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I have a diary cause I'm smart like that...

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Dog of the Day!?!

April 4th 2011 9:50 am
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OMD! This is just too much for my puppy heart to take. Thank you dogster for this wonderful honor (more importantly, for this reason why my mother can't use rain as an excuse and will HAVE TO take me to the park to celebrate!)

Thank you to my wonderful friends for the messages, rosettes, etc...both here and on the human dogster! I really have the best friends in the world. I tell my mom "my dogster friends are better than your real life friends" and she says "I wish your dogster friends were my real life friends" Then she said, "oh wait, they are. Now if I could just get them to all move here" BOL!!!!!

Thanks again pals! Love ya!

Sunny Lee


Weeeeee! Diary of the day.

March 27th 2011 5:00 am
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Yesterday it was Stryker and today it is me! Dogster is being very good to us this weekend! This is going to bode very well for me because mom was all "it's too cold to go to the park today" but this is all I heard "blah blah blah blah blah blah park today" so now since I am all honored by dogster and the pupparazzi will expect to see me at the park, mom has to take me. AROOOOOOOOooooo

Sunny Lee


I slept the whole way home!

March 25th 2011 11:55 am
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Mom took me up to visit her old house last night. It's a 90 mile drive and I was a good girl even though I was a "bit" whiny driving there. But...once we got there, I got to play play play! Josie is a really cute girl who I love to play with. We played a LOT and we even got to go for a long walk. Mom snapped a picture and it is on my page. We played for 5 hours! Guess who slept the entire way home!? Meeeee. I didn't wake up until mom hit one of those "wake up strips" on the exit ramp to our house.

Mom said she thought of Stryker a lot when she was there. That is the house he lived at. I wonder if he was watching me and Josie play.



It's Chipper's fault!

March 22nd 2011 7:49 am
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I got in trouble this morning with mom. It's Chippy's fault! He's been talking about chomping on kitteh's head and it got me thinking. I have 2 kittehs in my house and I should be able to chomp their heads if I want. Moon is a perfect candidate because when he is in his litter box (it has a hood), his head is just sticking out...waiting to be chomped. So....this morning, Moon went to his box. I positioned myself right in front of the box and I kept nudging his head with my head. I was sizing him up. Then I tapped the side of the box with my paw and he jumped out like I was squeezing a tube of toothpaste. I pounced on him but he got away and ran into the bedroom where I met the big mad eyes of mom. She got right in my face and told me NO. She said "you're not getting in that habit" (yeah...I did that yesterday too so 2 days in a row made mom think I was onto a new game...which I was...until she ruined it).

I sulked. "It's all Chippy's fault" I telepathically told her. She didn't stay mad long and came to see if I was mad. I held out for 10 seconds but then I kissed her. How else will she learn?

Sunny (planning strategy B for head chomping Moon)


March Dogster Madness!

March 16th 2011 6:44 am
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My mom is running a March Madness pool through CBS sports online for DOGSTER PEOPLE. Know why it's only for dogster people? Cause the currency is Zealies!!!!! If any of your peeps want to play, let me know. You can transfer 10 zealies to my account. Mom will send an invite to your peeps (we will need your email; you can send it to my private inbox) and then you can help your peep fill out the bracket and win lots of zealies!

So far, we have 12 players. That's 120 zealies ripe for the taking. 70% to 1rst place, 20% to 2nd and 10% to 3rd.

I already know who is going to win the whole March Madness tournament but I'm not telling. BOL!!!!

Sunny Lee (pretty sure she knows what team is going to win!)


For my pal Bella and other doggies I know will love this!

February 24th 2011 6:52 am
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Some results of the Pepsi grants...military dogs get cooling jackets

5 PAWS!!!!!


They sang so I wiggled...

February 22nd 2011 4:06 am
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The peeps woke me up today singing to me and petting me like crazy. I wiggled and wagged. Not sure what that was all about but I liked it!!! What? what mom? It's my birthday? there's more fun in store for me today? Maybe a beef bone with 3 candles in it like last year? Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!! Happy birthday to me :)


My Pal Rusty

February 16th 2011 6:34 am
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The dogtor told him mama that he doesn't have much time left. He is 14 years old and looks like he has bone cancer :( My mom says it stinks that us dogs don't get to live furrever (14, 15 is pretty darn old for a dog) but she says the reason is that we are born pawfect so we don't need to spend as much time down here learning things. Basically, we are here to TEACH more than to learn. I bet Rusty has already taught everything he needs to teach to his mama. I know that's true cause he already has her trained to give him a pig's ear whenever he darn well wants one. My mom is totally trained...I think she's even clicker trained.

We love you Rusty!!!!!!! Make sure you get whatever you want from your mom for the next few months!


We need POTP for Rusty!

February 14th 2011 8:56 am
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One of my best pals needs our help. You all know Rusty. He had either a stroke or a seizure this weekend. He seems to be doing a little better but of course, his mom is real worried about him. Today is his sisfur Peppers barkday too! Lots going on at those cheeseheads house. We love you Rusty...get allll better soon!




Happy Valentine's everypup!!!

February 14th 2011 7:28 am
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My Louie kept kissing my head all morning from the rainbow bridge. Mom figured it out around 6:30AM cause I kept pawing at my eyes and head. Mom finally realized that Lou's soft muzzle were tickling me.

I hope you all have a great valentine's day with your favorite people!! I know I'm getting to go the lake later today....WEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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