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Wise Thoughts From the Kennel

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February 9th 2011 1:52 pm
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I graduated Puppy Class last week, and am confirmed for March's Basic Obedience course, where I'll be joined by none other than my best pal Apollo and the rest of my classmates. WHOO HOO! Can you say PERFECT? I can hardly WAIT! Though I'm not sure about something happening between now and then- Mom says I'm going to be "snipped" next week, and that I'll have to be away from her for a whole NIGHT! *Runs in circles, chasing his tail with anxiety* I don't think I'm going to like this... not at ALL....


Educated Young Man

January 28th 2011 11:47 am
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I had my third week of puppy class this week, and had a BLAST! My pal Apollo and I got to hang out, and we didn't get into much trouble this week! Mom learned to keep me away from him so I can focus, which helped a LOT. We missed a week because of the ridiculous amount of snow we've had, but it was great to get back to it. Everyone thought I'd gotten a LOT bigger during the week off... *Looks at self* I dunno... I don't FEEL any bigger... But I did have a breakthrough with leash work! Mom finally decided that it had to be done in short bursts to get me used to it, so we turned around a LOT... but I got the point. We'll see if it takes when we go back next week, which will be the last for this class. I HOPE I will be starting basic obedience in March, which works out perfectly because I am going to be fixed on February 15, so I'll have time to heal before class starts back up. Mom can hardly wait to get me through that and get my CGC so we can get into agility! She is convinced I'll be a great agility pup one day, but I just want to have fun! She says agility will be a ball, so I am up for the challenge. Just have to get through the others first, which won't be as much fun.


Puppy School

January 8th 2011 2:44 pm
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Wooo HOO! I got to start my first puppy class this week! It is NOT as much fun as I had expected though- too much being forced to do what I don't want to do and not enough fun. HELLO- WHO makes their pup walk ONLY on the left side? Ummm... we put me on whatever side is best based on traffic, etc. But it was fun to meet all the new pups and it was nice to get out on the town before class. Most of the class is my size or better, so that works out beautifully. I just wish we could all get together and romp, rather than studying. Mom gets frustrated- I am NOT going to be an easy study, it seems, and she doesn't LIKE that. I'm definitely going to be an agility dog, though. I showed an unusual interest in all the equipment for agility, so Mom feels like I'll take to it. WHOO HOO! I just have to get there- basic obedience, obedience two and THEN start agility class. Several months, probably.



December 26th 2010 4:45 pm
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WHOO HOO! I had a GREAT Christmas, and I hope all of you pups did too! Mom and I had a quiet Christmas Eve at home, broken up by a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, then she took me for a LONG walk at the City Park after she went to Mass. I SOO did not like the lights, but she seemed happy about it. Driving at night and walking with so many cars and lights around is NOT my idea of a good time. Christmas Day, however, was wonderful! Santa Paws came! I got a new dog bed for in the kennel (Mom says it's to help me when I am mature enough to not need the kennel) and I also got treats from Grandma and treats from Santa Paws, as well as a couple of toys and some chewies! Mom says I made out like gangbusters, though I don't know- what are gangbusters???


Snow Days

December 20th 2010 5:45 am
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DOG I think I hate this white stuff! Mom gripes because it's too cold for me to go out for too long, and we have to hike up the hill to see Grandma and Cousin Cain when the roads are clear enough to even go. PLUS the road has been bad off and on for a week, so we've been home a LOT! It's UNFAIR- I want a redo!If I could just play in the field in the snow, it'd be perfect, but Mom refuses to stand around in the snow to let me play in it. Luckily, Cain and I have figured out that there's snow in his yard too, so we play outside a lot when I visit. Nothing like getting soaked and frozen at the same time to make a pup enjoy a warm bed when he gets home, right? *Grins* Only four more night night kennel ups till Santa Paws comes!! WHOO HOO! I hope all this being good pays off BIG TIME! I haven't had a potty error in almost three weeks now!


Who's the WOO Dog?

December 10th 2010 5:12 pm
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Yeah, that's right! I'M the Woo Dog! Mom says "Whooo hoo!" a lot when I do good things, and so I have been christened Woo! She's VERY proud of me, and believe me, that makes ME proud! I haven't had but a couple of accidents in the last two weeks!!! *Dances happily* She says that Santa Paws is coming... and I have to be GOOD, so I'm doing my best! Let's hope this works!!


Thanksgiving and a VERY confused youngster

November 26th 2010 3:12 pm
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Hope that everyone has had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, and that you all got a TON of goodies to share with the humans! Mom gave me some turkey and bites of ham, too, so I am VERY happy!

Mom did something that I just do NOT "get" today- she took TONS of "stuff" and put paper around it, then put ribbons around them.Then she put them under the "Christmas Tree" and took some pics before putting them into storage. What in the HECK is she DOING? Isn't having a big tree in our apartment bad ENOUGH??? *looks around confused*

On another note, Mom is proud of me- I am slowly... VERY slowly... getting house broken and learning to "stay" when she is offering treats. I start Puppy Class in January, and will transition on to Basic Obedience soon after that ends. WHOO HOO!!! Can't WAIT to show her how smart I really AM!



November 3rd 2010 5:12 pm
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Mom is VERY proud of me! I had my shots last week, and was microchipped, and I didn't even so much as WINCE! Not even when they gave me the chip! I love the vet- can I say that and remain safe from everyone's... anger? *runs and hides* And I'm growing like a weed, she says! I'm a big 23 lbs and getting taller EVERY day.


Puppy Goofy Mornings!

October 11th 2010 7:55 am
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I just wanted to bark a little about my FAVORITE part of ANY day- Puppy Goofy Mornings! I wake up early, which is when I get to run around like a fiend and chase my ball for as long as it takes for me to calm down while Mom throws the ball and plays with me!! BOY OOH BOY is it FUN! *Wiggles happily* That and trips to play with Cain!! BOY is that fun too!!! He can EAT me, but we play like big boys together- he's just VERY gentle with me.



October 8th 2010 12:54 pm
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I just read that I was a Diary Pick again today!! *Barks* That makes this day a little bit easier for Mom, and BOY does it make ME happy! Mom had to help Sissy make her way to the Bridge today, so I'm a single pup now. Does that mean I'll get more treats?? BOY I hope so!

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