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Life styles of the wrinkly and famous

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Oh no she didn't!

February 18th 2011 8:47 pm
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Okay so it has been raining for the last couple of days and I am not a huge fan of the rain, I will openly admit to that. On top of being wet it is cold so that is a big no go for me and Mommy knows that. Yet she keeps making me go outside and will not let me in until she sees me do my business.

Now here are some reasons why that isn't okay for me. Reason number one is I am a nervous pooper and Mommy knows that. I will not go number two if someone is watching me. Just like I will not go number two if I do not know the yard. I only go number two in three places right now in the yard and they are all wet and muddy. I do not like the mud on my poor feet. Reason number two it is raining! Nuff said on that one. Reason number three it is cold. I do not like the cold. I do not have a thick fur coat like Missy does.

So Mommy knows all of this and has decided to pick on me some more. She pulled out my hoodie and jacket. I get that I don't like the rain and the cold but, the terriers make fun of me when I am wearing the hoodie and jacket. Missy even chuckles about it.

Now I know everyone is thinking "Well Monty you do have to go potty you know." I am aware of that and I know I cannot go on the floor in the house but, I do know how to mimic the cats and go in their giant litter box. Why can't Mommy let me just do that instead of going outside in the cold rain? Why must she keep putting me in my waterproof jacket and stare at me until I go outside? If I really have to go I can use the box or I can wait out the cold and the rain. Not like Mommy is a weatherman she is just my Mommy. I refuse to think she is right about it raining all next week too.


Panic a little much?

February 5th 2011 7:06 pm
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Okay so my stitches have been out for awhile and I am loving it. I love playing leap frog with Missy and just getting to run around and not have to worry about wearing a silly cone. I do not love the check ups Daddy keeps giving me though. So I have one little spot on my leg that isn't 100% yet and Daddy keeps worrying about it. Like to the point where he tells me to chill out when I am playing with Missy. So not cool Daddy.

It went as far as him trying to tell Mommy (a groomer who knows when I need a bath.) not to give me a bath when she was bathing Missy. Mind you I am not a huge fan of the bathing and all but, I had sticky stuff on my leg from the bandage the vet had on me. Also how is that one little spot suppose to stay clean if I am not clean myself? So Mommy told Daddy he was being silly and I was okay for a bath she even pulled out the "Vet said it was okay." card on him. So he was reluctant and let me get a bath and I won't lie as much as I hate it, it felt so good to get that sticky stuff off of me and get all rubbed down. Plus Mommy brushed my teeth and I love when she does that.

I think Daddy's panic mode is wearing off on Missy though, because all of a sudden she has started playing gently with me. Which is so not like her. I mean she really does roll over faster now days then before the surgery. It is really starting to become a pain in my wrinkly butt. She has always been the one family member that really understood me. I don't care if I am sick or not, I don't care if Dad says chill out all the time, I just want to play like I did before the cancer. I don't even get it Missy doesn't even favor Daddy, she is a Momma's girl all the way.

Mommy told me though that this is just a phase and once we move into the new house with a huge yard it will all go back to normal. She also told me that Daddy is just a worry wart and that he will get over it and once he does Missy will snap back to normal as well. I sure do hope Mommy is right because, I miss having my "little" sister trample me every day on Mommy and Daddy's bed.



January 28th 2011 3:19 pm
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Who is the happiest puppy around? Right now that is me. I got my stitches removed on Monday and the doctor said I can play again. Now Dad has been a bit of a stickler not wanting me to play too much so now, to risk getting hurt again but, there is no way he can hold me down for long. I want freedom and I will have it. I am loving running and tackling Missy. Man did I ever miss jumping over her and crawling under her, heck I even missed standing under her. She makes for a great sun blocker if you want to know the truth.

Mommy and Daddy have been checking my leg daily to make sure no more new lumps develop because if one does back to the doctor I go. I love my doctor and his staff but, I don't want to be tied down again because of stitches so hopefully I won't have to deal with that for a long while.


Cone of Shame

January 7th 2011 10:40 pm
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So yesterday I gave Mommy and Daddy a scare yet again. They might be catching onto my game. This time though it back fired on me. As I have said before I was put on light activity to no activity thanks to the cancer being kinda removed. Well I don't listen to the doctor, "can't nobody take my pride, can't nobody hold me down, no, no, I got to keep on moving." That is a song my Aunts use to make my Mommy listen to well it relates to me.

Anyways back to the update, sorry for the detours. Well I jumped up and stretched my leg and made my stitches ooze, it was clear mind you, yet my Daddy freaked out and made Mommy and Grandma Vickie look at my leg. Mommy tried telling Daddy she thought it looked okay but, Daddy was not convinced. (Mommy is finally understanding that crying and worrying isn't helping. Now to get Daddy to do that too.) Needless to say she called the doctor again, he wanted to see me as soon as possible. So today Mommy and Daddy took me to vet and he told me I heal fast when I am left alone, but my body is rejecting the stitches. So he wants to keep them in longer! So not cool! You know what that means to me? That means I have to wear the cone of shame for at least two more weeks!

I have been trying to destroy that thing ever since they put it on me! I even thought I would get my little sister Missy to help cause she has destroyed many cones of shames before in less then five minutes. Mommy caught onto my plan and put Missy in her kennel whenever she leaves and I am wearing. Mommy is a smart cookie sometimes.

My next plan I might need to spring into action soon. Daddy calls me his honorary cat and the cats accept me as one of their own as well. BOL! I know it is silly but, the cats love me. I think I will bribe them into popping that evil cone of shame.

Hate to bark and run but, Mommy is coming. I will keep you updated on my status.


Monty knows best update.

January 3rd 2011 5:47 pm
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Just a quick little update for you guys. I had to go the vet on New Years Eve because, he had to change my update well my biopsy report had also came back. So the doctor wanted to talk to Mommy and Daddy about the results. I was okay with this because it met that I would get to suck on the vet's fingers while he read and I love doing that. Mommy calls it kisses but, I am sucking on them, I just let her think what she wants.

Anyways back to the update, my biopsy report came back saying I have stage 2 intermediate cancer and that it is currently non-aggressive. The mass the doctor removed was 2 3/4" in diameter and was not all removed. Though he did the best he could with the area it was at, I guess he couldn't get all of the little tentacles that were attached to it without removing my leg and part of my chest.

Mommy and Daddy said since it is non-aggressive currently I can take some time to heal up still and they can smoother me with love. Mommy cried when she heard the results and she still cries over it from time to time but, I told Mommy no need to cry I am fine. Missy and I have been trying to keep her happy, though she makes it difficult when she is constantly telling me "No jumping Boo Boo." or "No rough housing you too, Pumba Bear is still healing."

I don't think she gets I am doing fine. So good that the doctor didn't re-do my bandage he said the stitches and swelling are looking so good I didn't need to hide it. Daddy wishes he would have re-wrapped it cause he says it looks bad but, Mommy tells Daddy that it looks fine. I agree with Mommy now to get her to stop being sad and telling me no to my playing.

Also I hate the cone she keeps putting on me. I mean really it is inflatable and I have shredded the outside up so what did she do? She duct taped it for extra protection. So now it's super embarrassing to wear it.


Groggy Update.

December 27th 2010 8:53 pm
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This month has been rough or ruff if you ask my Mommy who I think is losing her marbles. I got to play with my Grandma Molly, Great Grandma Goldie and Cousin Julie. They came down and hung out with Mommy and Daddy for a couple of days and then Missy and I got to pose for pictures with them. I like when they visit cause they always bring treats, plus I get a lot of hugs and kisses from them.

My birthday was on Christmas Day which if you ask me isn't fair because, I don't get gifts twice a year thanks to that. So not cool in my opinion. Mommy calls me her little present though which is nice to hear.

I went to the vet today to get my cancer removed and the vet most not have been paying attention cause he took my boys too. I feel so violated now. I suspect my Mom was behind that decision but, I don't know how to prove that yet. Clearly I made it through hence how I am writing this blog up. I tried telling Mommy she was worrying over nothing but, she thinks Mother knows best. I get to go back to the vet on Friday to get my leg re-wrapped, I must say I am not a huge fan of the bandage thankfully it kinda matches my coat. If only it brought out my eyes too. They sent my cancer away for a biopsy and the vet doesn't think he removed it all something about location, location and location, that was all I understood out of it. Mommy is less worried now which is good cause she was making me worry.

She said even if it is all removed none of that matters cause I am home now and she loves me. I am not complaining because, I get spoiled with canned food for a couple of days. Take that Missy I get canned food and you didn't when you got spayed. =P

Well I hate to update and run but, Mommy is coming and I don't want her to know I know how to type and spell better then her. I will update you guys when I have more information.


Update on life here

December 5th 2010 4:54 pm
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Okay so I figured I would catch you all up on what's been going on in my world. One of my favorite people passed away as Missy has probably already told you, I was sad but, I know he wouldn't want me to be sad so I have been shaking it off. I also found on the 23rd of November that I have something called Mass Cell Cancer, Mom cried a lot when she found out but, Dad told her crying won't make things better. I have been getting to see one of my favorite people more often now though the vet. Dr. Bettencourt, he is a nice man always gentle with me, expect when he kept poking my lump but, I guess that was standard procedure Mommy told me so. I have been getting a lot of allergy shots here lately to keep my lump small and Mom told me that I will be going in for surgery two days after my birthday. I hope that isn't my present or I will be upset. Then again I did over hear Mom talking about getting me a new smoked beef bone and that made me happy, though I know spying is bad. Not my fault Mom doesn't always notice if my eyes are open or closed when I lay on the dog bed. Mom has been taking a lot more pictures here lately, starting to creep me out to be honest cause the camera steals part of your soul if you ask Dad. Missy is a camera hog so if that is true I guess she has no soul, interesting theory to think about. For someone with no soul she sure does eat a lot and talk a lot. I mean when the raccoon was in the backyard all she did was run the fence line and bark. She had 20lbs on me at the time and all she could do is bark? I had to be the man of the house and tell that raccoon where to go. Mom and Dad were telling me to leave it though, which is silly cause he isn't suppose to be there and I was just telling him that. I don't understand them sometimes but, I guess it is better that way. They don't always understand Missy and I either. I have been watching the cats a lot more often here lately cause the cats always seem to get away with stuff that I can't and I started taking notes. I must say the progress I am making is amazing then again I think the vet visits help me out a little but, who knows. I will definitely keep you updated on everything going on around here but, I got to run Mom is talking about sweaters and just said my name never good to hear.


Lounge around and relaxing.

January 16th 2010 11:12 pm
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Relaxing use to be something that came easy to me. Until Mommy decided that I needed a baby sister. Now the house is never quiet and something new is always being destroyed. I understand that I am by no means perfect but I am pretty darn close if you ask me. Now Missy on the other hand is far from it. For example she ate my doggy bed while she was locked up in her kennel. She steals my treats and destroys my toys all the time. I know Mommy wanted to get me a friend to play with but she is huge and plays rough with me. I am dainty and delicate, she knows this yet she chews on my poor little legs. One day I am going to find a way to get her back for everything but, right now I don't have to stress out about it. Karma will come back to her when Mommy decides to get yet another sibling for us.

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