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Vet Rehab!

February 13th 2012 12:59 am
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My woman told me today that in just over a week I go to a special vet that does something called "rehab."

My Rottweiler friend hurt my hips in November and my bad left hip has been slow in getting back to normal.

I am going to get checked out so the vet can decide if I need her to show my people how to do special things to me to keep my hips good.
My woman said this vet may even say I should have a vet do special things to me.

I already swim for 45 minutes every other week at a doggy pool that has warm water. That's really fun!!!!
My woman said this place has a pool but it isn't for fun. If they say I need more swimming, I would go there during the weeks I don't go to the fun pool. The vet place takes half the time to get to.

My woman said we'll be there for 2 hours so I hope I don't get bored!

My woman is getting nervous and obsessing over the paperwork we need to take. I think she's happy with what she's printed out to take. She printed it and put it in a big envelope tonight!

She says we have to go to my old vet clinic, the one where our favorite vet works, and pick up some x-rays. We are going to go on a Monday because that's the day the vet works. That way I can give her all kinds of doggy kisses!




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