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Big Changes At My House

July 28th 2010 11:51 pm
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So we went on a long trip to Montana at the end of last month - gone 16 nights! I got to run in the mountains, swim and play in the snow every day - sometimes twice a day! There was so much snow that my lakes were still frozen and we had to hike over 3 to 6 feet of snow to get to them!!! My man said he's never seen so much snow that late. And it snowed on us 3 times too! I saw lots of deer and a cougar!

When we got home my squirrel tree in the front yard was gone and all that was left were big hunks of wood. My woman says the tree broke while we were gone and part of it hit the neighbors' house. Their house is OK. My people say that since the tree is gone they're going to fence in the front yard so my friends and I can play safely out front and they're going to make it so we can run from the back yard to the front yard too! They've promised to plant me a new squirrel tree.

A couple of days ago some people came and did some stuff in my back yard. Yesterday they came back and poured concrete. My people say they're going to build 2 sheds to replace 2 sheds that are already there. 1 shed will be torn out and they are going to put in a water feature there and try to make it something that I can play in! I really like to play in water.

I forgot to tell everyone that I met my Dogster pal Dixie while we were in Montana. My woman and Dixie's woman know each other from another online site and Facebook.

In the past week or so I found out that my Dogster pal Solace, we play together a lot in the park, lives on the same street I do! Her woman was out in her yard doing some work so I had to go give her kisses and Solace got to come out and play!




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