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Caileigh Girl, The Untold Story

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It's my birthday!!!!

May 2nd 2014 1:56 pm
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Hey Pals,

Thanks so much to my great pals who have wished me a happy birthday. Both Nina and pack and Freckles have made me a very nice graphic.

In the one that Freckles made me my tongue is almost licking the cake. So funny.

I'll try and post those graphics. I've been having trouble doing that lately.

This is going to be a birthday celebration weekend. Riley's birthday is on the 6th. I'm sure we're going to get lots of chicken and MEATZ(tm).

I wish the weather was better, we could go running in the fields, but it's wet and cold.

I hope every pup gets a special treat today to celebrate along with me.

Thanks pals and we send lots of love.

The Caileigh Girl!!


Birthdays are fun

May 3rd 2013 5:28 am
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Hi pals!!!

I hope everyone is looking forward to summer. I have been watching the leaves start to bloom. You what happened a few weeks ago that really made me happy?

Birds came to visit!!!

I love to watch the birds, it's my favourite. A few weeks back we put a bird feeder out and all the birds came. I don't know here they were all winter, but I'm glad that they're here now.

Thanks pals for all of the birthday wishes. I got pawmails and rosettes and a awesome graphic from my friend Freckles. Dad and I went through all of them together.

You all are the best!!

My folks got me a big bag of pig's pieces. Both Riley and I love our pig's pieces. I also got several new toys including Frankenstein's monster and the Wolfman. The best gift was a long rawhide type treat. It was so long, that Mom broke it in half. I got one piece and Riley got the other. We both carried them around the house and we kept banging them against the door jams and stair spindles. It was really funny.

As soon as Riley and I found a good spot to eat them, they didn't last long.

I heard Dad talking about going to our breeder family on the weekend to celebrate with my sister Gretchen and brother's Tank and Ty. It's also Riley and my Mom, Miyah's, birthday on Monday. I hope we get to go because it's so much fun there.

Again, thanks pals for all of the birthday wishes. We love you all.

Your friend,
The Caileigh Girl


My first 5K race

March 12th 2013 5:52 am
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Hey pals!!

I ran my first 5K race on Saturday. It was for St.Paddy's day so Riley and I just had to take part.

The run was so much fun. I wanted to go faster but Dad couldn't keep up.

Don't tell him I said this, but Riley isn't a good runner. He just wanted to sniff things. I was focused and wanted to go like crazy.

Spring is almost here.

Big hugs to you all.

Bark at you later!


Bird Watching Pawty

May 28th 2012 5:41 am
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That's what I call it.

Yesterday, Riley and I went on a road trip to Elmira for a guide dog walk. After the walk we joined our pal, Mollie, and went to Drake's house.

Oh boy, there were birds flying around everywhere. I had a great time watching them.

Drake played ball with Dad and Riley and Mollie explored, dug a few holes and rested . . . okay, I dug a hole, too.

What I really loved was watching the birds.


My Birthday and Best in Show

May 2nd 2012 3:57 pm
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Hey pals,

This morning while Dad and I were snuggling (we snuggle every night), his phone started beeping real early.

Dad turned to me and said, "that's probably your friends sending you birthday wishes."

That's right, I'm two years old today. You'd never know that I was two. I'm on the small side for a Pointer. Just last weekend we went to visit my dog family and they have a new addition, my niece Gemma. She's four months old and almost the same size as me.

I'm a dainty girl.

Barking of my family, my bro, Ty, won BEST IN SHOW. That's right, you read that correctly. We're all so proud of him. My sis, Gretchen, said that he's even more difficult to live with now. All this showing is going to his big head.

I want to thank all my pals for sending me birthday wishes. My pal, Forrest, made me a beautiful graphic.

Riley and I enjoyed some birthday chicken this afternoon. Other than that I've been looking out the window at the birds. I love this time of year with all of the birds.

Thanks again, pals. We all love you.

Your friend,
Caileigh Girl!


The Chase

April 18th 2012 11:38 am
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The big fields are vast.

A great spot for Riley and I to just stretch our legs and run and run and run.

A few of our dogster pals have joined us out in the fields; both Drake and Mollie came late last summer, and Freckles came to visit at the beginning of fall.

Yesterday, Riley and I were out there just having a great time. There was briskness in the air that really gets your blood going.

At one point we were heading along a grassy path. On both sides of us were tall grasses and rows of bushes, their leaves just starting to come out. The wind danced through the tall grass and in unison they swayed back and forth.

Riley was a few steps behind me, a thick streak of black mud started on his left hip and went down his leg. It looked like he was wearing a leg warmer. Earlier he had ventured too close to a small pond and the ground under him gave way and one side sank into the mud.

Now, he was sniffing a hole that was just off the path. As I stood and watched him a very curious scent caught my attention. I raised my head and opened my nostrils wide. My liver, leather-like ears flapped in the breeze. The scent was strong.

I turned to follow it, off the path and into the woods it took me. It led me forward, under some dried brush and into a large opening of grass. In the distance I could hear the calls of my Dad and Mom.

"Caileigh", Dad called. The green leash that had been hooked to my collar now dangled in his hand.

"Caileigh", he called again, followed by a call from Mom.

Riley trotted over to both of them as if to say, "look at me, I'm a good boy. I didn't take off into the woods."

Dad and Mom stopped at the spot where they planned to leave the grassy path and start on the gravel trail.

"Look!" Mom shouted in excitement. " A deer!"

Dad looked through the branches of a tree and out into a large grassy area that ran parallel to the gravel trail. Bounding up and down was a large brown buck. Like a child on a pogo stick it went up and down. Without running the deer covered a large amount of ground simply by bounding. Its fluffy white tail contrasted the brownish tall grass.

Not far behind the deer, Dad say a small liver and white head.

"Caileigh's chasing it," Mom proclaimed.

I tore after that mighty beast, its fluffy tail just mocking me. That scent, the curious smell that had led me from the path was that of this monster. I just had to have it for myself. No Riley, no folks . . . just the Caileigh Girl.

I slipped into top gear and bore down on the deer. Dad began to run towards the gravel trail and as he did he watched me close the gap.

"That deer might turn on her and hurt Caileigh," Mom cried to Dad.

As I reached the end of the grassy field, the deer disappeared into the woods; its knowledge of the area far superior to mine. I stopped and tried to pick up the scent again, but it was gone. I looked around but I was alone.

I then heard Dad call me.

Next time you furry beast. Next time you will be mine.

I ran back to the gravel trail and greeted Mom, Dad and Riley.

"Did you see that?" I asked. "Did you see me chasing that beast?"

Riley ignored me. He played like he didn't have a clue what I was talking about. But I knew that Dad and Mom had seen me. I knew that they were proud of their Caileigh Girl.


Images of Milk Bones Danced In My Head

February 15th 2012 6:30 am
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I was sound asleep, lost in a dream. Although I don't specifically remember the dream it likely was one that involved running in the fields, hot on the trail of a good scent.

Beneath me was my Dayzee-made blanket. Surrounding me the thin black grates of my crate. Unlike a young Riley, I love my crate. All you need to do is show me a few treats, milk bones, and off I run to the crate.

Sound asleep I was. Even in deep sleep, my keen ears are at work. Scanning for any noise that requires my attention, but mostly hoping to hear the arrival of my Mom or Dad.

On this day, I heard something else. A faint rustle at first, but soon the rustle got louder. My ears triggered me to awaken. I sat up and tilted my head to the side in an attempt to pick up the sound better.

There it was again. The sound of bones . . . milk bones being shaken inside of a box. I know that sound.

My crate is located in the family room, which is above the garage. From my vantage point I can peer down the stairs and see small areas of the kitchen and hallway.

I sat motionless, my head tilted . . . waiting for the sound.

Then I caught a glimpse, a fleeting picture of what was taking place.

It was Riley. My uncle, my bro, my best friend.

In his mouth I saw a read box—a milk bone box.

He stopped in view. For a moment he looked up and we locked eyes. Then I heard the rustle of the bones inside the box as he gave it a mighty death shake. He sauntered out of view.

I let out a high-pitched bark and then a series of them. I pleaded with Riley to let me out of my crate . . . to share his catch with me. Just like out in the field, my dear uncle wasn't about to share his find with me at all. No, he was content on having it all to himself.

I knew he had gone to his doghouse under the dinning room table.

I listened.

The sound of cardboard being shredded reverberated off the walls. I knew that he was about to enjoy those milk bones. There was nothing I could do.

The first sound of a crunching bone hit me with more despair then I could have ever imagined. It was followed by the sound of several bones being chewed up.

The sounds continued and continued and continued.

All I could do was listen.

My mouth filled with saliva, as stringy globs of the clear liquid began to fall from my jowls.

Then the sounds of crunching bones stopped. It was replaced by the sound of paw steps on the stairs. Then his head came into view.

I shifted with anticipation, with hope. The hope that my dear uncle had saved me a few, even brought them up to me. That's what a great uncle would do.

He reached the top of the stairs and turned towards me. With each step he took, he licked at his jowls. This final gesture set me off. I unleashed a flurry of high-pitched barks.

He continued to lick his jowls and just looked at me with such satisfaction, as though he was teaching me a life lesson or something.

He got up on the couch and sank down, ready to sleep off his bounty.

"I hope you get sick," I muttered as I, too, sank down to sleep, although on an empty stomach.

As I dosed off images of milk bones danced in my head.


Valentine's Day and more

February 14th 2012 8:07 am
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Hi pals,

I want to wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day!!

Big kisses to you all.

Pals, I have a story to bark to you all. Let me gather my thoughts and put it to words. All I have to say is that Riley teased me with milk bones . . . lots of them.

Bark at you later!

The Caileigh Girl



January 5th 2012 8:03 am
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Hey pals,

2011 was my first full year with my family . . . for that matter my first full year.

Dad and were thinking about all fo the things that I experienced this year.

I got to meet several of my dogster friends. In the spring, I met Spikey, Drake and Mollie. We went on a special fundraiser walk. I really loved Spike and Drake's house. In the backyard was a birdfeeder and lots of birds . . . have I mentioned that I love birds, BOL!!!

That visit was special because shortly after, Spikey made his journey to the Bridge. I'm sure glad that i got to meet him and I know that Dad is glad that he got to see him again before he went to the Bridge.

That same day, we got to meet the legendary, earth-rocking, heart-breaking, LWD-shaking, cute-machine making, Zaidie-Pup. That was a great vist. Ziadie is as charming in person as he is in his diaries. We really look forward to seeing Zaidie again, maybe he'll even come visit us so we can take a walk on our trails.

In late summer, Drake and Moliie visited us at our home. We got to go on the trails and the big fields. Riley and I really enjoyed sharing that with them. we can't wait for them to visit again.

Then in the fall, Mr. JackFreckles came to visit. Again we got to head out on the trails and into the big fields. We really love sharing our trails with our pup pals. Come and visit again, Freckles!!!

Riley and I also got to hang out with our dog family several times. Did I mention that I'm an aunt!!! That's right. My bro, Ty, sired a litter and they were born on Dec. 31st. !0 pups in total.

Riley and I love hanging out with our dog family.

2011 really went by quickly. I've grown so much, although I'm still small for a pointer. I love my Rye Rye more than anything in the world. The two of us snuggle together, explore in the fields together--we really are the best of friends.

Toward the end of 2012, we'll be moving into a new house. Dad has promised me that I'll love it!!! It sides and backs onto greenspace, so I'll be able to watch the birds, deer and maybe even the odd coyote. I know that 2012 will be a great year and I wish all my pals and their families the very best.

Big hugs to all of you.

Your pal, Caileigh


Freckles came to visit

November 7th 2011 8:03 am
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Hey pals,

Riley has already barked that Freckles came to visit us on Sunday, but I wanted to tell you all about it as well.

We all had a lot of fun on the trails and in the big fields.

Freckles is a real entertainer. He and his Growlmy did tricks for us. He can jump, and sit up, roll over and lots of other things.

Thanks for coming to visit us, Freckles and Growlmy. We had a nice time and look forward to seeing you again.

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