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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures


July 22nd 2012 8:53 am
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- Hi there pals-
Can't believe that July is almost gone,
WOWZER,where did it go????????????????

We have been busy,busy busy!!!!!!!!!!!
spr aying for pests,fertilizing and
processing the garden. Giving the perennials
water,too. All the lilies are blooming
much earlier than normal.

We have froze broccoli, cauliflower,
yellow crook neck and zucchini squash.
We have swiss chard,more squash and
broccoli and cauliflower to do tomorrow.

We pick slicing cucumbers every other day,
as well as checking other vegetables. We
are waiting for enough finger sized cucumbers
to make baby kosher dill pickles.

We are still having bean and pepper problems.
We are constantly chasing aphids on peppers.
Only 3 plants out of the 1st. beans made
it. We don't know why? Possible bad seed,
the hard rain after planting or the week
of cold temperatures when we planted. The
ants stole some seeds....We replanted 2 times.
Last planting looks pretty good,but not
producing yet. The 1st. 3 plants, we picked
12 whole beans on Saturday. Gma never saw
this happen.... Usually a ton of them!

Corn is tasseled and setting ears. Both
on early and late corn. Tomatoes are loaded
and growing fast. The beans planted in
the stock tank with squash and peppers
look good but the squash are running over
them. Who knows??????? We have baby cantaloupe
and hope the growing season will be long
enough for them.

Carrots and onions are doing well. The
last of radishes and lettuce had to be
pulled up. The extreme HEAT made them bolt
and go to seed prematurely. Parsnips are
slow growers but coming along. 2nd.seeding,
planted more swallow and more came up.

We are planting a 2nd. crop of radish
and assorted lettuces this next week.
Those will provide for us through
August and September. The potato
plants like the tomatoes are HUGE!
All 40 hills did come up......Tons of
tomatoes on the vines. Should have
plenty of spuds,too!

We bought jars and a new hot water
bath canner. Planning on making dill
pickles,bread and butter pickles,
salsa, spaghetti sauce, stewed tomatoes
and regular canned tomatoes.

We have marinated cucumbers in the fridge.
Sauteed bacon,red onion and swiss chard.
It was delish! We ate the swiss chard in
our salad greens until plants were large.
Will have chard until it frosts. We grilled
little crook necks. We fried zucchini with
onions in olive oil. Fresh steamed vegetables
are the very best........

The broccoli,cauliflower and red cabbage are
doing well. Gma had never tried to grow these
vegetables before. We have kept them dusted
not had problems with cutworms. They are
caused by those pretty white and yellow
butterflies who lay eggs on those plants.

Despite the extreme HEAT..the garden is
doing well. We pulled and drug hoses
until we are blue in the snout! Keeping the
garden moist. As soon as the temps. soared,
we started watering by flooding the ground
around the plants. Plan on building a PVC
pipe type irrigation system for next year.
Also making a list of other vegetables
we want to plant.

Watering from the ground keeps the heat
stress on plants down. However, Gma is a
muddy piggy when done!!!! It takes her all
day to water the whole garden. Gpa is a dry
piggy from the raking and baling of hay!
Then they holler at me, "Not to roll in
something,I think, smells yummy!"

Since it has been so very HOT....Finally
reached at temp. range, the TAR Baby doesn't
care for. The 95 and up,I don't want to
TOAST AND ROAST! I have on a regular basis
bales on Gma,the yard,ranch yard mowing.
As well as the garden watering,weeding and
picking! The barn kitties go lay in Gma's
damp flowerbeds...Then she yells at me,when
I want to poke in there to have those kitties
come out and play. We carry buckets of
water All over the place for all those CATS!
Can you believe it?
Too HOT for

July 6th., 1.85" and July 19th. .50" of rain.
Badly needed,as the hay ground and pastures
are very dry! Many of our neighbors are
harvesting small grain crops like: oats,barley,
rye and winter wheat. The hay isn't as
plentiful as we would like. Don't know if,
we will have enough????

BTW- We had a terrible time finding out garden pictures
in the puter. Finally did......Then realized that the garden
has grown tons since then! So going out later today
to take new pictures. Will try and load them into
my diary or my page. There was doggie fleas today,
trying to load a couple birthday pics. Couldn't load
my pics of my new toys....I can say, the squeakers are
holding up in my elephant,monkey and beaver.

Catch ya later.... Gma is washing clothes. She has
vegetables to pick and chocolate chip cookies to bake.
As much as she hates the mess the 60 yr. old cottonwoods
make for her year round. Our central air doesn't kick on
until about 5 p.m. the ceiling fans keep the house in the
70's during the day. Even with baking the temp. in kitchen
only goes up 2 degrees. considering the 80's,90's and 100's is very COOL! Hottest day this past week was 104!
hugs and kisses,mazy


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