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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Our talk about Working Dogs at my son's primary school

October 25th 2012 9:11 am
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Lone Star was wonderful today working as my Mobility Assistance Dog at my son's primary school. We did a talk about Working Dogs with his class and were invited back for a presentation on Hanukkah to the kids.

She was a champion! She got a "Golden Scroll" for being such a good learner. I'll scan it later. My husband and I got "Golden Scrolls" too for our talk.

She was very smooth in the walk. My husband took some video. Can't wait to play it back. She lay under my legs at the school and allowed strokes when the kids wanted. At one point my son accidently stood on her tail and the teacher looked worried but Star ignored him.

To be fair she was a little worried till we got into the classroom. They had to get the kids ready and I was standing for a few minutes with my legs shaking. My husband went off to find me a chair and Star whined till I was seated.

We went up hill on the way home. I never dared try that with Icy. Star was very smooth and paced herself with me. She noticed things for me and stopped me from walking into a cross walk when a car had not stopped yet.

Very good day. My son's teacher even said she saw a change since the last time she saw Star for the Parent Night. :)

I saw film of someone else's dog they are training and she had this pointer stick that clicks to point to things till the dog knows the name of what she's after. I am going to get one of those. Star is a workaholic and is soaking up everything I can teach her like a sponge. That's why I think adding the Therapy Dog work to this would be good for her. Application about ready to go in the mail.


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