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The world of Fräulein Graysie

Graysie's First Poem From Her Daddy

December 19th 2010 1:00 am
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Graysie is still a Baby, so she can't write her own Diary yet. But I found a poem (actually the lyrics of a song) that so wonderufully describes describes everything that Jenna & I want to do for and give to our Daughter, that it seemed perfect for her first Diary entry.

So our precious Graysie, this is for you from the hearts of your Mommy & Me.

Love you,
Daddy (Rolf)


We'll be there
when you first sleep through the night.
And We'll be there
when you need us to hold you tight.
For the first step you take
and the first time you make it
clear to the top of the stairs.
When you learn who you are,
When you wish on a star,
We'll be there.

We'll be there
when yhour words turn to rhyme.
We'll be there
and read you stories at bedtime.
When you play in the park
and you're scared of the dark
and you learn how to pray your first prayer.
Through the thunder or storm,
When it's cold or it's warm.
We'll be there

We'll be there
When you skin up your knees.
We'll be there
When you climb to the top of the trees.
We'll teach you to hike, ride a two-wheeled bike,
build a kite that will soar through the air.
And you wade through the streams,
when you dream your first dreams,
We'll be there.

We'll be there
when you try out your wings.
We'll be there
when you're questioning everything.
When you learn how to choose
When you when or you lose
and yhou find that this world is unfair.
When you stand or you fall
you can know through it all
We'll be there

We'll be there
when you think you're alone,
We'll be there,
waiting to use the phone.
And you go on a date and your out too late,
and you quietly slip up the stairs,
though you might never guess,
we''re awake ...
we won't rest till you're there.

We'll be there
When you're out on yhour own.
We'll be there
so proud of the way that you've grown.
Thanking God every day
that He sent you our way
and trusted you once to our care.
And wherever you roam,
you can always come home ...
we'll be there.

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