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Moving on up!

September 11th 2011 9:09 pm
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I usually sleep in my bachelor pad during the night, for two reasons. One is so the cats can sleep on my parents' bed and not have me chase them off and the other is so I don't go and chew something I'm not supposed to in the middle of the night.

During the day, Mom gets up first and gives me my breakfast and plays with me. Then I go back into my bachelor pad when she leaves for work until Dad gets up around noon. We go for a walk, see Mom when she comes home for lunch, and then when they both leave I go back in my bachelor pad until Mom gets home.

I've always been really good about this routine, until this past week. I decided that I don't want to sleep in my bachelor pad all night anymore. I would go in it willingly, and then after about 10 minutes I would start barking....short barks......woof.....woof......woof......WOOF!

As soon as someone comes to see if I have an upset stomach or something and opens the door to my pad, I take off running upstairs and jump on the big bed!

The cats don't like it very much, and neither do my parents sometimes because it takes me awhile to settle down into one spot and I keep moving around. Plus, it's warmer upstairs so they can hear me panting and don't understand why I don't just go and sleep on the tiled bathroom floor which I like when they're awake but when they're sleeping I want to sleep with them!

They think I'll eventually feel too warm and not sleep on their bed. This is why they feel Cosmo and Quincy never went upstairs at night because they felt too warm.

Getting me my own bed won't solve anything because the cats will end up sleeping in it. There's actually a leather chaise in the bedroom that would be perfect for me to sleep on but I'm not that interested. It's not as big as the couch downstairs or as big as my parents' bed!

This coming week, they're going to see how I do outside of my bachelor pad. Having the bachelor pad is not a bad thing, but eventually they'd like to put it away and put the kitchen table back in that spot since it's been in the living room since I've been here.

Mom says the poor cats can't have their small toys laying around the house to play with because of me and now I'm gonna boot them off of my parents' bed at night. Geesh, I can't eat their food because of the pet gate and I can't eat their toys either!

Wish me luck on moving up in this family!



My Tuesday adventures

September 6th 2011 11:07 pm
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I went to work with Dad this morning for a few hours. I've grown alot since the last time I was there so everyone kept talking about how big and floofy I've gotten. Dad even brought my little piano so I could play it for them and they got a big kick out of that.

When my pal Max arrived I immediately jumped on him and I think he was startled because I was smaller than he was the last time he saw me. After a minute he was fine and we started chasing each other up and down the halls. Dad brought a hard bone stuffed with peanut butter for me and when I left it on the floor in my Dad's office, Max came and took it and brought it back to "his" Dad's office. I didn't mind because then I went into "his" Dad's office and took "his" bone! BOL!

Mom and I went to the pet store tonight. Mom bought a bag of Pill Pockets for a friend at work whose dog just started taking daily pills. She had never heard of them before. I love sniffing stuff up and down the aisles and get so excited when I see other dogs.

I got another new ball at the pet store tonight that I can't eat. My toy box is getting empty because of the many toys I've destroyed or tried to destroy. Some of Quincy's newer toys are now put away in the closet. The cool frisbees that my pal ICE sent to me are in the closet until I learn how to catch the frisbee rather than chew on the frisbee.

Guess what I saw at the pet store? Halloween costumes! As I mentioned, the cats and I got our costumes and pictures taken already, and we can't wait to put up our new pages October 1st. We think you will all BOL and MOL!



Making friends

September 5th 2011 5:56 pm
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Can you believe it's almost the end of summer? I'm soaking up the sun for as long as I can.

On Saturday afternoon, Mom took me to a small local pet store that we rarely go to. Dad is still working on Saturdays. Then we took a walk afterwards to the park across the street that I've only been to once before. What surprised us both were all the dogs running around leash-free. I had my retractable leash on and got so excited I started pulling Mom towards other dogs.

A lady with two dogs started talking to us and told us there was a large fenced area where some regular dog owners bring their dogs to run and play. She offered to walk us over there and we were greeted by a few dogs at the gate. They seemed friendly and their owners were nearby so we went in.

Mom took my leash off and I started running with the dogs right away. We got along great! Their owners were super friendly and one of them called me a polar bear. When Mom told me it was time to go home and put the leash back on me, I plopped on my side on the grass to catch my breath halfway towards the gate.

We told Dad about my new adventure so we all visited that park twice more this weekend, including today, Labor Day! I really love making new friends, so we'll rotate going to that park with the dog park I usually go to.

I also got two new toys this past week. Dad bought me a Chuckit! ball launcher which I love, but I only love to fetch at the park if no other dogs are around to play with. I also got a Jolly Ball with a handle that stays in our backyard which I love to fetch too!




August 21st 2011 10:25 am
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All it took was one teaspoon of Pepto Bismol and I'm not exploding anymore! My parents wanted to try the bland diet first but that wasn't good enough. What a relief, for everybody! We're just glad my poop checked out okay and that I've been acting my normal self, which wouldn't have been the case if I had been blocked.

We're going to have to walk the grounds at dog parks to pick up stuff I shouldn't be eating, like those torn up pieces of tennis balls and rope toys.

I'm so excited because now I can go back to the dog parks and play with my friends! I need to find out what my puppy school pal, Jumbo, is up to also.

Oh, I don't think I told you that Casey (Quincy's best friend) came over to play the other night! He just let me jump all over him and nibble on his head but I'm alot bigger compared to the last time he was over here.

Time for a nap after a long walk and playing fetch with Dad this morning.

Happy Sunday!



Pink lips!

August 20th 2011 8:38 pm
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I haven't gone to the dog park in a few days but on the way to the pet store yesterday, we stopped at the doc's place and dropped off a sample of my poop. The doc called today and said it came back negative!

I've been on a bland but yummy diet of rice, chicken, green beans, and cottage cheese. No treats. The doc said it was okay for my parents to give me a teaspoon of Pepto Bismol every six hours or so since I'm not acting lethargic and stuff, but if it doesn't help in a few days she wants to see me. That Pepto Bismol is nasty tasting, and now my lips are pink!

In other news, the kitties and I got our Halloween pictures taken already! BOL!

Huey Hot Lips


Tummy troubles

August 16th 2011 10:58 pm
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I've had tummy troubles on and off for almost two weeks. It's due to some things I've eaten over the past two weeks but I can't figure out which of these things might have caused it:

1. My doggy food
2. Torn up pieces of tennis balls some nice doggies left scattered all over the dog park, twice when we visited
3. Groundcover bark
4. Pieces of a rope toy at the dog park
5. Plastic and paper
6. Fresh catnip
7. Dirt
8. Twigs and leaves
9. Cat hairballs

My appetite has caused some sleepness nights for Mom and Dad but they sure do feel relieved when they see them explode out of my body! They said it's better than surgery.

This hasn't stopped me from wanting to eat or go out, and I even got to go to two garden nurseries! Both nurseries were dog friendly but I was the only dog around when we went. I don't get it though because all we've come home with so far is a watering can and a catnip plant!

Rub my tummy.....



Oh, Charlie!

July 31st 2011 4:13 pm
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We told Dad how much fun I had at the dog park yesterday, so today the three of us went back there. He was impressed as to how big the park was, just like we were.

I started off running and playing with a white German Shepherd, but I didn't get his name. Basically, I was running because he was running after tennis balls that his daddy was throwing.

Then my best-dog-park-buddy for the day came into the park! His name is Charlie, he's 8 months old and an Old English Sheepdog! This is the first time we've seen one in person and I thought about my angel pal Logan Benwizzen right away! We wrestled and ran around together even more than I did yesterday.

Mom wants me to tell you that I'm a great footwarmer, and that in addition to warming up her feet and Dad's, as well as plopping up against them all the time, that I'm always going up to people at the dog park and sitting at their feet while leaning up against their legs. I've got that "awwwww" factor going on for me.

Okay, gotta go add some pictures from my fun day today so you all can see!

Have a great week!



Oh, sister!

July 30th 2011 5:56 pm
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Mom and I drove to the next town to check out a dog park that's located within a public park. There were separate areas for big and small dogs. As soon as we went in, I made myself at home and started running around.

Within a few minutes, a dog came into the park that looked alot like me! Her name was Jordan, and guess what? She's my half sister! We have the same doggie daddy and different doggie mommy! Jordan was born last September and I was born last December. She had a summer cut, but she's still taller than me and a little longer.

Jordan's mom and dad looked at my paws and said they were bigger than hers and that I'm gonna be a big dog! Yep, I know I will be!

This was so exciting and Mom was really glad she brought her camera since her phone doesn't take very good photos. We had a blast together and met some other cool dogs too.

Okay, I'm going to add a few pictures from the romp in the park!



New stuff!

July 20th 2011 7:54 pm
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Our fence got replaced this week and since I was supervising they did a great job! I was glad when it was finished because then I got to open the big box from my buddy ICE!

I knew ICE was sending me a frisbee just like his, but I was surprised to see that he sent TWO of them! He also included a gazillion toys for the cats, but I think he knows that they're going to have to share them with me, just like how his cats have to share with him.

I'm trying to learn how to catch the frisbee in the air but I'm not as good as ICE is. Right now I think it's more fun to carry it around in my mouth and give it a good shaking. I also found out that you can wear it around your head like a collar!

Gotta go practice now!



Working and Playing

July 17th 2011 2:51 pm
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We're getting our fence replaced starting tomorrow, so I've been soooo busy pruning! We had to cut down a sprawling vine along one side of the fence and trim back some trees. I had to help break some of the smaller branches to shorter pieces before we could put them out on the street. It's a good thing I have all my big boy teeth now! I was glad to help.

Speaking of teeth, getting them brushed is pretty fun. I plop between Mom's legs and she sticks that toothbrush in my mouth and gets my teeth all green. After a few licks of that tasty stuff in my mouth, my teeth are all white again. It's a miracle.

While I've stopped chewing furniture in the house, I manage to chew up toys. I think half a dozen of them had to go in the trash. I also ate a couple of corners from some bath towels but fortunately a big piece came back out this morning. I thought fiber was good for me!!??!!

Mom and Dad say it's not time to put away my bachelor pad yet, even if they'd like to put the kitchen table back in that spot. I've got some strong legs too, because when Mom was sitting on the couch with her legs up on the coffee table, I leaped right over them and landed on the couch.

We went to a new Pet Food Express that opened up in our neighborhood and it's going to be my new hangout. There's a bunch of cool places for humans to eat with alot of outdoor seating, so it's very dog friendly! Surprisingly, we ran into one of Mom's nieces who was with her husband and little boy, so we all ate outside, surrounded by other people who had dogs too. Mom always packs treats and water for me when we go out.

I am soooo well behaved and calm in public--you would all be so proud of me. Most people are surprised when they find out that I'm a 52lb puppy.

Oh, last night I met a neighbor on the street, a Westie named Comet! He was wearing little red booties! The funny thing is, while Mom was talking to his Dad, they discovered they worked at the same place!

Well, I gotta get some rest before all the excitement begins tomorrow because I'm going to have to supervise!


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