A Day In the Life of Chance

I Was Abducted By Aliens At The Vet Office!

February 5th 2011 3:35 pm
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So January 31 I became the victim of an alien abduction while at the vet office! I remember being fine when I got there then the vet gave me a shot that really stung. I started to get sleepy.
I remember bright lights and voices! There was anal probing and things that made whirring sounds. When I woke up, I was missing some fur on my side and had some stitches!
I called the FBI and asked for agent Mulder. They said he wasn't real. Obviously it's a conspiracy!
Trust no one! The truth is out there!

On Jan. 31, Chance had a small lump removed from her shoulder. Her vet felt it was a papilloma but we had it sent out for testing anyway. Those results came back today and it was just a papilloma with clean margins so it won't grow back.

Chance also had either another UTI or the same one from November. We had a culture done to make sure the right antibiotic was used. We asked for a longer antibiotic course so Chance will be taking Baytril for 3 weeks instead of just 10 days.

Her vet also noticed she has a mildly recessed vulva and wanted us to see a specialist, have her bladder scoped and probably have vulva surgery to correct this.
Yesterday, we saw another vet who has done 3 of those surgeries for a 2nd opinion. After reviewing her records and looking at her vulva, he didn't see a need for anything other than keeping her vulva clean. She also got a little bikini trim to help her vulva get more air. She's a very hairy dog!




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