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April 9th 2015 8:59 pm
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Today is my birthday! I'm so happy I'm five. I was so sick that I thought I would never see my fifth birthday! The past couple of years have been so rough, but the past few months I've been doing very well! I'm still fed a special diet around the clock, but that keeps me very healthy!

For my birthday I got a FITBARK! It is a fitness tracker for dogs. My mom is hoping it will help her monitor my health & well-being. I will post more about it in my diary soon, once we've used it for a bit. Hopefully the dogster fleas will cooperate!

Stay well everyone!


Almost Healed!

June 24th 2013 8:15 pm
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I'm almost well. My leg is unwrapped, but I am still wearing my ecollar. My leg still has raw skin. My fever is very slight still. I've been more alert, and I've been playing with a toy my mom bought me! I've also started wagging my tail again! I go to the vet on Thursday for a recheck! I will let you all know what they say! Take care! And remember next time you need an IV ask the vet to please check it periodically in case you get a bad reaction and infection like I did. Better safe than sorry. I don't want any other dogs or cats to go through this experience.


I've Been Really Sick!

May 26th 2013 4:59 pm
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I was stung or bitten by something in my backyard. My mom took me to the vet, but unfortunately while being treated with the IV, I then developed more complications from the IV. The vet office said I was moving around too much or biting the IV. My leg SWELLED to about three times its normal size. My paws and paw pads swelled as well. I couldn't put pressure on it. My leg turned black. I also developed a fever. That was about ten days ago. I've been to the vet almost every day since.

My fever is lower now. I still can't walk properly, but I can move my leg. I'm a tripod right now. My mom was worried that I wouldn't be able to use my leg ever, but I will. My leg swelling is almost reduced to normal now. The black dead skin is still there. Once it falls off, the vet thinks my leg will need to be wrapped. My appetite is improving, but I will only eat special food from the vet and baby food. I'm in better spirits now, responsive. For a few days I was just lying listlessly, facing a corner. I'm now able to sleep, too.

I tried to post a couple of pictures, but I received a message stating that I have reached my limit of 10 photos. Strange, because I'm a plus member.

Please take care every pup. Make certain you are restrained very well next time you are given an IV. This experience has not been fun.


Today is My Birthday!!

April 9th 2012 11:01 am
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I'm two years old today!! I'm much larger than I was as a baby puppy!! I'm the same size as Tinker Bell! I just weigh a couple pounds less. I'm still very quiet and calm! I love being carried still, but I'm good at walking on a leash now.

I'll have to have my mom post more pictures of me soon!! Have a great day!


Emergency Vet Visits..

December 31st 2011 11:30 pm
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I've been to the emergency vet a couple of times this week. I had an allergic reaction to something,possibly a bee or something environmental, which then resulted in my having a staph infection on my skin. I puffed up all over my body, and I turned bright pink/red. It was really scary! I'm better now.


Today is My Birthday!

April 9th 2011 6:31 am
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I'm one today! I'm going for a special drive with my family, since I love car rides! I also love treats, so I'm getting some extra ones today! Also I got a new collar with ducks on it!

I've done a lot of growing! I'm even bigger than my sister Halo. I outgrew her carrier. Maybe next year Ill be bigger than Tinker Bell!

Well I have to go now! Bye!


My Stitches Were Removed!

November 29th 2010 9:35 pm
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Today I had my stitches removed! I'm almost fully recovered from my spay! Just a few more days, and this ugly E-collar can be taken off! I can't wait! I even wore it during my Thanksgiving vacation trip to see my Grandma & Grandpa! It has been very uncomfortable to wear. Talk to you all soon,

~Shyla Rey


I'm Better Tonight!

November 16th 2010 10:41 pm
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I am much better tonight! I even walked out of my kennel, and I drank water on my own!

I'm so glad I didn't spend the night alone at the vet! My mom thinks they don't like to send dogs home because they are worried other pets might bother or injure the pet who needs to recover. Also they kept saying how important is was that i stay in a small confined area. It doesn't make much sense for dogs to stay alone all night after surgery if they have a parent who can watch them, and keep them safely away from other animals. So my mom is glad they allowed me to go home.

This morning, I had my incision cleaned. My mom made sure to give me my painkiller before my appointment. I didn't cry one bit. So my mom was wrong! Bol! I haven't whimpered at all today. I've just been sleeping all day long!

Thank you everyone for your presents and wishes.



I'm Having a Bit of a Difficult Recovery

November 15th 2010 10:46 pm
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On a positive note, I am at home and survived my spay! The vet wanted me to spend the night, but no one is there at the office! So my mom asked them if she could take me home. They said that would be alright; my mom picked me up at about 6pm.

Guess what? I didn't have any seedlings up my nose! It probably got blown out somehow, and it just irritated my nose!

As for my spay, it is major surgery. I'm not feeling well. My mom put hot water bottles in my kennel to help keep me warm. I'm currently sick of my stomach. I don't want to walk either.

The vet's office said I act like a big baby! When my mom walked into the office, she could hear me yelping. I do admit that my mom coddles me a lot, but I'm very well behaved. I don't act like a brat or misbehave or anything like that. I just like to be babied.

I'm not crying any more. So that's a good thing. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better. It's almost time for my painkillers. I hope it doesn't upset my stomach even more! Maybe I just need a good night's sleep.

I have to go back to the vet tomorrow for them to clean my incision. Does anyone want to guess if I am going to have a crying fit or not, when they try to clean it? My mom's guess is yes! I'll let you all know tomorrow.

Thank you for all my presents and well wishes and prayers! I really appreciate them.


Surgery for Me..

November 15th 2010 2:35 pm
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Unfortunately, a weed seedling is stuck up my nose! So today I am having my spay done, and the vet is going to remove the seedling from my nose! I'm at the vet now! I will write back soon to let you know how I am doing.

Oh, I gained a little bit of weight. I now weigh 3 lbs. Talk to you all again soon. Any positive thoughts and prayers will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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