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December..The Month Of Giving And Receiving:

My DOTD Celebration Yesterday ... 01/06/13

January 7th 2013 6:13 pm
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As most of you know I have several dogster pages, My Angel Lexi page is because I live at the Rainbow Bridge where I always look down upon my family and friends and watch over you. My Lexi page is my page where my Spirit stays alive on dogster/catster so I can still interact with all my friends that mean so much to me. Thank You Momma for making my Spirit Page♥ When I went to the Bridge Momma and I were both afraid I would be forgotten and I think a lot of new Angels feel this too but we realize how silly it is because family and friends that love one another NEVER FORGET each other and yesterday was total proof of it. I was selected for DOTD By HQ (Thank You HQ) and the outpouring of love and friendship I was shown through pmails, Mommas email, gifts on my page, beautiful pictures made for me and Oh My the list is endless. I did my best to get all my thank you's out and please forgive my manners if I forgot anyone as it was never intentional as I love each and everyone of you and do so appreciate your love and generosity you've given me! What A Blessing and Beautiful Gift Love and Frinedship is♥

Remember when you look at the stars and see them twinkle it is really not the stars twinkling at all it is my love and the love of all the beautiful Angels up here at the Bridge reflecting our love off our Wings down to you.

Thank You Everyone for remembering me and for sharing in my DOTD Honor!

Love and Hugs,




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