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Lexi, My Wonder Dog

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I Know a Secret!

August 20th 2011 3:48 pm
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I know a secret but mom says I can't tell yet!
Two days ago me and my sisters went to the big park where we can run off leash.....we took our human grandparents with..they thought that was really neat!


Oh and P.S.

August 12th 2011 4:47 pm
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I allmost forgot...THANK YOU EVERYONE for your special birthday wishes, gifts sent etc...that was awesome of you all!


My birthday!

August 12th 2011 4:45 pm
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My birthday was Aug. 8th. I turned THREE years old! We started the day off with my favorite thing....A WALK!!! I LOVE walks! We took my sister, Demi, with us. Later just mom and I played fetch with toys. It was a day all about me, mamma calls it celebrating my life. Mom did some reminicing about the day she got me, she even thought of my furmom...White Molly and my dad Lil picked me up when I was 8 weeks old and all I have ever known since the minute I was placed in her arms till right to this very moment is LOVE! Mamma says me and my sisters will never know anything but love.
Mom made a special birthday supper for me and for my relatives...friends couldn't make it...I got my very favorite meal and treats and THEN there was this cake...well it was supposed to be for the people but I didn't know that...I mean it said ,"Happy Third Birthday Lexi" on it so I thought it was for me plus they were trying to get me to sit by it nice for pics...well that never happened but what DID happen was I DOVE my face and mouth into this chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and every body ccracked up!!!! Mom hurried and took the cake out of my mouth and I had it on the sides of my mouth and I was lickin it, it was yummy. Everyone else was laughing too hard to get a picture. I got my gifts some toys and a fancy chewy thing and a Snoopy bed.


My Birthday Wish For You

August 8th 2011 12:22 pm
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Dear Lexi,
Mamma here! I can hardly believe you are already THREE years old! Of course I wish for you legs that can walk for many many years to come....and good health.....and happiness.....I pray you will always know how much you are LOVED! YOU have changed my life and I will be forever changed because of you! Because of you I am a better person. You have been at my side through good times and bad...the ever loyal companion.....thank fully we have had far more joys thus far then bad times. Thank you for every time you have made me laugh, laughter is good for the soul, for every time you have made me stop literally and smell the smells in the air of a new morning or watch a chipmunk run across the yard...YOU have made me stop and smell the roses and life is so much sweeter because of it.
I love you Lexi, you are my heart, my everything.
Hope you LOVE your birthday!!!


Sad at our house right now

August 4th 2011 8:00 pm
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Dear Friends,
Well since I am the oldest fur at my house and usually the spokes dog let me just say that we had to say goodbye to Natalee for a number of reasons. Nati is in the process of finding a new home. Our hearts are very sad at this time and mamma will be back when she feels she can "run with the pack" again.
Thank you for your understanding.
Lexi and Family


Keeping mom on her toes!!

July 29th 2011 5:43 am
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Yep thats my job here...keeping mom up and going and boy do I!!!! BOL! The other night she and dad left the room for just a minute so I got the remote and took the batteries out of it ....that always gets 'em...BOL...then got their phone and hid that, also had hidden one othe batteries .....night before last I kept picking on Natalee so mom finally put me in my xpen ...I had picked on Demi and Billie too...yesterday she was so sick of my antics along with not coming when I am called that she tethered me to her....if she thought I'd mind thAT I didn't...thats one way to stay close to her! Last night though we had a pretty good time playing out in the yard with mom in the lawn chair..later in the house watching tv with mom and dad. I just have to keep them on their toes for excersize and a few laughs. I;m a monster at times but they wouldn't know what to do with out me!!
Well friends gotta go and find todays adventure.


A good day!

June 19th 2011 8:27 pm
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had a good day today! Mamma got tired of seperating me and Natalee so she just had us all up today at her feet and under her nose all day...thats the way she likes it! After we just about drove mamma right up the wall for a few days, today we were angels!...well for the most part. I growled at Natalee twice and mamma said NO!...I shut right up , I know better then that! Guess what else..mamma read that since I was the first dog here ( and I think I'm the boss) that mamma should spend some special extra times with me like we used to do and maybe I wouldn't be so mad at tonight all the little kids had to go to bed 1 hour before me and I got to be with mamma, just me and mamma and a special toy with treats in it. I like that! Know what else?? We get a new fenced in yard!! Woot hoot...I have never had a fenced in yard before but I hear they can be fun! I know mamma is looking forward to it. It will save her some extra work and she can have more energy for other things.
Been a good day and gotta go to bed.


A Walk, a run, and big fun!

June 9th 2011 11:46 am
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After two days of intense heat, I mean we are talkin 100 degrees....and mom was sick 2 it was 71 degrees when mom decided she was taking us for our walks or runs in the near by big country park! Demi and I could hardly wait to go...see mamma takes us in two's....she always wants to feel in control if another animal wanted to get us...she wants to be able to pick us up and hopefully keep us out of thats why she takes us two at a time. We worked on the word "Come" and I did very good today, twice I hesitated and had to think about it a sec or two..maybe three but then I ran to mamma for the treat! She gives us treats and hugs and stuff.
I also had what we think was a wood looked like it was way embedded and I was gonna go have the vet take it out but mamma called the vet and they told her what to do and she was able to pull it out. Now she is worried if she got it all. We will keep a close eye on it.
Well raining here now so gonna go take a snooze. Catch ya all later...oh and hey I am Diary Pick of the Day for Dogster....isn't that so nice????
Your friend,


A Hot Walk!

June 6th 2011 1:22 pm
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Mom surprised me this morning and my sisters too. Mom was baby sitting the "grandson" at his house then all of a sudden mom was at our house with the grandson and said,"Hey Lexi, lets go for a walk." and I was more then happy to go. You would have thought I never get out the way I acted but I always LOVE the walks. The little grandson laughed and laughed at me, I don't know why he thinks I'm so funny! When we got home mom got all my sisters out to play but they didn't get walks because it was sooooooooo hot and it wsn't even 9 a.m.It is to get up to 99 today.If we don't get storms today when mom is done baby sitting the grandson maybe we will all get a walk, have to wait and see. I was so tired after our walk I laid on mamma's lap as soon as I could for as long as I could.


To the vet I go.....

May 14th 2011 7:53 pm
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Yep, went to the vet today. Had to get that Bordatella stuff sprayed up my nose! I was good about that but I growled twice at the vet cuz he was gonna trim my dew claws, that frightens me a little plus they bug me but anyway he got it...them.
Before that my day started out with a nice bath....aaawwwhhhh that bath felt good. Mom brushed me, combed me, the girl did it all and even put this pretty perfume on me.
Raining here again today...growl...I wanna go play in the sun. Maybe tomorrow mamma says.

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