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Audrey: A day in the life of a princess

the big 2 (birthday that is)

October 29th 2011 5:02 pm
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Well, my big day came and went and it was lots of fun. Mommy and auntie got me a cake and I shared it with my cousins, paw paw and auntie. I get to do whatever I want; that means playing and napping and getting lots of love from mommy and auntie. I feel very special and am officially a big girl now that I am 2!! Hugs and kisses to all. Ta ta for now.


my 1 year old birthday

November 10th 2010 4:45 pm
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hello to all my friends and family!!! well, my 1st birthday was such fun! mommy stayed home and i got to do whatever i want and eat what ever i want. my favorite food is peanut butter, so mommy gave me my fav. treats (pea-mutt butter bones, yummy) all day long. Of course, I shared them with my cousins casanova and merckx and my auntie angel. Mommy smothered me with lots of kisses and hugs all day because she says I am her bestest girl. Auntie calls me her "favorite redhead". Mommy says her favorite days are my birthday (sept. 10th) and the day she brought me to my forever home (nov. 18th) with my aunties, cousins and paw-paw. It was such a celebration, i had to rest before it was over. Mommy calls it my "beauty sleep", but i just call it a nap. Talk to you again soon. Before too long, it will be turkey day and I will be looking forward to lots of tasty treats. Until then, Ta ta for now everyone!!!


almost 1 year old

August 22nd 2010 9:19 am
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Hi everyone. My name is Audrey Jewel. My mommy says she named me for her favorite actress Audrey hepburn and Jewel is in honor of my sister ruby. I love to chew anything and everything, even the C-A-T. I love to play with my cousin casanova and my auntie angel, even though she is a lab. I am my auntie's best girl when mommy goes to work. Then I am papa's sleeping buddy when he takes his afternoon naps. When mommy gets home, I gets very excited and I wag my tail so hard my butt wiggles. Mommy sits down and lets me give her a proper hello, kisses and smooches galore. Mommy says I will be 1 year old in a couple weeks. Mommy says she is going to stay home from work and we can do what ever I want. I think, don't I do that already. Her and my auntie will maybe get me a cake that I can share with everyone. Will keep you posted on the birthday festivities. Tata for now!!!

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