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December 3rd 2011 6:37 pm
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My parents took me to see Santa at Petco today. We didn't like that people and stuff were in the background, but you'll be glad to hear that we brought our own camera and reindeer ears for the pictures, and didn't pay a thing! Free is always good!

Alot was going on in that store today, like pet adoptions. Dad got a taste of what mom and I get when we go to pet stores. These are the typical questions we're asked:

1. What kind of dog is he?
2. Does he shed?
3. How much does he weigh and is he going to get bigger?
4. How old is he?

I didn't bark at Santa, which was a good thing, but the reason I didn't bark is because he sure looked like this cashier that we always see when we go there. BOL!



From Thanksgiving to Christmas!

November 27th 2011 1:28 pm
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Hope all my pals had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was great because my parents were home! I got a little bit of turkey but sure wish I could've tasted a little bit of everything else!

My parents took me to the pet store yesterday and then we stopped for coffee. Coffee for them and treats and water for me! I ran into a Golden Retriever at the pet store and guess what his name was? Quincy! Amazing.

I got a nice bath yesterday and this morning I had a new pictures taken for Christmas, so we're working on changing my page now. I think I'm going to go see Santa next month, too!

I'm having alot of "firsts" this year, including my birthday next month, so I'm going to be working on my long list!




November 19th 2011 7:57 am
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Remember last week when I was helping mom organize things around the house? Well, my bachelor pad got put away too!

I had been doing so well with not having to sleep in my pen during the night, nor after mom leaves for work in the morning while dad is still sleeping, that my parents believed I would be a good boy in the afternoons when they're both gone. No more eating comforters and carpet from cat trees and I don't go snooping in trash cans either.

Well, I am proud to say I spent a whole week just hanging out with the cats all afternoon. It helps that dad takes me out for a walk and playtime before he leaves for work.

I have never complained about going in my bachelor pad and always stayed calm whenever mom or dad would open the door because they stay calmed themselves, but this freedom is so much better!

My parents are happy to have the kitchen table back to where it was. It just didn't look quite right in the living room!



Diary Pick!

November 11th 2011 8:14 am
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I'm one of the diary picks today!

Thank you Zaidie for the breakfast steak!
Thank you Coco Rose & family for the pumpkin pie!
Thank you Pasha for the pup pal request!
Thank you KJ & family for the falling maple leaf!
Thank you Prof. Chester & family for the quirky turkey!

This is going to be an extra special day because mom has the day off and I have to supervise her while she does some cleaning and organizing. I'm not going to get much sleep since I follow her from room to room whenever she's home.

Mom and I went back to the Sonoma Chicken Coop restaurant Monday night to have dinner with her friend from work, whom I'll call Auntie Liz. They have heaters in the patio area and we expected to be the only ones dining outside since it's chilly now, but then a couple of ladies arrived with their two Maltese doggies in strollers! We all had a good time.

My fur coat has started requiring more maintenance in the past month. It's thicker and a little curlier than it was, so that means mom had to pick some mats apart. She's been giving me haircuts around my face, top of my head and around my paw pads since I was a little puppy, but that's about it.

We haven't decided on any kind of professional grooming yet because mom is thinking of trying it herself. Dad really likes how she shapes my head into a football helmet so he wants my body shape to look like a defensive lineman. BOL

I got weighed recently and I've been holding my weight at 60lbs and some ounces for over a month now, but we'll see. I'm also slowly being transitioned to adult food and doing great with that.

Oh, a cat friend named Newman included my poopscapades in an e-book he wrote called Poopology that is being sold on Etsy. Seriously!

Have a nice day, pals, I'll be back between breaks!

Love, Huey


My first Halloween!

November 2nd 2011 9:59 pm
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Halloween night at our house was hard work! Dad was working so it was my job to protect mom, the cats and myself!

I barked every time the doorbell rang so the cats would safely hide, but I couldn't keep mom from opening the door so I had to stay by her side to see who it was. All I saw the entire night was a bunch of kids wearing strange clothes and saying "Trick or Treat" and that would get mom to give them candy! Wow, she didn't even make them "sit" or anything.

The big excitement was when my my favorite neighborhood kids, Briana and Jacob, came to the door. "Huey!" they said, "Huey!" That's when I pushed mom aside and ran out to see them. But, I didn't stop there, I continued running to the lawn to see their dad and then did the zoomies. Mom was calling me to go back in the house so I would run back to the porch just to tease her and then run back to the lawn. She finally caught me and scooted me back in the house.

We had about 50 little visitors that night and the cats came out as soon as the doorbell stopped ringing. I slept good!!!

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of the autumn season, eating leaves in the yard like I always do. I also think that since I had to wear a turkey headband I should get to taste some real turkey, don't you?



Rockin' in a chicken coop!

October 23rd 2011 9:06 am
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Mom has a nephew that is a drummer in a coverband called On3. There are three of them and they play 90's pop rock. Last night they played in the patio area of a restaurant by our house called Sonoma Chicken Coop, so the three of us (Mom, Dad and I) went to see them.

It turned out to be a mini-family gathering so that was cool. The music and all the people kinda bothered me at first so I had to bark at the band, but I calmed down quickly after that.

A lady who sat at the table next to us actually asked to hold my leash so I could sit with her and her family! I saw a couple of other dogs and met alot of people.

I have my own travel bag with treats, water, bowl, bags, and towel, so I was well "treated" all night by people. However, the best treat I got was when I stole some deep-fried calamari off a plate on the table before anyone could stop me. I never get any table scraps at home so I thought I'd give it a try away from home. I think I'm a comedian because people were laughing.

I sure slept good last night!

Love, Huey


Diary Pick!

October 6th 2011 9:18 pm
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Cool that I'm one of the diary picks today!

I brought home a tennis ball the other day that I found while out walking with Dad.

Dad was trying to trade my tennis ball with a treat but it didn't work. Then he went and brought out the bowl of chicken from the fridge and offered me a piece. Nope, I wasn't going to trade my tennis ball for a piece of chicken. Finally, he set the entire bowl down and I dropped the tennis ball. He faked me out though because I didn't get to eat the whole bowl!

I don't get to play with tennis balls for long because I chew them until they get squishy which means sooner or later I'm going to chew them into pieces and eat them. You know how I love to eat stuff I'm not supposed to but my tennis balls are put away for safekeeping.

Thanks Coco Rose and Puffy for the yummy steak!



Sun! Camera! Action!

October 2nd 2011 4:05 pm
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I just got back from the dog park with my Mom and Dad, and I got alot of practice with the Chuckit! ball. Dad is good at launching the ball for me and Mom, well, let's say she's better at taking pictures! There were no other doggies to play with, otherwise I'd be ignoring my parents!

We stopped for gas on the way home and guess who pulled up behind us---the parents of Quincy's best friend, Casey. I didn't see Casey in the car though. Mom saw them with Casey the other day at the park while driving to work, and Casey was rolling on the grass on his back, kicking his feet up in the air just like Quincy used to. It was a sentimental moment for Mom.

Remember when I ate a big piece of the comforter cover? It was the corner on Dad's side. Well, we got a new one, and one night when Mom and I went to bed, I woke her up with a munching sound--yep, I chewed the same corner but not as much because Mom got up and scooted me downstairs into my pen. I stayed quiet until Dad came home from work a couple of hours later, then I hung out with him for a little while before running back upstairs to get back on the bed with Mom. I haven't chewed it anymore since, but there's still time!

Life is great!



Cute as a button!

September 21st 2011 12:47 pm
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I pooped the button I ate along with the comforter cover.

I just brought home TWO tennis balls that I found by the tennis court while out walking with Dad. I don't show them to Mom because I know she's going to take them away from me. Dad gave me chicken as a trade-off and I accepted his offer. He said it was because I was quietly hiding with the balls trying to skin them.

Mom is off for a couple of days so tonight I have a dinner date with three ladies, including Mom! It's a dog friendly restaurant that I haven't been to yet but it sounds like fun!

Our family will have our Halloween pages up on or around October 1st. I just know I'm gonna bark at the trick-or-treaters!



Extra fiber!

September 17th 2011 9:39 pm
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I'm really lovin' sleeping with my parents at night, but I've had to compromise for the sake of the cats. On weeknights I go in my bachelor pad and then Mom goes upstairs to bed. The cats can then jump on the bed and get all happy for awhile. Then when Dad comes from work a couple of hours later, we hang out for a bit and then I go racing upstairs to get my spot on the bed. For some reason the cats jump off the bed when I do that!

Yes, really lovin' the big bed, so much that I chewed off a big corner of the comforter cover because I thought I needed some extra fiber in my diet. What I ate showed up on the grass today. I think this made my parents very happy, especially Mom, because this gave her an excuse to buy a new one!

Always glad to help!


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