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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures


August 5th 2012 8:09 am
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There is a stress overload at our house. Gpa has had major equipment breakdowns. 2 times this past week on the baler. The tractor for the baler won't shift gears. What Gpa was told to do, didn't work! Now the tractor has to go to a shop for repair. Gpa has to keep
changing tractors to mow,rake and bale hay. He is now working on CRP
that were released due to drought. Can either be used for haying or grazing. Should have been released weeks ago when the quality was
much better. Quality and quantity of hay doesn't look great. If,
they have to sell part of the herd...They are too old to rebuild
the herd again.

Had a couple tiny little rains and we are grateful. The pastures
perked up a little. The last sprinkle of .35" just settled the dust.
Gma is going to try and mow all the shaggy junk today,while she
doesn't have to eat the dust and dirt. Last time around she coughed dirt for 3 days. Her allergies when crazy. We have vegetables to pick and take care of tomorrow. Spent a day on big cleaning and another on laundry.

A little break in the temperatures for 5 days since last post. The garden production went up 50%. Heat returned it took a nose dive!
Then a quick cold front rolled through from Canada and it was in 60's yesterday. This morning, I thought I needed a coat! It was 48!Wow,
where did that come from???? Today we return to the high 80's.
Yesterday it was in the 90's. A shower is rolling through. Hope it is more than 15 drops........

Gma thought the diseased sweet corn would yield nothing. We ended
up with a 3 gal bucket after husking out of 3 short rows of early stuff. Will blanch and freeze. We had our 1st. tomatoes yesterday. Delish! I discovered, I like raw fresh corn! I chewed on a small
piece while we worked. The Coons didn't get it. May have some out of the late corn. Depends on the weather,insects and coons.

Somehow with our LEMON stove, we managed to freeze our vegetables
this past week. A 2nd call was put in for the stove. Waiting and waiting...Repairman called and ask questions. Same guy as 1st. time.
Said, there was nothing else he could do for the stove. Gas man
told us, the stove was getting too much air.(burners) Can't control flames on low,med or high. We tried the broiler the night it rained.
Cooked 1 side and 1/2 way through 2nd. side the broiler flames went
out! Gas smell burned Gma's eyes and finished steaks in electric
fry pan. Also threw grease all over the interior of the stove!
Now Gma is ANGRY!!!!!!!!

All of June and 1/2 of July without a fridge on the main floor.
Brand new steel fridge and stove. Fridge working but needs a
piece that was damaged in delivery. Stove has new issues everyday!
After the broiler thingy........Not using it! All of July and part of August without a stove that works correctly.

Off to Sears after phone calls to management. The manager was very
decent and gave us options. Refund on the other stove.....
We have now decided to switch to electric stove. This also cost Gma
even more money on the stove and service contract. Plus an electrician to put a 220 line in. We changed brands of stove. We ended up with
a model with a small and large oven. Now Gma has to adapt to the
electric. Has to be less of a hassle than a stove that doesn't work.
New stove is due in our house on Thursday 9th. Now Gma has spent
the price of another steer,by the time you add the electrician bill!
Lord, let this Nightmare end soon!

Also the cell phone isn't working properly. The hot water heater needs
replacing. The thunderstorm blew some big branches down for extra yardwork.

Gma spent many hours finding and arranging a trip to her parents.
She will go right after Labor Day. The price there was reasonable.
The hassles of arranging travel times that work coming and going.
The arrangements for transportation once in Indianapolis. She is
still 100m from her parents. Rides a bus for 2 hrs. and then another hour after her sister picks her up in Lafayette. Makes for very long
travel days. Gma is not trying to drive in a city of 2.5 million people. She doesn't drive in tiny Bismarck anymore. Due to neck mobility and leg and foot cramps and spasms.

Gma's Daddy is home,new cardiac meds and stable. He has to have some tests when they can be arranged. He isn't a candidate for another open heart surgery. He had 6 bypasses in 2001 and aorta replaced in 07.
He's is 80 and other health issues. If, he has anymore episodes
pop up, Gma will go there sooner. It was helpful that Gma's Aunt was there the past 2 weeks. A little support for Gma's Mom. She is
tough strong lady of 87 yrs. young. All in the attitude!

Everyday just blends and blurs into the next one. Gpa and Gma only know what day it is by the calendar on the cabinet. The Coons were back and messed in the corn but didn't get the good stuff. Gma had it already!
The naughty stinkers picked a ripe tomato, chewed on it and left it!
I enjoyed the sniffing of Coons today, while Gma picked a few beans to process. Yesterday it was sweet corn, cucumbers and the squash. The job and the clean of mess took all day. We did manage our laundry the last 2 days.

Gma is babysitting for a Grandma friend tomorrow. I've never had a little baby in the house. She is 3 months old... Also the other
child is autistic. A family funeral,130 m away isn't an easy trip with these 2 kids. If, I'm not Good and I yap and scare the baby....I have to spend the day in the Sun-room by myself...... I don't know, if I like babysitting or not??????? I'll fill ya'll in later.
Hugs and kisses,Mazy

BTW- any pals know why the print set up is so funny on my diary???
No time to change it.... Sorry it is hard to read.


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Barked by: ♥ DarlaMae ♥ (Dogster Member)

August 7th 2012 at 8:41 pm

Oh AMzin Gracie that is too much stress is right.:(( We are amping up the PAw & prayers for you all. You might like the little ones & sitting nice beats the sunroom alone. They do Smell good & usually have goodies to share,bol. I do not play perse but I am gentle and like to watch them and be near them when our Grand nephew comes over. he is now 4 & keeps trying to get me to fetch,even shows me how bless him. Stay strong and Take care{{{Gma,GPa,Gracie and family}}}. Hugs & POkes, Darla & fam xoxoxo

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