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Icy and I at the Outlet Stores

December 11th 2011 7:46 am
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Had a very frigid day out at Stirling Mills Outlet Mall last weekend. Dave got the one pair of shoes big enough for him and they were only £15. Adidas ones with super comfy souls too. We had a muffin at a cafe. Icy came with us into the Nike shop, Adidas, a toilet, that cafe and a long bus ride. In between it was like an outside mall. He was marvellous. Jason was not. It was cold and he wanted to go home. So I guess it was good in that we got the shoes, I got some exercise, and Icy got some experience.

My fears of him not looking professional enough seem to be ungrounded. Once again, no one took one side look at the big guy from any staff. A lot of comments on him but all good. It was a new place, so he was watching everything but no problem attention. He must have looked proper for those big name stores to have let us in. We had to talk to the staff at both shoe stores to find out if they had Dave's size (it's like a 15 US). Not one look or manager walk by.

It might well be my last time out on my two legs for this winter. Though we are going to try to get out our usual Monday meeting tomorrow morning. If it's not to icy or there is no snow. Looks promising today....

On the way home from the doctor yesterday, Dave and Jason were talking. Icy is a "helper dog" because he can go into shops and things. They decided Star was a "hinderence dog" as she's Icy's opposite. :)


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