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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Practice in the House

June 20th 2011 9:00 am
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My balance is a lot better with my new leg splint so I have started today walking the dogs around our living room with their packs on. Star has 1 kg of weight (spread between sides) in her's to start and Icy had 3 kg. They were both happy and very attentive. They both waited on my steps without being told and sat when I stopped. This was with the dog I wasn't walking loose as a diversion. I was very happy with Star as she was so excited to go first! I expected what I got from Icy as he's had years of my training.

I was going to make another slide show but I can't work out how right now. So there are the photos. I plan to do five minutes everyday each with them and then take them out back and finally go out with Dave. Afterward I did the dishes and the three of us went shopping in Lidel and then walked around it to the house.

I feel tired and sore but not overly so. I hope to keep this up everyday.

Icy looks like such a bear right now. And I think that's his Summer coat. I feel sorry for the big boy.


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