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Raw Food, Friends, Labor Day, Back Doctor

September 9th 2012 11:08 pm
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I've been raw fed for over 6 months now. Still doing really good and my woman is finding good deals on food for me. She even found pig brain and spleen for me to try.
I'm eating beef, pork, chicken, lamb, rabbit, turkey, salmon, kidney and liver.

My friend Faith stayed with me last Saturday while her people moved out of the house they were renting into a house they bought. We had a good time and played a lot. I even let her sleep on my bed with me. I usually eat the face of any dog that tries to get up on my bed!
She moved from just down the street to a few blocks away so we'll still be able to play together.

I was busy over Labor Day and helped my people do a LOT of stuff.

My people think I may have done something to my back over Labor Day because I started doing the stuff I did when my friend Maxi hurt my back last year.
I was in pain last week and my woman tried to get me in to see the rehab vet. But she was booked until October 3.
I was feeling better so we walked down to talk to a friend to get the number of the back doctor they use for their dogs.
My woman called him and he said he could see me on Wednesday. He's an hour away.
The Monday after that a woman is going to come massage me!




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