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Caddy`s adventures through puppyhood ♥

Becomming Caddy =]

March 22nd 2010 6:59 pm
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This won`t exactly be a diary entry about Caddy,but more about how we came to get her. To be completely honest, just a few months ago I never thought we would have adopted our new pup. You see, I had a best friend of the dog breed for nearly ten years. Sophie was her name,and she was a beautiful,large red pomeranien. She was given to us by a lady down the road when I was six years old,and she was about a year old. I could have never asked for a better pooch,and friend then that dog. Although,sadly, on October of 2009, Sophie passed away in my arms. Her cause of death is swill unknown,but we are pretty shure she was bitten by a snake now. Although we had a wonderful 9 years behinde us, I was just absolutely devistated,and needless to say,pretty depressed the next two weeks.

Still,I pushed myself to realiaze that sophie had a wonderful life,and that she would want me to bring another four legged member into the family. The next two weeks were spent talking to my mother about where and what type of dog we wanted now. And it was instantly a no brainer that we wanted to rescue one of our favorite breeds, the Great Dane. We found a wonderful rescue group near us,filled out an application,and were cleared for adoption. We corrosponded to the owner of the rescue for about 3 months through email,who always gave us updated to new dogs she had comming in. We were pretty set on rescuing an older dane from there. only we hit a few road bumps that ended our great dane adoption.

Unfortunately,we didn`t get back hardly any of the money we should have in tax returnes, which was suppose to pay for the $300 adoption fee,and the $250 custom doghouse we would have had to build. Sadly,we had to let the owner know that we wern`t going to be able to adopt after all. I wasent completely dissapointed though,because I knew all the danes there would never be euthenised,and would find loving homes.

I then started my search on petfinder. Looking for dogs around a year old who were at local shelters. After a months searching,I started to get a bit discouraged.
My mother decided to cheer me up and told me that we would be swinging by the humane society to see what they had. Which of course made me happy,but I had already seen most of thier dogs on petfinder.

We got to the humane society,and asked to see thier larger dogs. They currently only had two medium sized labs. I laughed a little bit,and told the lady "By larger we ment..well you see...we were oroginally going to adopt a Great Dane." She laughed and said "0ooh! That big? Well,I have some puppies who will get pretty big!". We wern`t too shure of a puppy,since we were looking for an older dog,but we went ahead and followed along anyway. As we walked into the puppy room,I started to walk down the isle and scanned through the kennels. Nothing I was very intrested in. And then my eyes just looked over to the last kennel,and there was Caddy. It was love at first sight =]. And everything is pretty much history from there!

Also on a positive note, Because we adopted caddy, we influenced my brother and his girlfriend to check out the shelter,since they were looking for a pup aswell. The day after we adopted Caddy my brother and his gf adopted a little lab/border collie cross whom they named Sadie =]. We also influenced my trainer to check the shelter,because they too were supprisingly looking for a dog. Two days later they adopted a beautiful 8month old dobe girl. All from the same place! Don`t you just love positive chain reactions?


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