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A Dog's Life Indeed

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What a curve ball!!!

March 21st 2012 6:56 pm
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Dog oh Dog! We got a great pawesome curve ball!!! So our wittle baby girl we have been expecting is really out little baby BOY!!!! Woo hoo! I am so excited to have a wittle boy running around here! I cant wait for him to be here. Also, my eye is doing much better but the allergies are killin me! These darn weeds out here in the desert are horrible!!! Its spring time and the weeds are going crazy. Dads got them all down in our yard but that doesn't mean everywhere else aren't blowing my way. Im glad its getting warm out so I can relax in the sun and hopefully soon we can get me a new pool. I hope all you furs are keeping cool with all the warm weather were starting to have!!!


checkup for my eye

February 28th 2012 5:57 pm
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Well palsies, we went back to the dogtor yesterday. Mom said my eye didn't look much better but is must have gotten a little better because we got new eyedrops. So my ulcer must have healed since I am now on eyedrops with steroids in them. So now we are doind both eye drops three times a day! Seems like that's all mom does is put drops in my eyes. We have to go back again in another week to check on it again. Hopefully it will be all healed. Mom sure hopes so, doing drops is good practice for her but shed rather not do it. Plus going to the vet gets expensive real quick! Other then that my days have been good as usual. Dads been giving me extra attention and even sneaked me on the big he'd! Mom lets me stay for a whilebl but she allways kicks me out. Its a dogs life for me!


Went to the Dogtor....

February 21st 2012 10:43 am
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Yesterday I went to the dogtor. Mommys been checking my eye for a few days and decided I really needed to get it checked out. My sclera (white of my eye) has been red and started swelling over onto my iris (color part of my eye). So we went to the dogtor and got me all checked out. We were there for 2 hours!!! Way to make a pup uncomfortable! Not to mention bored. Anypaws, the dogtor checked my tear production with these papers in my eyes. Eww! That was uncomfortable! Then did this other test where she put goop in my eyes. It musta been cool goop cause mom and dad were checking it out when she turned out the light and put this weird purpleish light in my face. Apawrently my eyes were all yellow! This stuff checked for abrasions in my eye. Well there was an abrasion that got infected and caused me to have an ulcer in my eye. Good thing we did this test because I can't have certain medications with this problem. So we got the eye drops and have to go back in a week. I really hate eye drops. They are not fun for me or mom to put in. Any of you palsies efur needed eye drops??? Woofs and Licks!!!


Happy Birthday to Meeeee!

February 2nd 2012 8:14 am
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Its all about me today! Today I am two years old! Im not a wittle pup anymore. Although, i may act like one sometimes! Bol! I cant wait for mommy to get hom from school so she can take me to petsmart! I cant wait! And of course there will be frosty paws for dessert tonight! Yay! Yummmmm! I hope you pups have a great day on my birfday! Its also ground hog day! Looks like 6 more weeks of winter! Stay warm pups! Woofs and licks!


Bestest new efur! part two!

January 30th 2012 3:53 pm
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Hey palsies! Hope all of you are doing well! Some of you may know my furever family is growing and we just found out my new little whipper snapper is guna be a girl! Oh, i am so excited. Girls are so fun! Her name is going to be Aiden Lynn. Too cute, cant wait to meet her! In other Lou boy news, i made a new furiend. Her name is Deedee. She is a boxer, lab, pitt mix. Shes really cute and likes to pawlay like me. She came over last night with her furmily to play. It was a pawesome time! What a grrreat week this is turning into, new baby news, new furiends, and my big 2 year birfday is on thursday! I better get lotsa frosty paws from momma! Bol. I know shell give me extra! And new toys too! Cant wait, ive kinda destroyed most of mine and Deedee helped me last night! Bol! Till next time palsies! Woofs!


Dogster has been BAD!

January 5th 2012 12:46 pm
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Dogster! Get it straight! This is supposed to be like a pg13 website!!! Why in the world would we wana see advertisements saying "one click for roman orgy"????? Ewwwww! I think Dogster needs to remember this is a family site! I understand the need for advertisements but some of us pups do pay for our accounts and do not want to see gross stuff like that!!! I think dogsters running peeps need a flea bath!!!


I wufff the Desert!!

January 5th 2012 12:20 pm
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Hey all you pupses!!! Hope all you are having a furtastic start to the new year!!! I sure am. This past weekend we went camping in the Desert! Ya, we live in the desert but we tooked the trailor and went dry camping in the desert wif all the dirtbikes! I like trying to chase efurryone on the motorcycles! It was fun! There were two other doggies for me to pawlay wif, Dude and his brofur. His brofur wasnt wanting to pawlay so he went home early. And my little brofur and sister went camping fur the first time wif us!! Mom and dad really liked having all of us there and not having to worry about someone going to the house to feed them. Although, we really dont like to eat our food when were not at home! oh well, we gets lotsa hot dogs!!! BOL! It was a grrrreat time! I want to go again!!! Woofs!!


dear santy paws...

December 16th 2011 8:51 am
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Dear Santy Paws,
How are ya pal? I hope you and your elves are doing good. How is good ol' pal Rudolf? I hope you have seen what a good boy i have been this year. Its really hard to be a good doggy all year but i think i have made the cut to the nice list. That being said here is my christmas wish list.... Id pawlease like lotsa doggie treats, tbone snacks are grrreat, some unstuffable toys, (they are my thing at the moment), a few tennis balls (they dont last long around me), and some big rope toys to keep me occupied on the cold winter nites when i cant go pawlay outside. Have a merry christmas Santy Paws!

What are you palsies asking Sandy Paws for for christmas???


adventure and pawlay time!

November 30th 2011 11:04 am
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So the other day, dad wanted to take me ober to see my cousin the rottie named dude. Dad just got an old truck to drive to work and he wanted to see if i could stay in the back for the ride. So he made a zip line and attached it to my collor so i couldnt get out. Well i do not like it! So i backed out of my collar and made a run for it, jumped out of da twuck and ended up landing on my back! Im such a clutz! So i got to wide in the truck ober to my cousins howse. I had lotsa fun. Although dude didnt wanna pawlay too much cause i guess he got beat up by another doggie a couple days earlier. So i got ahold of his knuckle bone and pretty much just chilled and ate his bone. Bol. It was still a good day!



November 11th 2011 9:03 am
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Oh. My. Dog. I have thee bestest news to report efur my palsies!!!! I am going to be a big brofur!!!!! My mommy is having a baby!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited to have another hooman to love on and protect!! This are the bestest thing efur!!! I just wish I didnt have to wait so long to see the little whipper snapper!!! I absoloutely can't wait!!!

In other news Id like to say that I am super glad to hear that my pal Sakari is home safe now. She was stolen and missing a couple days ago and is now getting some well deserved rest! A good dog allways finds their way home.

So much is going on here at dogster! Its hard for us to keep up! But we are trying our bestest! So pawlease be patient with us!!! BOL! We love all our palsies!!!

Woofs and Licks, Louie (Guna be a BIG brofur!!)

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