A Day In the Life of Chance

Moisture Is Falling From the Sky!!!

August 31st 2010 1:23 pm
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I think I remember what that stuff coming down outside is called! Rain, I think!!! It hasn't rained here since I went to Montana. Maybe now I can start digging for gophers again. My people say it's been too dry because getting a nose full of the dusty-dry dirt aggravates my allergies.

I've been playing with my Dogster pal Solace a lot lately. She's really cool. My best friend's people are out of town so I don't get to play much with him because the people taking care of him are afraid to let him off leash.

I got a blackberry thorn stuck in my paw pad yesterday and it hurt. My man had a hard time getting it out and when it finally came out, he made it bleed so it would wash anything out that shouldn't be there. I had a spruce needle poke me a couple of months ago and got an abscess from stuff that got left behind.

I helped build a door for the new workshop and am going to help build the storage shed that attaches to the side of the house this weekend because my people have a 4-day weekend.




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