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A day in Diamond's world

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:) My special Valentine (:

February 6th 2011 4:28 pm
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I got my Valentine today! Just when I thought I wasn't going to have one I seen his page. I asked him. He is a Lab mix. He's so accomplished. He's a therapy dog, he's a Canine Good Citizen, and here's the part I really like he can pull twenty times his body weight. Hot dog!
His name is Angus. He is so cute. I don't know him but look forward to doing exactly that.
Know, do you blame for asking him.

P.S. We haven't seen Yellow lab sense Tuesday. Maybe he found his way home. Probably best, cause Mom said she was going to try to feed him when she seen him again.


He's out there again!

February 1st 2011 5:33 pm
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We didn't see him Sunday night or last night but we did tonight! I had a cow when I first say him. Mom wonders the age old question, "Should I put some food out for him?" She thinking if he's been lost this whole time he might be hungry. Mom noticed a lost sign today three streets over but it was for a Yorkie. Poor Yorkie. Maybe he's just new to the area.


He's out there again!

February 1st 2011 5:32 pm
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We didn't see him Sunday night or last night but we did tonight! I had a cow when I first say him. Mom wonders the age old question, "Should I put some food out for him?" She thinking if he's been lost this whole time he might be hungry. Mom noticed a lost sign today three streets over but it was for a Yorkie. Poor Yorkie. Maybe he's just new to the area.


Does he love me or does he not

January 30th 2011 2:11 pm
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Zach, my brother, the cat, has wrote in his diary about our intruders, on our land. I'm not sure if they are up to no good but like him, I would love to know why they are here. First, there's a Morris looking cat that keeps taunting him by sunning on our deck right in front of them and then laughing at him when he has a fit.
Second, there's a Yellow Lab that's been hanging out in front of our house. Mom and Dad has even wondered what he wants. He has a collar, so he's not a stray. The other night Zach(and Sophie Bean) got mad at me for just whimpering at him. I told Sophie he's kinda cute. But, she told me to run him off before Mom and Dad start giving that dog my loving.
Well, he's been by our house every night sense. He just stands out in the road barking at me, not a mean bark, a come out and play bark. Mom said when he woke us up at 3 something in the morning, sat. It reminded her of a young boy throwing rocks at a school girls window. Dad had opened the big wood door and we where all looking out the glass screen door at him including Zach. He just stood in our front yard looking back at us. Then he started barking at me again.
Saturday afternoon he was out there again sitting in our neighbors yard across the street looking towards ours. What does he want? Does he like me. Our neighbor said he's being bad using her little Celia to make Diamond jealous. P.S. I put his picture on my page today.


January 28th 2011 5:15 pm
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I'm in the Bissell pet photo contest. Now, if your tempted to enroll yourself good. Cause, it is for charity money. Which is good. Plus your picture is put on the Bissell box!
In our neighboring county the poor furs have no chance. It's a tiny shelter for a very big county. They are state ran, so there's no money going into the place. Mom said that if and that's a big if, Diamond wins, we would donate the money to that shelter. She heard they have a building fund for a second building. Mom has a problem with one of their policies but who cares if it saves lives. That's all she wants anyway.
Here's the link to Diamonds page this week voting ends 2/1, then we will have another link to give you. d=35550
Diamond, Mom and the poor furs say thank you!

P.S. Mom said you win a little pet shopping spree money which she will give to Calico Junction, an independent cat rescue org. after she gets a couple bags of
kibbles for us. That is if Diamond wins 1st
or 2nd place.



January 26th 2011 6:01 pm
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Daddy picked my new Primary picture out last night. It was on my page already but he liked it better than the one Mom had picked out. I love my Daddy and he loves me.


Diamond's new car

January 25th 2011 6:20 pm
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I've got a new car to ride in!See, mom and dad are gear heads and speed demons. You know, the kind of people that go to car shows when it warms up or ride their bikes through the mountains.
Dad came in today and scooped up mom "I've got a surprise". And they were out the door.
Dad bought mom a rare Trans Am.
Now, the Beamer is referred to as Diamond's car. Not moms, not dads but mine. Can I trade with you mom? I want this car to be mine? When you take it to the show, can I ride with you instead of dad? I'll ride in the front seat beside mom. Can you see me now, with my new bronze doogles on too. All the dogs will be sweating my ride!

This is what MY NEW RIDE will look like when restored:


Dog's pajamas

January 23rd 2011 1:43 pm
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I heard the other morning on the news. This guy used the phrase Cat's pajamas. What tha? I've never seen a cat with pajamas on. I could see Zach in a Hugh Hefner type smoking jacket and Zoe in those pajamas with the little feet on them but they don't have any. This bothered me all day, I wondered why don't dog's have pj's.
I asked Mom as soon as she walked in the door that afternoon. I needed answers! Mom explained it's a saying were people know your talking about something that's the best. Like "Her pecan pie is the cat's pajamas." She asked me if I understood, I said I think so. Zach's was on the table, just a rolling at me saying "see the smoke coming out of her ears!" Then when Mom left the room, Zach looked down at me and told me "I told you that dog's are inferior to us cat's, our phrases are good and dog phrases are bad things." I left the room.
Why can't there be a dog's pajamas or dog's bark? So, this is what I came up with:
Dog's pajamas: the best activity ever

Example: Grandma and Grandpa came over today. Tux and I played in the back yard for what seemed like forever. It was the dog's pajamas! Or
When I was running in the baseball field today and this gorgeous Great Dane walked by and said "That looks like the dog's pajamas." I thought he looks like the dog's bark to me.


To the park!!!

January 17th 2011 3:05 pm
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Mom and Dad took me to the park yesterday. I took my favorite tennis ball. It was muddy. It made running for the ball interesting. I don't know why, but I got tired fast. On my tenth throw, I had it and just plopped myself down, right in the red mud. Dad laughed and told me I could have found a better spot. He also warned that mom would give me a bath. He was right. It was a great day except for the bath, but I do like the drying of part with the towel.


response to humans in tradigy

January 16th 2011 4:15 am
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This is the email I got from my good friend from brisbane, in response to the letter I sent yesterday..........

wow, your mom and dad are awesome. :) it must be great helping people in need. and yes, your mom is absolutely right about people being amazing in times of tragedy and disaster. i remember how America was immediately after 9/11 as well... i was just a high schooler on the other side of the country then, but i was amazed at how the country came together. i'd never seen anything like that before.

it's very much like that here now. over the past weekend thousands of volunteers from various places in the state have come to Brisbane and helped people and businesses that they'd never met before clean and throw out things. it's very impressive and Queenslanders + Australians have taken a lot of pride in it.

if only people would be so nice and helpful all the time.

we are very lucky in that our apartment building isn't near the Brisbane River or a creek. so many people and businesses weren't so lucky, including several RSPCA shelters in the state. thankfully all of them were able to evacuate the animals into volunteer foster care before the shelters flooded... Many people & businesses don't have flood insurance at all and the RSPCA won't be receiving any flood aid from the government, unlike other organizations/companies. i'm afraid that for many people things will continue to be hard for a while to come...

me, Fae and the other human are really thankful for your thoughts and concern.

Such good news!!!!!!!!!

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