

Thanks for your comments about my new pictures. The night Mom added them to our pages, our internet was soooo slow that it took forever for her to add them, so she hasn't even gotten around to adding photo comments to all of them.

Happy Father's Day to all the doggy daddies!



Jumbo Fun!

June 12th 2011 11:22 am
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We met up with Jumbo and his family at the dog park last Sunday and had a blast! They brought this homemade tennis ball hanging from a string on a long stick that I couldn't get enough of. I need one of those!

You can see pawsome photos from our playdate here:


Afterwards, we drove over to the coffee shop down the street and sat outside to get admired by lots of people. What a great day that was.

Jumbo was neutered yesterday, so we'll plan to get together again when he feels better. I have to get bloodwork done next Saturday and then I'm going to get neutered on July 1st.

I'm in training right now to learn how to behave while upstairs. There was a baby gate that was leaning against the steps so that the cats could get through the sides. There's no good way to attach the gate to the stair posts without making it a safety hazard for my parents.

I finally figured out I could knock the gate down. I got in some trouble when I jumped up and took some things down from the memorial shelves we have for my angel brothers and sister. I also drag blankets and beds around that belong to the cats, but the best part is that I found out I could jump on my parents' bed, scare the cats away and take a nap!

That other gate leading to the cat dining room is still there and I can still squeeze myself into the small opening at the bottom. However, if the wood door appears partially closed, I don't try to go through the opening on the gate.

Stairs and gates are such a nuisance, so that's why I have to chew them up once in awhile. I'm sure that helps keep my teeth nice and white in-between brushings.

Well, I'm looking forward to summer because since I like to jump in the tub for baths, I'm sure I'm gonna get a kiddie pool to play in. Mom finally found some time to take some new summer-themed pictures of all of us, so you'll see those very soon!



This and that!

June 4th 2011 8:16 pm
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I went to the newer dog park every day this week except for today because it's been raining. My neighbor Samson met me there for the first time last night and that was real fun! I've met alot of other nice dogs there too! For some reason, the people seem to know right away I'm a puppy because they say I walk and run with puppy legs, whatever that means.

Dad and I walked in the rain today. I like to hold my head up and eat raindrops! Quincy would have been very proud of me because I found a tennis ball in the bushes all by myself and brought it home! Mom will mark it with a "H". Dad said that I was "a little bit of Quincy" today.

I heard from Jumbo this week and if it dosen't rain too hard tomorrow we will try to meet at the dog park! He's a busy little guy so he may not have time to spend on Dogster, but I know he appreciates the comments, gifts and friend requests he's received!

If you haven't visited Jumbo's page, he added a video of himself playing the "Let's Go Inside" game. Can you count how many times his Dad says those words? BOL! He also added a link to a photo site where there are more pictures of him.

Here's the link to his page:


And if you're wondering where some of his fluffy curls are, he's in the process of getting shaved so that it all comes back nice and fluffy again!

Oh, last week Mom was brushing my teeth with one of those finger toothbrushes and guess what happened? A tooth came out! It's in a good luck red envelope right now and I have to remind Mom to put it under my pillow so the tooth fairy will find it.

And that's the "tooth"!



It gets better!

May 29th 2011 1:02 pm
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Not only did I graduate from puppy class yesterday, but my best pal in class, Jumbo, created a Dogster page! I added his badge to my page but I'm not sure he'll be very active. He joined so that we could keep in touch and have playdates! I'm so excited about that because I was sad thinking I might never see him again.

I'm also excited because I've found a great place for us to meet! There is a new, but not well known, dog park which is just a couple of minutes drive from our house. We checked it out this morning and we all like it even better than the one we have in our sub-division. It's cleaner and we like the idea that it doesn't get crowded. I was the only one there but I had a blast!

I can't wait to tell my pals Jumbo and Samson all about it! I think it would be cool for them to meet each other, especially since we're all the same age!

Happy Memorial weekend!




May 28th 2011 5:02 pm
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I passed all my tests and graduated from puppy school today! My piano trick was a big hit! The class started with six students, but Jumbo and I were the only two who never missed a class. Today, only three of us showed up--Simba, Jumbo, and myself. We were proud to get our Certificate of Accomplishment and a big biscuit!

I added a picture of me in my cap and gown, and pictures of me with my teachers and one of Jumbo with his family. I also added two new videos to my page. One is of me performing my piano trick and the other one is of Simba and Jumbo performing their tricks. You only see Simba for a few seconds in the beginning, but you will chuckle at Jumbo, who took awhile to do his trick.

The videos are best viewed through the video album so that you can hear the sound, unless you turn off my music player. You will then hear some funny comments, like Dad saying he's gonna teach me how to play some Led Zeppelin, and Jumbo's Dad telling him to "ignore him" since he wasn't listening to his command to perform his trick. BOL

After class was over, Jumbo and I hung around and did some serious wrestling. I will add that video another day when I have more time. I'm gonna miss Jumbo!

I have to go admire my certificate now so I'll bark at you later. Oh yeah, and we even got homework--what's up with that?

Thanks for stopping by!



It's Saturday!

May 21st 2011 3:31 pm
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I went to puppy school this morning and was alot calmer than last week because Dad took me for a walk first!

We practiced "give" today. We were each given a pig's ear to be given with one hand while in the other hand was some roast beef! The idea was for us to give up the pig's ear and take the roast beef instead. Of course I gave up the pig's ear!

One of the other things we did was smell different objects to see what our fear level was. Obviously I wasn't scared of the wood I was given to smell since I have no problem chewing wood furniture! I got to smell some weird little wind up toy that made popping noises and also an umbrella turned upside down. Then the teacher held the umbrella over her head and walked over to each of us to see if we would become afraid and none of us were.

Playtime is always my favorite time and we practiced some other things too. Next week will be graduation and I'll be ready to perform my piano trick. Mom will try to videotape it in class next week. I have my cap and gown ready but we're not sure if I'll be wearing it to perform my trick, though Quincy did when he graduated!

I don't think my parents are going to sign me up for Puppy II. They signed me up for Puppy I mainly for socialization, though I am pretty well socialized already, and they still have the lessons from the Puppy II class when Quincy took it.

I also had a vet appointment this afternoon to get my last booster shot and I was really excited to go inside which was good. I jumped up on the couch in the waiting room just like I do at home! One of the gals that worked today hadn't seen me since my very first appointment so she had to come visit with me and take my picture!

I would have been done with all my shots sooner except our vet didn't count the one the breeder gave me. Now we're going to plan my appointment to get neutered. They honor the bloodwork tests for 30 days so Mom has to check her calendar to figure out which Friday would be good to get me neutered before I go and have my blood drawn.

Of course I have to tell you my weight today, which was 39.8lbs! Might as well say 40lbs! So, I didn't quite gain another 10lbs or so like I was doing the past few months.

I have more homework to do this week and tomorrow I'm getting a bath!


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