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A Day in the Life of Stewie

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Late entry! Had a great vacation!

October 14th 2012 8:41 pm
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Mom took me on vacation a few weeks ago and we had a great time! I had so many adventures and lots of stories.

First of all I got my first ferry ride, alright so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as mom because of the no pets policy on the main decks. When we got there we went to an off leash dog beach, and no we didn't realize it at the time, I was kept on leash the whole time. I met a few dogs, no fear aggression on my part! Woohoo!

We stayed at a bed and breakfast that is very dog friendly. Mom found out that I don't eat the same on vacation, its not that I was sick, I was just very picky about the time I ate and didn't want to eat when it was put down before we left for the day.

There was a turkey vulture migration at the time which Mom thought was really cool, we did some hiking to find the best places to watch. They were in the distance so we never really got to see any up close which was too bad. Before anyone freaks out about vultures you should know that turkey vultures do not usually catch live prey and they avoid confrontation apparently.

Apart from the exciting adventurous walks we got to go on, Mom also took me on a special adventure! Mom really wanted to rent a scooter for a few hours, so before our trip she bought a little doggie bag to carry me in and we were set. So on the scooter ride we went! Mom said I did very well, there were a few times I got a bit anxious and Mom pulled over to make sure I was secure before getting going again. Anyways, how many dogs can say they got to go on a scooter, it was pretty cool!

On our trip Mom spotted 12 deer, lots of birds, over 200 turkey vultures, I met a few peacocks, and a few dogs. Apparently there are cougars in the area we stayed at, to Mom's disappointment we never saw any, bol.

That's about it as far as noteworthy stories go (as I can think of right now) I had a great time but was also happy to get home and be on a regular schedule. Although Mom barely left me on vacation now she was to work..

Weather has been great here up until this weekend. It is pouring right now and has been pretty windy. Mom loves storms but I hate getting my feet wet. Mom forces me to go in the back yard and pee!! How dare she?!


Lovin my walks!

August 20th 2012 5:44 am
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Mom has been working tons and lately has been too tired to talk me on many walks. She is getting back to a more regular schedule and is able to take me on more walks now!! So much fun! I love hearing all the sounds as we go. And of course smelling each and every tree and pole is high up on the list of reasons walks are awesome, bol.

I haven't updated my diary very much. Our cats Blade and Moppie have been steeling my thunder. They are both over a year old now, I love chasing Blade around the house, Mom says he doesn't like it very much but I don't believe her. Although Moppie likes giving me attention which bugs me cause I don't like him very much, he doesn't run much when I chase him, takes the fun out of it.

Mom says I am very selective of when I want to play and what I want to play with. A week or two ago Mom took a tennis ball out and since I have never showed interest in it she didn't expect much, she threw it and I played fetch with her for quite a while. She was excited I found a new toy! Although now I don't want the tennis ball, and no I don't want to play with teddy. Pass me the toilet paper roll and I'll be happy for a while!!! Hehe.

Mom just saw a cool harness at work tonight. Looks like it fits a bit better then mine. She says we are going to look at it next time we go to the pet store! Hope its cool! Hehe. I can slip out of my harness if I really want. But with Mom I never do. Its only when I am held my someone and she walks away or if the puts me in the seatbelt of the car. I don't like being kept away from Mom!

Barks and slobbers,


One year Today!!

October 24th 2011 9:31 am
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It has been one year since Mom adopted me from the shelter!! I was estimated two years at time so now I am 3!!!

Mom had been looking for a dog for a while, but hadn't gotten too serious about adopting one yet. Her previous dog passed away the February before and she said there is something big missing in her life and she just needed another best friend. It has always been a dream of hers to have a dog of her own, that she can train and care for.

Mom was first looking for a cute puppy that she could train easily. But in recent events of her Sister-in-law looking to adopt a dog, Mom decided to look more into it too. She contacted one or two she thought were cute but wasn't sure about them.

But when she saw pictures of me she was so curious! Obviously he is a boarder collie, but in one of the pictures he is the same size of the dachshund next to him. She emailed the shelter to ask about him only to find he is not at all a puppy, that he was a dachshund/papillon cross that is already 2 years old!! She just had to meet me to see for herself.

A week or two later on a day exactly a year from now the lady of the shelter brought shy little me to my new Mom's house.

I was very scared of my new Mom. I didn't want to go near her, I curled up with the shelter lady and refused to leave her side. Mom and the shelter lady talked. I wanted to be as close to the shelter lady at this point because my new Mom wanted me to come to her! After meeting my new Mom from the security of the shelter lady, she handed me over to my new Mom and left.

It took a few days to get adjusted to my new Mom. I wouldn't let her pet me or come anywhere near me. But soon enough I decided she was trustworthy and from that point on I stuck to her side like glue.

Its been a year since that point, and some say I've made it a long way since then. I have to admit I am still super shy, I walk with more confidence now though, I go up to people offering me treats (usually) and even some without, I let grandma take me out for walks, etc... I also know how to sit, lay down and shake a paw Where before I knew none of the above. I am fine with people and dogs if they don't pay any attention to me, I only want to meet them on my own terms.

I now live with two cats! I don't like it when they join me on Mom's bed, I would prefer them to come up on my terms, but they never listen. I love to play with these guys, other then Mom they are my best friends. The only ones I will play around with more then willingly.

I still have a ways to go, but guess what!! Mom and I have 10 or more years to work and play together. And Mom loves me very much! (I love her too).

Now I am unofficially 3!!

Mom says she has a treat for me later today, and hopefully we'll get a chance to go for a nice walk too!! If not, Mom promises plenty of nice walks later this week.

Thanks for reading my adoption story. :)

Thanks Redford for the awesome Gotcha Picture.
And thank you Chewbacca, Princess Leia and family for the heart.


I'm Dog of the Day Today!!!

July 27th 2011 3:32 am
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I'm dog of the day!! I was so surprised when Mom came home and excitedly congratulated me on my special day!!! I just know I'll have a pawesome day today. Thank you Dogster for picking me for this special award, I am very honored!

My last diary talked about my anal gland rupture. So just to update all of you, I am all good now!! There is not even a scar left, my antibiotics are done and my cone was very short lived (the shorts were too, BOL). Mom was wondering if I was allergic to the antibiotics because My ears had a bit of a rash one day and another they were fairly red, but it doesn't seem that bad so we finished it off anyways.

Summer seems to be just starting here. This past weekend was pretty warm/hot, but is has been cloudy since. There is no rain in the forecast so that is good according to Mom. Mom says she likes it warm, and since it rains here so much we don't get as much summer as the rest of you. Mom's crazy though, on sunday she just laid in the sun for an hour!! I looked at her like she was nuts and said fine but I'm laying way over here in the shade cause it is hot. She brought my water bowl out but I don't like to drink out of it because it is scary.

So the kittens here are good, I'm good, Moms been busy but she is good too. Hoping she won't have to work as much soon because I like my Mommy time!


Wait until you hear what happened to me!!

July 10th 2011 2:25 am
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In the long run I've been good. I is a healthy dog!

Mom has been fostering/adopting a few kittens. Wow, that was a big change for me!! The first one she took in was two weeks old at the time and whenever it cried I went crazy looking for where that sound was coming from, every time I saw his cage I just had to peer into his cage. He is getting big now! as soon as he got interested in me i wanted nothing to do with him. That's how I am, I want to sniff you but you better stay away from me! I'm starting to get used to them now, how can I not? There are three kittens. I sometimes walk away if they're paying too much attention to me, but I've been pretty good about everything. Blade is playing and once in a while he swats me in the face, I think its interesting so I sniff him more! But then it just gets annoying after a bit and I leave...

Last week Mom decided to cut my nails. OH NOOS!!! Don't you dare get close to me with those clippers!! The first day I succeed in kicking her off, the second day I did too. But then she tried again and decided to take a different approach! When I squirmed and kicked she did a (small) SMACK on my NOSE!!! It worked, I hate getting smacked on the nose, I feel like the world is falling down and I'm going to die. It took a few times but then I gave up and went very still for Mommy, so she cut my nails..

(Note from Mom: I swear it was a very soft smack I would never hit him hard, he just hates when I do that SOOO much. I feel bad, but his nails really needed to be done, they were super long. He'd more likely cause self injury by struggling to get away)

And you'd think that would be all! NOPE!! That is not even the half of it!! I had a hard week... The last two days or so my butt's been all itchy and sore. Every now and then I'd stop in the middle of walking and bite my butt. Mom thought it was just me picking a bad spot to stop, I often stop in the middle of the road to do a big shake. But last night she noticed it a lot and kept telling me she had to check what was bothering me but I guess she forgot.

While she was gone at work I pooped on the carpet, Mom always blames it on the organ in my diet (which it probably is), and the fact that I don't know how to tell grandma I need to go out. Mom told grandma to let me out when she got home, but she didn't!! I panicked! Anyways later that night is when she decided to check my bum. She said "Ewww, your hair is all matted with poop down here!". So she cleaned me off in the tub.

Next morning. She was petting me and noticed the hair was all matted again like last night. She's like, "You didn't poop, then it must be something else" That means its not a poop matt... She washed me again cause she couldn't really inspect it with all the matted fur. You know what she found? A wound with PUSS coming out of it!!! So that means I had to go to the vet with Mom tonight.

The doc checked me out. The doc confirmed Mom's suspicion of it being the Anal Gland. It is a Ruptured/infected Anal Gland. Mom it's So ITCHY and GROSS!! The doctor stuck a big finger up my butt and expressed my glands, which he said the good gland was full but not infected. HOW DARE HE TOUCH ME!! It was way worse then getting my nails trimmed! I jumped off the exam table twice trying to escape, and Mom had to get someone else to help hold me too. To keep my legs from kicking all over the place. They still had a tough time keeping me held there but did get the job done. If you hate getting temperature/anal expressing done, you will hate it 1000X more when infected, trust me!! If you parents notice you scooting (Main sign) or biting at the back end get them to bring you in for an expression. I know it sucks but it's better then it being infected and going through what I did.

Well... Now I guess I is got a cone head.

Mom's got meds to give me every day and has to keep my bum all clean.

Mom is surprised I still love her, but I'm not good at keeping grudges. Its all in the moment things that I don't like.

I'll always love you Mom. Just don't cut my nails or let my anal glands get infected and rupture!!


DDP Yesterday!!!!!

June 12th 2011 5:05 pm
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I got a DDP yesterday!! Oh my, I am so excited, I was out camping and missed it. This is the first DDP in my whole fur-family, I've been hoping for so long that I'd get the special honor of being DDP or something on dogster.

As I had mentioned I was out camping and missed it, but how come everyone else missed it too? I had high expectations of getting picked for DDP and it seems like a bit of a let down here...

Oh well, DDP or not I had the best weekend camping!! Everyone loved me and thought I was so cute, and like usual everyone asked how old I was and asked how big I would get. Don't you know I'm already 2 or 3 years old? I'm not changing one bit! Anyways Mom passed me around and everyone thought I was the cutest dog in the world. I was a little nervous because everyone was touching me and looking at me but I couldn't do much about it, but on the upside I did get some treats out of it. On saturday everyone wanted to walk me, I don't know what it is with people wanting to walk me because either way I'll be walking right beside mom... We went for a walk to the lake, and a bunch of moms human friends played volleyball in the park. But it was cold and mom doesn't like volleyball so we went back to the campfire and roasted some marshmallows! Mom is a great marshmallow roaster (usually) but I didn't get to taste any of her masterpieces.

Mom said she is so happy she brought me, she said she would have never survived the weekend otherwise!! She called me her lap-warmer, not only did I get to sleep on her lap, I got warmer that way too!! The first night mom invited me in the sleeping bag with her but I said I'd rather sleep on her feet but the second night it was just so cold so i accepted her invitation and we slept in (half an hour past our 7:15 alarm)because it was so nice and cozy warm.

Then Mom packed up and said we were going back home today. We then sat by the fire and sang songs and sat around and talked for a while. Then we took a group photo! They did one normal one and one jumping one. And mom actually jumped with me in her arms!! How dare she?! I doubt the picture turned out very well because mom can't jump very well with me in her arms. Oh well.
Then we headed on our way.

The drive was a two hour drive and I laid on mom's lap the whole time, which is fine with me. When we got home she heard that Blade her kitten isn't feeling very well. Mom didn't know the extent of it so she took a shower and headed over to pick him up. Mom took him to the vet and who told us to monitor him. So he's getting more attention then I would prefer him to get but I guess as long as mom makes up for it its not the end of the world.

No pictures of the weekend unfortunately, Mom wanted to make sure it was only me and her weekend and no technology involved to play around with. It was fun getting all the attention, its been a little while since we got some mother and son time.

Anyways, Thanks for the DDP, it is very cool that we've finally gotten an award. Even if we don't have much to show for it.


Going Camping!!

June 10th 2011 12:28 am
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Guess what! Guess What! GUESS WHAT!!!

I'M GOING CAMPING!!!! Well it looks like mom already gave it away in the title, pfft, ruining the surprise.

I'm going camping tomorrow and for the whole weekend! Well I'm not sure exactly what is involved in camping but mom says it will be lots of fun and we will get to share a tent together and everything. I'm so furry excited... oh, I suppose I should maintain my composure. Mom says I look like a crazy dog jumping up and down like I usually do.

Mom's gotten some substitute raw food for me for the weekend since we can't have the real raw with no freezer. And mom went out and bought me some insect repellent so that I don't get bit! That was nice of her, wasn't it!

I should probably start ushering her to bed now because otherwise she won't get any sleep for our big day tomorrow.

Mom says I can't be on during the weekend since there is no internet or cell reception at the campground. We'll be leaving later tomorrow night and will be back some time on sunday.

Before we leave though we wanted to mention a my bestest furiend here on dogster. Diamond, I want you to know that I'll be praying for you and thinking of you the whole time I'm gone and I hope everything is going well for you. I also hear your human family is having a hard time too so we want you to know you are in my and my moms thoughts.

For those who don't know the situation of here is a link to Diamond's Diary... Hoping and praying that it is nothing. I know you and your mom are stressed out but try step back and take a deep breath and hopefully some of the stress will go away. All the best, we will check up on you before we leave and when we get back.

Love and barks,


Work with mom!

May 24th 2011 1:24 am
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I got to go to work with mom today!!! Unfortunately I had to be in my cage pretty much all day, but that is better then being home alone right? I kept watching mom throughout the day hoping she'd look at me and fall for my puppy gaze and let me out. And she did eventually let me out 2 hours in!

I love being loose at the vet, makes me so happy. I follow mom around the clinic and everyone thinks that is just too cute. I investigate the rooms but never too long because then I'd loose track of where mom went off too. But if I'm too distracted she'll call for me to follow her. Mom wonders what people think of having a cute puppy dog like me hanging out loose (sometimes in the lobby) of the vet clinic. Of course I'm too shy to actually meet people like some other dogs might but I'm cute enough just to look at, well thats what people tell me. Mom filled her pocket with treats and spoiled me all day. Although I had to go back into my cage for a while longer at the end of the day and I just HATE cages... especially if it separates me from mom. I had to get out of there!!! It took me a while to realize that there was no way out and by that time Mom was already talking about leaving soon.

Yesterday I got to go to the dog park!! Oh how much fun. This one I've never been to, but it was nice and big and had a path around the whole thing. I did warn some of the bigger dogs to stay away from me but other then that it went very well! Mom says if I am a good dog at dog parks that means I will get to go again, although not too often because she is scared of some things that do happen at dog parks. We'd rather not find out.

Mom bought me a water fountain today. She thinks I need to drink more, and she's hoping this will help. It looks interesting but I haven't drunk from it too often, just once or twice. Its one of those dog-it red fountains, the only thing is that it doesn't spread the water out very well so its more on one side then the other and dribbling randomly. We're hoping that sorts itself out... Maybe I'll drink out of it again tomorrow! It is nice fresh water and its a little colder then still water would be which is nice.

Anyways Mom is on the computer and I'm starting to snooze off beside her so maybe it is time for us to head off to bed!

If you are interested in hearing some of moms work stories feel free to visit the Clinic Cats page on Catster!



a Glorious day!!

May 20th 2011 2:53 pm
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The weather here has been amazing the last few days!!! SUN SUN SUN!!! Mom and I have are tired of going for walks in the rain and now all of a sudden WHOA, there is good weather to walk in, Mom has been taking me on our long walks all week. Usually if it is raining she takes us on a shorter walk cause I don't like the rain. Mom says it's finally t-shirt weather.

Sunday Mom started planting seeds. The sunflowers are already up! And wednesday she went out and did gardening and put new dirt in and planted flowers and romaine lettuce that she bought (all ready growing). I sat outside with mom in the sun as she did her gardening and I even helped here and there. She is not sure if the Romaine lettuce will pull through though, they are all wilty...

Mom's been working lots lately. She's been keeping a close eye on my when she's home and has her grandma (her mom) keeping an eye on me too so there have been no accidents on my part. They decided the other night while she was on her night shift to lock me in her room/hallway with a gate. They were laughing at me because I hadn't figured out how to get passed it yet because all I'd have to do is nudge it open. They didn't realize I overheard, so I tried it out that night. It worked!!! I had free run of the house again, I went on the table and knocked a couple things off in rebellion. BOL, you should have seen their face when they found out that I had actually figured out how to get out!

Now we are going for a walk in the AMAZING SUN!! Then Mom has to get ready for work again tonight. Grandma and I are going to watch the Canucks game without her, she says she'll listen on the radio if there is no one in.

Oh and dinner before she leaves, we can't forget about that!! *drool*... What? Oh, its not dinner time yet?? fine. *Sad doggy face*.


I loves Treats!!

May 7th 2011 2:46 am
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I still gots lots of treats from the pet show last Sunday!! The best treats are still coming, I can't wait! Mom says there is lung, tripe, halibut, liver, and she thinks there is even a pigs tail. How cool is that!

We went for a walk today. It was kind of rainy though, like it has been all week. I love when people say I'm cute, random people walk by and say "wow, your such a cute dog!!!" I even catch people eying me as they drive by sometimes pointing and awing too. I can't get over the fact that everyone thinks I'm a puppy border collie. Nope, I'm all grown up here!

Mom's been away a lot for work this week. She says she has one more shift now. So less time with me and more for the work kitties. Although, I think mom said it is too much for her, even though she is not working full time - the night shifts mess with you. But she doesn't even think about how they mess with me too. I have to wait all night alone in her bed sometimes wondering if she'll be home soon. Then all of a sudden she's home and I have to sleep during the day too. I'll just have to go with the flow now. I let mom make the calls of when to get up and when to go to bed cause she knows best.

I've been showing mom that I don't like that she is gone by pooping in the living room. I know she doesn't like it, I am hoping that she will listen to me soon.

**Mom. Stewie doesn't know how to ask to go outside, therefore he resorts to sneaking off into the living room to do his business... It doesn't help that he is not too good of a friend with my mom (his gramma), and that she doesn't know the signs that he needs to go. *Sigh* Hoping he will soon learn to tell us when he needs to go, I don't like coming home to a present every day after work.
Which for any raw feeders out there I'm 'trying' to get him adjusted to organs and well... and well, you know how that just makes it messier ;).


Mom says we are going to watch the canucks hockey game again tomorrow. Bring out my bandanna! Mom says if we win tomorrow we'll automatically go to the next round, how exciting!

Mom, the work kitties and Gramma are keeping a secret from me. I can tell!! They keep whispering and I want to know what they're talking about. Mom says that she doesn't want to get my hopes up.

How could they not tell me, *sigh...*.

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