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A day in the life of Sadie!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

December 19th 2010 10:26 pm
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It has been raining for a couple days and so we have been cooped up inside, snuggled up in nice warm blankies. But today i heard my favorite word ever! "Walk!" I jumped for joy and starting running from the couch to the door and back and then running to my mommy and barking at her because she was taking too long to get the leashes out and on us. It was still raining outside but my mommy said we needed a good walk since we have been good inside and deserved it :) So we leashed up, got our jackets on and walked out into the rain

It was a lot of fun and really wet. When we got to the park we went into the bathroom to dry off with the hand dryer and then we were allowed to run around at the park and romp around in the deep puddles and flooded grass. Me and my sissy were sliding everywhere while wrestling and getting all wet but we loved it! Then it was off to get a little dry again and then we headed home muddy and wet but happy!

When we got home we got a nice warm bath and a snuggle in our favorite blanket :)


A Dog's Life Survey!

November 22nd 2010 3:22 pm
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-About you-
Name: Sadie

Age (in dog years): 10 months

Age (in human years): about 12 years

Breed: Mixed Breed - Maltese x Toy Poodle mix

Fur color: Mostly Black

Fur Patern: Black with little white sockies on her back feet and a stripe of white chest hair
and a grey streak is growing on one of her ears and her tail has some grey hair

Size: Small

Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Neutered/Spayed: Yepidoodles at 6 months

Where are you now: Sleeping on the couch watching tv

How many brothers/sisters did/do you have: two sisters, one lives with me and one lives somewhere in this world

Do you have any strange markings: grey streak on one of my ears

Were you adopted from a pound: Nope

Food: I eat blue buffalo puppy but i occasionally get some treats here and there heheh :p

Sleeping spot: In my crate, my sister and i love it in there and will go in there on our own without even being asked at night

Walking place: to the park

Bone: we just chew on the occasional bully stick or dental sticks thats about it

Treat: Ice cubes, stuffed Kongs, bully sticks, cheese treats, charlie's treats, peanut butter, dental chews

Animal to chase: crows (big pop. where we live)

-Top 3-
Who's your #1 friend: My sissy, Oakley
#2 friend: Toby my yorkie friend ( i like him, he is not a big fan of any dogs though :( )
#3 friend: My family

Whats your #1 toy: Monkey (sadly i loved it so much it he had to pass on RIP monkey :p)
#2 toy: Nylabones or cups
#3 toy: Socks or any laundry i can get to

-Have you ever-
Been to the beach: no i live in the OC but have never been can u knock some sense into my owner

Seen snow: nope just rain

Traveled out of your town: yes, to be boarded but that is not as fun as going with my family the whole ride to where they are going though

Bitten a person: I growl at my brothers when they bother me too much and try to pick me up every second they can but that is it. my mommy tells them i wil if they push me too far though

Been bit BY a person: not a person but some big doggies attacked me and my sissie

Ate a frog: tried to once, i also ate a worm but my mom fished it out of my mouth before i swallowed it and also snails are jackpot

Broke a leg or paw: Nope though i am a little dramatic when it comes to playing with my sissie sometimes so i sometimes overexaggerate pain

Most annoying a human can do: leave us home alone or pick me up all the time (my bros do it all the time and i growl at them) I enjoy being cuddled but sometimes enough is enough

Most awesome thing a human can do: let me off leash, oh how i wish but apparantly i am too stubborn to be trained, what about this training let me be free

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes, toby though i think he wouldnt think that haha he isnt a big fan of doggies

Do you wear a collar: Yes, a Bella Bean collar

If so what color: turquoise with owls on it


Let me run and be free!!!

November 5th 2010 5:14 pm
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Well i haven't written in quite some time (even though is said i was hehehe I am too busy digging bones and getting into all my daily puppy trouble :p) Well.... lets see what has happened recently....

oohh! i finally got to go on a actual walk, you see there has been some bad, temper mental weather here in the OC, one day it was raining and the next day its 100 degrees, what the dog?! hehe well ya i finally got to go on the walk i have been waiting on forever :p we went to the park to run around and i was the happiest dog ever (well despite the fact i had to stay on leash while my sister got to go off leash and run around, my mommy says its cuz she isnt stubborn and comes when she is called, i swear i know my name, though i might not always want to come back when there is something else to be more interested in, thats probably my problem here :p)

Anyway so at the park my sister gets to run around and explore and i get to get some training in...ugh i do not like it one bit but my mommy says it is necessary if i want to be off leash, while i think the leash and training is just and option, LET ME RUN :P!!!

Well while my mom tries to work out the stubborness (and well just the part where i don't like to listen or i guess choose not to listen) I will be attached to the leash...ohh that thing haunts me when i am at the park, it follows me everywhere dragging my owner with it :p

T is for Trouble-making Sadie!!!


It has been a long time!!!

October 15th 2010 4:10 pm
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Well it has been a long time since i have been on here. Recent news is that me and my sissie were attacked by two big bull mastiffs wile we were on a walk bout a month ago, they got out of their yard somehow. It was very scary they had at least over a hundred pounds on us, i can't believe we r still alive. I came out with only two puncture wounds and a big scrape and lots of slobber on me, my mommy said that it was a miracle that both of us were stil here. My sissie got out with nothing wrong with her. Now that is just physically, physcologically we are a little hurt. We are both afraid of big doggies (mostly my sissy she will try and run away and squeal as if she is hurt while i try and bark down the doggie to save the day) All in all with a little training and frequent walks we arent scared to go outside anymore, (we will work on the seeing a dog on a walk part soon)

Its been raining here in the OC and i do not like rain at all!! I tried to tell my mom i didnt have to go outside to do my business but that didnt work! i even tried those big brown puppy dog eyes (nope she was not going to buy it)

I have recently discovered that i can "dig" my bones. My sissie loves food and will eat her bully stick but i have different ideas and try to dig it into the beanbag. Now i think it is diggin but my mommy thinks i am just plain crazy. I set the bully stick on the bean bag then i dragg my nose across the beanbag and onto the bone until i think it is buried. hehehe silly me. I try to hide it frm my sissie but she finishes hers so my mom has to take my "hidden" bone away so she doesnt eat anymore and get sick.

Well ta ta for now, (i'll try to update more often)

bones and licks :)


lots of fun!!!

September 15th 2010 8:20 pm
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Today was a lot of fun!!! We spend an hour in the backyard doing some agility training, and also some running around!! i think my human is trying to wear me out for the night so she can watch the premiere of some show called Survivor. Well i dont mind it, i had lots of fun in the backyard and had a good time chasing my sister (well most of the time she is chasing me because i am soooo fast) but she does manage to grab my tail sometimes and well i grab hers right back and then run off. I am one crazy pup and keep my owner on her toes :p well i am pooped out for the night and will be enjoying some cuddling t.v. time now with the occasionally spazzy moment when i see a dog on the t.v. and i bark and run and growl at the t.v. (gotta do something to keep myself entertained while i sit on the couch :p i guess i get bored sometimes so barking at the t.v. makes my night interesting and different :P well goodnights to yall

Sadie :)


I am learning so much!!

September 11th 2010 9:34 pm
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Today was a lot of fun! i learned to give my owner a high five and wave to my family! I am also learning to jump over a makeshift agility bar in the back yard! We went to the park today and i had lots of fun out running my owner and my sissy, i am an uber fast runner you see even with my short legs and small stature!! well now i am catching up on my zzz's on the couch, because i am so worn out, before heading to my kennel for the night!

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