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Beach Bum

September 19th 2012 9:48 pm
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I'm going to be a beach bum for Halloween.

My woman wanted me to either be "The Piddler," like Batman's "The Riddler" but with peeing dogs instead of question marks on the costume, or my superhero persona "Farty Puppy." Farty Puppy prevents crime using noxious fumes.
But I won't wear anything on my head and my woman said both of those costumes would require a mask to protect my identity.


Raw Food, Friends, Labor Day, Back Doctor

September 9th 2012 11:08 pm
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I've been raw fed for over 6 months now. Still doing really good and my woman is finding good deals on food for me. She even found pig brain and spleen for me to try.
I'm eating beef, pork, chicken, lamb, rabbit, turkey, salmon, kidney and liver.

My friend Faith stayed with me last Saturday while her people moved out of the house they were renting into a house they bought. We had a good time and played a lot. I even let her sleep on my bed with me. I usually eat the face of any dog that tries to get up on my bed!
She moved from just down the street to a few blocks away so we'll still be able to play together.

I was busy over Labor Day and helped my people do a LOT of stuff.

My people think I may have done something to my back over Labor Day because I started doing the stuff I did when my friend Maxi hurt my back last year.
I was in pain last week and my woman tried to get me in to see the rehab vet. But she was booked until October 3.
I was feeling better so we walked down to talk to a friend to get the number of the back doctor they use for their dogs.
My woman called him and he said he could see me on Wednesday. He's an hour away.
The Monday after that a woman is going to come massage me!


Montana Trip, Friends & House Guests

August 9th 2012 10:47 am
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At the end of June, my people took me back to Montana for vacation! I was gone for 17 days and stayed in a house in the mountains! I saw moose and deer and antelope and chipmunks and bunnies! I got to explore places I had never been, saw old friends and played in snow and swam a lot!
I drove through a CATTLE DRIVE - best. day. ever!!!!!!!!!!!

There are pictures from my trip on my website!

After we got home, I got to help take care of my BFF and his roommate. Their people went out of town and needed someone to keep them company for 1 night. I was hoping they could spend the night at my house but my BFF got scared after being away from home for not even 2 hours!

Then after that the people named "Mom" and "Dad" came to stay with us again. They sleep in my room! I like them because they let me give them lots of kisses!!!


5th Gotcha Day

June 16th 2012 7:34 pm
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Today is the 5th anniversary of the day I adopted my people!

They've been harder than I thought they'd be to train but I stuck with it and have my man completely trained. My woman is proving harder though and she is only about half trained.


My 5th Birfday!!!

April 5th 2012 12:59 am
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Today is my 5th birfday!!!

I'll be posting photos and a birfday report on my website!



One Of My Best Friends Moved :-(

March 2nd 2012 9:29 pm
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I found out one of my best friends moved and I don't know where she went! She used to live by the park which is only a minute or 2 from my house. She doesn't live there anymore and none of my friends' humans know where she moved to.

I miss Solace a lot!


Long Vet Visit Yesterday!

February 23rd 2012 12:11 am
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Yesterday my man stayed home from work and after lunch, we got into my Kia and my woman drove like we were going to the pool.
But they didn't bring my pool toys and they kept saying we were going to some other place.

We got to this place that was kind of like a vet but didn't smell like a vet. The people were really nice and said I was very pretty and very sweet.

We were there for a while talking to a woman and then she came out with another woman and they had a couple of things they laid down on the floor to make the floor soft for me.
Then the vet came out and I ran around the lobby with my people and then she started feeling my parts and moving my legs and neck.

I didn't really like that. Then we went and sat on the cushy stuff and she made me lay down and started messing with me some more.
She kept saying stuff I didn't understand and doing stuff that made me feel weird. But it also felt good after a while. She did stuff to me for a very long time.
She showed my people how to do some stuff to me and then she went off to the back room.

Then the woman who was the 1st one to talk to my people came back out, gave them some papers, showed them how to do the same stuff and I got to leave.

My woman told me that when my Rottie friend pushed on my hip in November, she made my back funky. The vet made my back unfunky and now my people have to do stuff to me every day to help my muscles learn how to relax again and make me stretch my body parts out so I'll feel like new again.


Vet Rehab!

February 13th 2012 12:59 am
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My woman told me today that in just over a week I go to a special vet that does something called "rehab."

My Rottweiler friend hurt my hips in November and my bad left hip has been slow in getting back to normal.

I am going to get checked out so the vet can decide if I need her to show my people how to do special things to me to keep my hips good.
My woman said this vet may even say I should have a vet do special things to me.

I already swim for 45 minutes every other week at a doggy pool that has warm water. That's really fun!!!!
My woman said this place has a pool but it isn't for fun. If they say I need more swimming, I would go there during the weeks I don't go to the fun pool. The vet place takes half the time to get to.

My woman said we'll be there for 2 hours so I hope I don't get bored!

My woman is getting nervous and obsessing over the paperwork we need to take. I think she's happy with what she's printed out to take. She printed it and put it in a big envelope tonight!

She says we have to go to my old vet clinic, the one where our favorite vet works, and pick up some x-rays. We are going to go on a Monday because that's the day the vet works. That way I can give her all kinds of doggy kisses!


Shhh! Don't Tell My Woman!!!

February 10th 2012 12:29 pm
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My woman left her computer on Dogster and then left the room! Don't tell her I'm using it!!!

A couple of weeks ago, some people came and took the round thing in my garage. My people said it was a "water heater."

Don't know what that is but it had started to pee on the floor, a LOT! We had to open the garage door a little to let the water run out. That was a Saturday night. My people did something to it to make it stop peeing.

Monday the people came and they put a new round thing in it's place. I told it NOT to pee on the floor or it would have to go away too!


Yappy New Year!

January 24th 2012 12:37 am
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Yappy New Year everybody!!

I posted a new blog and added 2011 Christmas photos to my website!


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