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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Icy goes to my 5 year old's class

November 8th 2011 11:33 am
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I did some drawings of how Icy helps me for my 5 year old son's class. They teacher showed them to the kids and they talked about them. The class was very favourable and his teacher was all praise. As a result of the drawings, I mostly answered questions about his fur and things about him as a dog rather than his job. I didn't expect that at all! It was cute!!

Icy was perfectly at ease in front of about 15-20 students. He just wanted his muzzle off! There was also an older kid with autism (I think) who was lead in and gave Icy a good massage. All the kids gave Icy pats, kisses and hugs.

Some of the older kids that saw him in the hall thought Icy was a polar bear!

When we left, we went to the playground (it has wood chips on the ground) and Icy had many a good roll and pushed his snout into the muck trying to get the muzzle off. He seemed to have a good time, and I was sitting down, so I let him get on with it. It was funny!

He was totally relaxed and because he knew the path to the school, he even reminded me of the opening in the wall to the school. I had walked right past it! There were a lot of leaves on the ground and I slipped three times but Icy was there to be my solid support.


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