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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

Reportin' On Our Corner Of The Prairie

October 7th 2012 10:13 am
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Interesting week around here...We had real RAIN,then snow. Not once but twice.
We woke up to a white covering Saturday,but melted off,when it hit 48.

The only fall jobs we managed this week were to clean and inventory
2 freezers. Now, I really wanted to Help with this. I thought, I could snag
a package of meat and haul it off for snacking. Nope! Gma wouldn't
let me go to the basement where the meatz freezer is... I thought,
she was crazy when she took all the vegetables out of the freezer in
the sunroom. Threw them on the floor,mixed them up and put them back!
What's was up with that? She said, she didn't want to unload the freezer
every time she needed the vegetable she was serving us.

The flower pots we cleaned up and hauled into the sunroom before
the cold nights of 20 are blooming their butts off! After we had to strip alot
of foliage due to the hail on them in August. Once again,
the red geraniums are very pretty. The asparagus ferns are recovering
from the barn kitties curling up and sleeping in the pots.
Really smashed and broken up.
If we can keep them alive all winter,
they will go back outside in the spring.

Gpa was dragging telephone poles around with the tractor and a chain.
He cut them off and used them for poles in the corral,where the
old heifer shed collapsed and was removed. Now he can fill that
area in with corral. Keeping the calves from wandering where
they shouldn't go! A bunch of calves were out, 1 calf got too close
to Gma AND I went into protect mode....I yapped and barked and ran
the calf away.... WHILE Gma screamed Mazy Stand! She said, that
500 pound calf would Kick me and hurt me! I didn't think, the calf Looked so Tough!
I DID Stop the pursuit as I was told too!

Gpa had a birthday this week. He had roasted pork,mashed potatoes,
broccoli, baked Italian bread,baked apples and cake(not chocolate)
I had some spuds,roast,apples and cake...I thought his birthday
supper was Delish! Gpa turned 6 and 2! He made out like a Bandit!
He has a new vermin rifle,gift cards for new fishing stuff,
some for his favorite restaurants and some money for whatever he wants.
I'll be 6 in July...I sure Hopes my 6 is a Jackpot birthday.
Can I start making my list of pressies now???????????

Last weekend it was in the 80's and the temperatures fell this week
all the way to 20. They went fishing and caught 12 pikes. Gma
said, 8 more packages of fish to the freezer and they could have
fish, twice a month all year long. Gma caught herself in rocks
and water grasses and lost 4 full sets of tackle. When they go fishing
without the grand kids, Gpa said, I can go and see what happens....
He thinks, I'll stick real close to them. Not sniff and follow the
many deer tracks at the lake. Gma isn't so sure about that. A doxie
follows their snout! I guess, if I don't behave,I'll have to be on
a very long leash or sit in the pick-up and wait. I'm not a swimmer
like Angel Foxie was.....No fear of me trying to swim off by myself!

We have a Ga-Zillion sticks and leaves on the ground. Need to start
cleaning them up. Gma has been dragging her paws on this,since her
shoulder and hip are giving her fits. They won't clean themselves up,
so we have to get going on this. We have 1 young gal to help but it is a huge job.
Gpa has the garden cleaned off and all dug up for next year.
He has to add cattle poop to the garden. He took the fence
down so we can make it larger. We need enough room to run a tiller
between all the rows. This will reduce the weeding chore for Gma.

Kenzie played her last basketball game this week. They lost this time.
They played well, but the ball just wouldn't go into the hoop. It
rolled around and fell off.....The other gals could shoot anything and it went in...
Kenzie has started her new quilt for 4-H. She sure
does a nice job! Maybe, she will make me a tiny quilt? Jax's has
been fishing,golfing and helping his Daddy harvest the last of the sunflowers.

Friday Gma's ice maker and water dispenser on the new fridge were
finally repaired. Only been down for 2 months......Yesterday, this
very nice lady came to my house and fixed a rock chip on Gma's
windshield. She fussed over me and held me and I sure liked her!
Last year, this same day we had 2 other chips fixed. Isn't that weird?

I spent alot of time sitting on the heat vent in the kitchen with all
the cold weather this week. I wore my sweater when I went outside.
I didn't spend much time out there...I wasn't impressed with the
colder temperatures. Neither was Gma! It is suppose to warm up
this next week. We sure hope so.....The weather tore up Gma's
shoulder and hip so badly. She couldn't work in the yard or do
the canning. We did the regular stuff to keep the place in the loop.
We played with my stuffies alot.

I'm spending time today catching up with what all my pals
have been up to. Maybe, I can zoom around to some of my groups?
Precious is demanding some Puter time too.... FAT CAT
has to WAIT! I moved into this furmily before she did...I have
Have a Blessed Week Everyone,Mazy


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Barked by: HarleyDavidson THD, CGC (Dogster Member)

October 7th 2012 at 12:12 pm

No snow here Mazy but it went from 80 to the high 30's and mom is feeling the wet and cold also. Today we are just being lazy. Mom is talking herself into cleaning flower pots to put in the shed. Gonna be busy this coming week. Monday afternoon I go to help evaluate a new therapy dog, in the evening to visit DHS kids at a school, Tuesday a hospital visit, Wednesday I go see my autistic kids at their school and Thursday to the big hospital for more visits. I will be glad to see Friday! Take good care of Gma and glad you got to eat some of Gpa's birthday dinner.
Barked by: Amazing Grace (Dogster Member)

October 7th 2012 at 1:49 pm

HD- I'm so proud to call you pal! So busy helping others who need your visits. Have a Blessed week...tell Momma you deserve extra Treats for such a busy work and travel schedule. Kiss Sophie Claire for me too...... We've been just trying to catch up on correspondence today. Did make 55, so I went without my sweater and followed Gpa for an hour. Then I was pooped out!
Gma is draggin' butt and being really LAZY today.... tons of kisses,travel safely to your jobs,mazy
Barked by: Tyler (Dogster Member)

October 7th 2012 at 4:59 pm

Snow?! We're hearing more and more of our pals reporting they've had snow already. We love the stuff, but mum not so much so she hopes we don't get any this year BOL. Your Granpawrents are always so busy. You live a really fun life Mazy! :)
Barked by: ✨ Whitley ✨ (Dogster Member)

October 8th 2012 at 12:00 am

Snows? We hasn't had dat yet, but it did feel like fall for the first time this weekend, with temps in da 50s.
Barked by: Abigail "In Loving Memory" (Dogster Member)

October 8th 2012 at 4:23 pm

i just want to say i lub reading your diary entries! i feel like i'm right there with ya (but laying down of course!!). thanks so much for sharing your family activities, we are a boring house for sure, compared to the fun you gets!!!

see ya, Abi

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