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Life styles of the wrinkly and famous

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Awesome Weekend!

December 12th 2011 6:16 pm
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So Friday night at 9 o'clock Mom and Grandma left to go get Uncle Ben and Aunt Erin from the airport. Well Mom said "Uncle Ben is always late." Sure enough she was right, his plane broke before he could get on it and so he was an hour late getting here. Which meant they all got back in at 4 AM.

Well Saturday they were all up at 10 o'clock surprisingly enough, I really thought they would sleep until afternoon. Missy and I ran downstairs with Mommy in the morning and went straight to Uncle Ben and Aunt Erin to say "Hello, let's play!" Needless to say all weekend Uncle Ben has been wrestling with us and we are loving it. He will put us in a head lock, which doesn't work on me because, I slide right out of them thanks to my sexy wrinkles. Then he was running around with us for a long time. During the wrestling matches Missy and I got to push him around. He realized Missy really is as big as Mom says she is cause she pushed him to the ground by accident and then thought she was going to be in trouble and ran off. Uncle Ben giggled and called her back to him and said "Don't worry about it no hard feelings Little Missy, I know now that you aren't really little."

They leave on the 26th so Missy and I are going to make the most of this time and play like there is no tomorrow with them.


Poor Mom.

December 5th 2011 10:02 pm
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So December and January have always been rough months for Mom and this year is no different for her. She has been gone all day today and when she came home tonight she sat down, hugged Missy and I and said "Only good thing that came from December was you Monty." I was born on Christmas and so Mom calls me her nine weeks late Christmas present from Santa.

So Missy and I started preying and giving her the sad eyes which Missy does better then me because, he eyes aren't so slanted. Come to find out she wasn't out having fun without us today like we assumed. She was at the hospital because, her Uncle is having chest problems and a hard time breathing. Thankfully his brain is okay but, they still don't know what is wrong with him. Then on her way home she gets a call from Grandma Molly saying she needs Dad to call her cause, Great Grandma Goldie isn't doing good right now. Come to find out Great Grandma Goldie is also in the hospital right now with breathing issues and is breathing from a tube right now. So Mom is fighting the tears and Missy and I can see it. We are trying to make her feel better but, it's hard because, it seems that nothing can go right for her during December and January.

I won't lie I kinda feel bad because, I was mad at Mom for being gone all day today. Missy and I are both trying to make up for the fact that when she came home we gave her the cold shoulder out of anger. I think she forgives us but, we still feel bad. Mommy since I know you read this we love you and know things will get better.


Get with the times Mom!

December 4th 2011 11:23 am
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So Mom is a fan of Chelsea Handler and I am okay with that because, Chelsea has two dogs one is Chunk who is a Chow/Shepherd mix and the other is Gary who is a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Both of Chelsea's dogs have twitter accounts and tweet, so why don't Missy and I have twitter accounts? We want to tweet too. I get Mom doesn't tweet often but, that isn't my fault she isn't creative enough to come up with snappy comments that are only 140 characters long. That's right I did my twitter homework.

Heck she hardly updates our diaries we have to hound her to sign us on so we can keep up with everyone. Get with the times Mom, get a new phone so you can do it all on there while you are running errands. If I ever want to be a model like that IAMs dog food Shar Pei I am going to have to get a twitter account and tweet like there is no tomorrow.

Opportunity is knocking my friends, there are more dogs on tv here lately and this is our chance to get famous and let the world know how awesome we are. Also if we get famous we can force Dogster to bring back the MEATZ and we can make them add cheese and bacon too!


Holy Woof!

November 15th 2011 7:20 pm
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So Mommy was slacking today on getting online because, she is taking care of Missy and I's best friend ever Caera the Irish Wolfhound who I grew up and so she finally signs on to see my lovely face as Dog of The Day!

I can't believe I was picked for Dog of The Day! I want to thank everyone for the gifts and congratulations. Mommy said since she slacked off of me earlier she will make it up to me tonight by giving me an extra special dinner. So now I get an awesome dinner and I had pancakes earlier...I feel like a lucky dog right now.

Again thanks everyone!


October how I miss you so.

November 5th 2011 10:55 am
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So October was nice weather if you ask me and not Missy, it was in the high 70s to low 80s so we didn't need the air but, I could still sit outside and feel the sun shining on me. Now that it is November it got cold, curse you cold. When it gets cold it gets wet outside too and I don't care for the rain. I run out do my thing and then back inside where it is warmer. I want to cuddle with my peeps and stay warm. I refuse to wear the jackets and sweaters Mom bought me, I hate them and look silly in them. I don't get how Missy likes wearing them and why she parades around when dressed up. We are polar opposites and it shows right now.

On top of it cold weather makes me feel sick. Right now my tummy hurts and I am really gassy. I mean clear the room gas right now, which means less cuddling if I am running them off with my farts and that makes me sad. Thankfully Mom will grin it and bear it and stay with me even though I make the room smell like hot dogs. She said if I don't start feeling better I will have to go visit the vet and as much as I love him. Visiting him this time of the year brings back horrible memories. We found out I had cancer in late November/early December, so it's been almost a year since Mom found out. Thankfully my status hasn't changed but, my luck if it is going to it will during this time of the year.

Mom says I have some odd quirks too. I hate the cold but, won't wear the clothes and when we cuddle I refuse to do so under the blankets. I panic when I am under the blankets and she can't understand why. So she just holds me while I sleep on top of the covers. Thankfully Mom, knows my quirks and tries to understand them and works with me. I am thankful for central heat, that is for sure.


Grrr Almonds and Walnuts!

October 28th 2011 2:48 pm
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The almonds and walnuts cannot be harvested fast enough around here! I cannot stand the dirt and pollen being thrown around because, of these trees. Seriously they are making not just me but, Mommy and Daddy sick too. Daddy and I more so then Mommy but, still so not cool.

I have to take a benadryl everyday until they are done and I really don't like being sleeping. Especially since Missy has found her fall and winter fun time energy and is constantly smacking me in the head with her big ole' feet.

How long does it take to shake some trees, rake the nuts and then use a machine to put them into big trucks? It has been over a month and a half now and it looks like they are only a little over halfway done.

I won't lie I want it to rain so all the nut farmers can say "Oh no our nuts are ruined cause they got wet!" Like the do every year because, they slack off on harvesting them.

Okay I am done with that rant for now, sorry nut farmers it was the benadryl talking. I think it is time for a nap now, Mommy promised she would join me for the nap.


Really Mom, Really...

October 20th 2011 2:33 pm
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I have to go to the shop tomorrow for a bath all because, Mom has to bathe Missy so that Missy is clean for Saturday's costume party at Petsmart. How is it fair that I have to go get a bath just because, Missy is getting a bath? It's not, there is no way it is fair. I know, I know life isn't fair but, she could try to make it slightly better for me.

Now I'm not saying I don't love my Mommy or how feel when I am all cleaned up but, I wouldn't mind having a day of Missy free sleep is all. I love Missy but, she is a bed hog, she is loud, she eats a lot and when she wants to play she smacks me with her big ole' feet. I enjoy my Missy free moments, I guess I know how Mommy feels with Aunt Chrissy now. Little sisters can be pains in the butts.

Mommy better be lucky I love her because I know tomorrow morning when it is time to go I will put on my happy face and trot out the door with her, Grandma, Dad and Missy. I will put up with the bath, the nails being filed, the five minute decision on whether or not she wants to paint my nails or not and then the ear cleaning and brushing, I will do it all with a smile on my face because, I love my Mommy. The whole time I am doing it though I am going to be swearing at the cats because, they are at home in bed without Missy enjoying themselves.


What the....

October 17th 2011 2:30 pm
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Okay so we get Dogster is still having some flea and tick problems but, now I am thinking they should go see a vet because they must have worms and ear mites now too.

Missy and I seriously can't read any of the diaries today. Which is frustrating us and Mommy because, we enjoy reading them. Mommy could deal with constantly being logged out and having to log back in over and over again but, not reading the diaries is a serious party foul.

Dogster please go to a vet and get on a flea and tick program. Thank you M&M and family.


In my Defense...

September 24th 2011 1:53 pm
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So as Missy's loud mouth has probably already posted we had a creepy guy in the house last night. Yes she was really the only one who warned everyone and they all ignored her. Yes I did stay in bed and not make a sound but, I feel I should explain as to why I did that.

I didn't move or make a sound so that if the guy did decide to come up here and pull a fast one I wouldn't have been detected like the loud mouth Missy was. I won't lie I also didn't hear him until Missy told me but, I have little ears and she has big ears. So of course she is going to hear things I don't hear. Also I listen to Mom and Dad when they say go to bed and sleep, so I was following a direct order.

I would have defended my family if they would have let us downstairs. I would have been right with Missy telling him to leave and never come back. I just take the silent approach to things like that while she takes the vocal approach. I swear I am not a bad guard dog.


General Update

September 16th 2011 6:14 pm
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So I thought I would give everyone an update on how things are going for me. The low dose steroids are working for me amazingly which makes Mom happy and when Mom is happy I am happy. Though the steroids are making me slightly porky. I am now getting green beans for treats because, Dad thinks I am getting too fat. Today my treats will be green beans and plain yogurt because, Missy needs the yogurt and she always shares. The one positive of having Missy as my sibling is she is a slob when eating so automatically she shares.

The downfall is two days ago I got a bath and when Mom was doing an inspection of me she found a lump on my winky dink. She is hoping it is just a pimple or in-grown hair because, she does not think the vet could remove this lump if it gets any bigger. When she found it she called me her Lumpy Baby...not a nickname I am too proud of. So our fingers and paws are crossed that it is nothing.

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