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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Mobility Harness has Arrived for Icy

September 8th 2011 3:27 am
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Icy got his proper Mobility Harness. It's like horse tack. It's got thick wool on the chest strap and under the "saddle" bit in the middle. It's stamped "Service Dog" in the leather. The handle is really sturdy, so if I need support I can use it. It heavy but lighter than what Icy had been carrying in his pack so he wasn't bothered. He knew when he saw the box that it was for him. Mom got an extention to the main handle in case he was lower than I thought, which he isn't. But its good because if i needed to, I could use the gear on another shorter dog. We also got a had leather handle that clips on to the many clips on the harness, for Jason to use.

Last night he stood "ready" for a half hour while I walked around him and took photos. He knows that when his gear is on that he is to be still. I think the first thing I am going to teach him is how to help me up. I think I will lie down on the floor (near a table or couch for help) and then say "Help Up". I want him to lie next to me with the handle or stand and let me use him for my left hand and the table for my right to get up. I think that if we practice enough that if I have a fall outside he will know what to do.

Thursday is out "taking the dogs out day" so we'll try it later today. We'll see how Star preforms for Dave because she might need a Halti with her.

Hopefull photos of video to follow.


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