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Days in the Life of a Pommy Princess!

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I saw snow for the first time!

October 31st 2006 4:58 am
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Mum took me to Tasmania on the plane and it was snowing! I got to play in the snow with Grandma's dogs Maddsion and Odie, I got snowballs stuck to my fur! It was so much fun! I played catch the snowball with mum - she would throw a little snowball in the air and I would jump up and catch it! Lucky mum didn't shave off all my fur before we went! Its supposed to be spring here! Snow in spring is quite unusual I'm told!

If you copy and paste you can see some other pictures of me in the snow! owgem14.jpg 10snowgem12.jpg zma/10snowgem5.jpg lcozma/10snowgem7.jpg 9/alcozma/10snowgem8.jpg

I'm going to try and put a movie of my fun in the snow on dogster tomorrow!
Fluffy Puppy Hugs


Wow I haven't updated for ageeeeesssssssss

March 11th 2006 6:59 pm
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Wow its been some time since the last update!
I'm so happy today I went swimming in the ocean, I love to swim which mummy thinks is funny because I'm such a small lil thing (thats what she says anyway - I think she is just so tall it makes me look small!!!)
When mummy walks down to the water I go with her and walk straight in and start swimming, I dont need to be asked twice! I love the ocean so much! Its not cold and its very easy to swim and float around in the salty water.... although its not so good when it gets in my mouth or my nose!
I have a little boogie board which I stand on and sometimes I can surf on a wave. Mummy let me float away a little bit and a big wave knocked me off the boogie board! I was a bit scared because my head went under water but I got back up on the boogie board for some more fun!

I want to link to some pictures which you can copy and paste to open up a picture of me swimming in the ocean! I hope you like them! 005.jpg AA024.jpg /AAA018.jpg LJ/AAA012.jpg


I was so excited.....

August 12th 2005 3:35 pm
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I was so excited when mummy Carly came home from her big trip in America that I forgot to update!!! Mum had so much fun there but she said she missed me a lot and wished I was able to go with her and meet her friends! She went to Petsmart - which we don't have here in Australia - and got some really nice books about me and she got a special car booster seat so I can see out of the window without mummy worrying I will slide around and hurt myself! I haven't tested it out yet but it looks like fun! Now the one thing she got which I'm not too fond of is the cheerleader hair... I will post a picture of it - I look like a cabbage patch doll (well thats what someone else said - but its true!!!) Ok well I'm going to have a nap now infront of the heater - its cold here in Aussie - Grandma said it was snowing at her house! I want to see snow - maybe mum will take me for a drive to see some..... Sniff you later pup pals *fluffy puppy hugs*


Muma Carly has been gone for so long

July 7th 2005 10:33 am
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Muma Carly has left me :( Muma Nat tells me she has gone to visit a friend a long way away.... I really wanted to go to - I love new friends... But Muma Nat would be lonely so I am staying at home and looking after her. Since Muma Carly has been gone I've been a little bit naughty - I was upset she wasn't around so I did a pee pee on the rug - I never do that but I was confused and upset and I couldn't help it....
I also helped myself to some food in the cupboard - I learnt to open the door - oh dear I have to try and behave myself but it's not easy... I seem to want to be naughty at the moment - hurry back Muma Carly I need some of your discipline - Muma Nat is too cute when she is angry with me ;)


Long Time No Speak!

June 4th 2005 2:37 pm
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Wow sorry diary - I haven't said anything to you for a long time! So much has been happening! Mummy Nat's Mum came to stay with me from Indonesia! She had lil toes that were always just at the right level for me to attack - so attack those little toes I did - until Nat's Mum would giggle at me and shooo me away!

Guess what! I got to sleep on the bed! Wow I'm so lucky and I love it! It's so warm and snuggly - Mummy Carly said it was getting cold and she was worried about me being cold - *puppy giggle* - little does she know my super warm double coat means there is no chances of that! But I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!

I've been going running with Mummy Carly! I started off with a little run because Mummy wanted to see how my leg handled it - but now we go for a propper run! I love it! My leg loves it! I'm getting so strong - sometimes Mummy Carly has to run faster because I get so excited and just want to run and run! It's so much fun!

Time to go and lay infront of the favourite thing to do - fluffy puppy hugs to you all!


They shaved my side!

April 24th 2005 12:38 am
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I had to go to the vet again....
Mummy Nat dropped me off there and they gave me a 'calm me down' needle....
When I woke up the fur was all shaved on my side and there are lil stitches there - I felt really I was walking on the clouds....and my lil vampire tooth is missing - it was there when I went to sleep but when I woke up it was gone...
Somethings different in my ears!
(Mummy Carly:In Australia they put a little tattoo in the dogs ear when it has been de-sexed so it is easy to identify)
And my nails are shorter! Hmmmmmm everytime I go to the vet something wierd seems to happen - at least they didn't bandage up my leg again!
Mum says I have to rest, I did for the first day, but now I feel like I have lots of energy and I want to run around and play with my new monkey toy! Mum keeps saying shhhhhh and trying to make me rest..... I think I better do what she says and make her happy....
Time to have a rest with mum - I like laying in her arms wrapped up in a blanket - it is nice and warm - makes me feel sleepy *yawn*
Mummy said you can write me emails now - I have my very own email address and I'll even write back to you:
Here are some links to some new pictures too: eep3.jpg emrest.jpg /gemmyop.jpg


Wierd face glass things!

April 2nd 2005 7:08 pm
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Mum has a new sofa - I'm not allowed on it *pout* but she also has a new rug which she cant keep me off! It's big and soft - I love to lay on it !! I was laying on the new rug quietly when suddenly mum grabs me and puts this funny thing on my nose, it was like everything changed colour suddenly! And then there is a flash in my eyes! I protested and rolled around so she couldn't do it again.... so you know what she did? She put me on her knee and put some dark glass things on my face and this time I could see Mummy Nat taking pictures of me with her magic flash machine! Mummy says everyone can look at them here- ies.jpg m2.jpg .jpg pg jpg
the last picture is me laying on the new rug - the fur on my leg is growing back from my operation - my leg feels really good, I can walk on it all the time now and run around and jump (I jumped on the new sofa but had to get down) So I am well on the way to being the Gemma of old!!!
Lick you Later Pup Pals *slurpy kiss*


My Bandage is OFF!

March 17th 2005 2:59 am
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I'm so happy, my bandage came off yesterday!

Mummy took me to the vet and I had to sit really still while they cut the bandage off... I wasn't sure about it all but I got a lot of cuddles, snuggles and re-assuring words to distract me while the vet cut it off - one minute mum is cuddling me and telling me what a good girl I am - and the next minute my leg feels a bit cooler and Mum is putting me on the floor to have a walk!

My leg felt so light when the bandage was off I lifted my leg way up in the air beside me like a ballerina! I walked along with my leg up in the air and Mummy and the Vet were giggling at me! After so long with the bandage on it feels a bit strange now it's off! Mummy showed me the bandage and I had a little sniff at it - there was something that smelt like blood - I think it was my blood inside the bandage!

Mum took me home and let me have a walk around, but then she made me wear the cone head again - she doesn't understand I really want to clean my leg where the bandage was. I haven't cleaned it in so long and it feels dirty and strange! The cone head I have to wear now is even bigger than the old one! It's so heavy I can hardly lift my head up!

Mummy said some pictures of me with the bandage off are here: aofff.jpg gemmoff.jpg
Mummy says I have a little chicken leg with a furry bootie!


I've lost my first Baby Tooth!

March 12th 2005 9:30 pm
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Latnight Mummy Carly was cleaning up in 'our' bedroom (I sleep in a little pen beside Mum's bed). I smiled at Mummy Carly and she noticed that my lower tooth was sticking out of my mouth sideways! I have been licking at it with my tongue and its all wobbly!

Mummy Carly put me on the sofa and put her finger in my mouth and wiggled my tooth herself! She grabbed it with her fingers and pulled on it but it wouldn't come out! Then Mummy Nat (Mummy Carly's house mate) came in and tried to pull it out too! Boy they really wanted my tooth! All they ended up with was my slobber all over their fingers!

I don't need a wobbly tooth - I tried to tell them they can have it if only they would stop opening my mouth and shoving their fingers inside! They took some pictures of my wobbly tooth - this is a link to the picture: opy.jpg! When they weren't looking I went into the laundry and wiggled the tooth with my tongue and made it fall out! I spat it out and left it there on the floor....

Mummy Carly put me to bed with out looking in my mouth again and when she woke me up in the morning she looked in my mouth and was shocked to see my tooth was gone! I heard her tell Mummy Nat that she thought I had swallowed it (hehehehe I'm too smart to swallow my own tooth Mum, come on!) They took some pictures of me with my tooth gone: pg - they said they could see a little tooth growing underneath (I was really happy to hear this because I am too young for false teeth!).

Later this morning Mummy Carly went in the Laundry to do some washing and she saw my little tooth on the floor! She was so happy! She ran out and told Mummy Nat and they put it in a little container! I even heard Mummy Carly on the phone telling Grandma & Grandpa about it (they live a long way away over the ocean with my Aunty Maddison the Maltese and Aunty Odie the grumpy Poodle!)

Wow my first baby tooth has fallen out - does this mean I'm not a baby anymore? I don't think so!


I'm home!

March 3rd 2005 2:55 am
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Yay I'm home :) I'm a very happy puppy to see my mummy's and be at home in my little bed and being pampered and looked after!

There is a funny bandage on my leg and it is all strapped out straight and I can't walk on it (I'm sure it will hurt so I'm not even going to try that) I can get around ok on three legs - I even ran down the three steps into the back yard (mum was not impressed)! Going to the toilet is a bit of a challenge - but I have mastered it! I'm so hungry all the time! I have eaten so much since I've been home - mum is happy because I didn't have much of an appetite before the operation.

Mum puts a big plastic cone on my head so I cant chew at my bandage, there is a little stitch at the top of my hip and I really want to chew it but my cone won't let me! It feels a bit itchy under my bandage, sometimes I have a bit of a lick at it when mum isn't looking - then she catches me and I get in trouble. Puppy eyes usually get me a cuddle again!

Mum just shoved a pill down my throat - she said it is an antibiotic - whatever that is! I have to have this torture of finger down the throat twice a day - and a pain killer (gee mum calls them fancy names - I call it white yucky hard stone, and pink bitter stone) I have the painkiller once a day (also shoved down my throat - gentle mum, gentle!).

I must say mum is really looking after me - the first night I was home she stayed up with me all night because I was in a lot of pain and she stroked my fur and made me feel better. My leg isn't as sore as it was the first night, which I am really glad about.

I hate cone head it won't let me groom myself (or lick the bandage drats), I really like to keep my eyes nice and clean by licking my paw and rubbing the sleep out of it - but cone head doesn't let me do it - it's big and hard and gets in the way.....
Mum took a picture of me with cone head - and as you can see I'm not a happy puppy (oh yea and you can see my long leg!) p.jpg
If I ever get cone head off my head I am going to do my best to chew it into little pieces... down with cone head!

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