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Life styles of the wrinkly and famous

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New Things...I Guess

March 14th 2012 10:33 pm
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So I don't know about you pups but, I kinda like this blue dogster background. The grass just wasn't cutting it for me personally but, I could handle this blue. Of course Missy is going on about how it isn't pink, she is such a girl. It did take my Mom a minute or two to get but, then again she is kinda slow at times.

Speaking of blue, Mom went out today with Aunt Heidi and saw yet another sweater for me that she felt I just had to have. So now I have a blue argyle sweater with a zipper on the back. I don't know what she is going to put in it but, she likes it. I guess I shouldn't complain because, it is better then the green and orange one that she bought me before. BOL! She also bought us some bully sticks and she bought two signs that says Beware Guard Chinese Shar Pei and Beware Guard Great Pyrenees. They are going to be hung above the window that Missy and I protect. Though only Mom, Dad, Missy and I will see it she is still excited about it.

Also we are getting a lot of rain right now and that isn't making me a happy camper personally. I get we need it and all but, still man it's wet now. I don't want to get wet so Mom is taking this rain as her excuse to dress me up before we go outside to go potty. I tried to pee on the sweater but, it fits me right so that was a no go. I guess I will just have to deal with it for awhile because, it does keep me drier.


Dress up Really Mom?

March 10th 2012 1:28 pm
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Okay so I love my Mom and put up with everything she wants me to do. Last night when she came home with two headbands I knew we were going to have to wear them. So I was ready and I wore them both with pride because, she picked the most dainty headbands ever. I get real men wear pink and all but, wow Mom that was pushing it. She also bought me a new sweater, this time it's green instead of orange and she hid it from Missy so she can't eat it.

Today she might be taking us to the park to run and coming home to bake a cake for Missy's birthday tomorrow. So let's hope the weather stays nice for the park adventure. Mom is going to be packing my sweater just in case.


Oh What A Day!

February 14th 2012 4:22 pm
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So let me start by saying the Shar Pei last night in the dog show was stunning and we personally felt she should have won first place again but, understand needing to share the spotlight.

Also Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

Now to tell you about my day so far. It started off with Mommy and them leaving us for work phooey if you ask me but, I guess it buys the dog food, toys, treats and yes the dang sweaters. Now they left us and Mommy didn't take my sweater out with her and so Missy who wanted to give me the best gift ever ate the new burnt orange sweater Mommy bought me. It is still wearable but, Mommy said I can't wear it out in public anymore. (When Mommy said that I shouted YIPPEE! Out loud to myself.) Now Dad who didn't like the orange sweater actually shouted yippee out loud and Mom gave him a look that should turn normal people into stone if you ask me.

After that finding we went on a walk because, Mom found a place in town that we can actually go on walks without being attacked by the random stray dog. Well yesterday with the rain Mom and I sat the walk out and Dad and Missy went alone. That meant Missy came back covered in mud and Mom wasn't happy. So today Missy's big ole feet were imprinted in our trail. On our way home Mom was walking me and fell into a hole and hurt her ankle. So Dad took my leash and gave Mom Missy's cause Missy is more mellow and could also help Mom walk a bit. (I don't think Mom will be joining us tomorrow for our walk because, she can hardly handle walking up and down the stairs.)

So besides Mom's fall which is normal for her she is the most ungraceful human I have ever met, my day has been amazing. I hope all of you guys have had an amazing day as well.


I Guess It Is The Thought That Counts.

February 10th 2012 8:23 pm
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So Mom has ordered Missy three custom collars in the past three weeks and Dad was harassing Mom about how Missy is her favorite and I am neglected. I don't feel neglected because, Mom cuddles with me and spoils me rotten but, Dad got under her skin. So when she was out shopping she bought me a new sweater. Really Mom a new sweater? Did I really need it? I know I didn't want it. I only wear clothes to humor Mom but, I don't think she gets that.

Needless to say I am now the proud owner of a burnt orange sweater to keep me warm when it is cold outside. I hope Mom realizes that this is one of the warmest winters we have had.

Now I do have to give Missy a big thank you because Mom bought yellow and blue shirt last year that has a hood on it with bunny ears and it says "Snuggle Bunny" on it. Well it had a cotton tail on it but, thankfully Missy ate that tail off of it. Unfortunately it is still wearable so I guess I will be dressed up this Easter too.

She has been taking lots of pictures of me since I have been getting sick here lately. I don't mind the pictures thankfully but, I don't plan on going anywhere for a long while and I hope she knows that too.

Update on my health is the meds are working but, my FSF still acts up thankfully not as bad as it was. Guess the vitamins and steroids are doing their job.


Helping Prepare

January 29th 2012 12:55 pm
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So Mommy is making a list and checking it twice for next Sunday. We will be watching the Puppy Bowl and the Super Bowl commercials. Since she decided to stay home that means she is getting take and bake pizza, sodas and some kind of dessert.

Well since Dad doesn't eat meat we know he will give us some off of Mom's pizza when she isn't looking so we made sure to tell Mom she needed to buy one extra meaty pizza for "Grandma" of course. So she has three pizzas on her list one of which I recommended her to get cause it has every type of meat the place has to offer on it. She also said she is going to go to the pet store before the big game and pick up some yummy treats for Missy and I. We like this idea but, would prefer the pizza.

Also I guess I should tell you guys my shots made my itching go away and the swelling went down a lot thankfully. Downside is the steroids I am on make me super tired and are kinda upsetting my stomach. Every morning for the last three days I have woken up and threw up, Mom is starting to worry about it now. Also if I run a lot my back legs will start to hurt again making Mom worry some more. Thankfully I don't run much and just sleep for the most part.


I Don't Mean To.

January 17th 2012 7:59 pm
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So today I have had Mommy and Daddy in tears and I don't mean to do that to them. I would never want to make them cry.

So as you guys know I was diagnosed with FSF/Amyloidosis and because of that my hind legs have been really swollen. One leg looks like I am hiding a golf ball in it. On top of all of that I have been itching so bad that I have actually made myself bleed. So tomorrow I am going to the vet again for an allergy shot, steroids and some anti-inflammatory. Right now I am on benadryl so I am kinda sleepy but, at least I am not itching.

Mom is hoping the shot and steroids will help ease my allergies and that the anti-inflammatory will help with my swollen legs. Mom and Dad have never seen me this bad so it made them cry with worry. I have been so sore that Missy won't even play with me right now.

I really don't mean to make them worry or upset them. So hopefully after tomorrow they will all feel better and things will go back to normal.


Finally Free!

January 5th 2012 8:38 pm
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So today I got my stitches removed and I also got all of my shots updated. I was being a butt head today at the vet all I wanted to do was say "Hi" to the girls and the vet. I didn't want to leave Mom at all. Well in the fight I put up I cut my eye thankfully not too bad but, still Mom was disappointed in me.

After the stitches were removed I went back to the shop and got a bath cause I was so icky I was making Mom itch. Now I am all clean and my nails are done. While doing my nails Mom noticed my FSF was acting up really bad. Bad enough that for the first time since she has owned me she could tell instantly I was in pain when she touched me and I looked at her. So when I got home I was given aspirin like she was told to do for me. Now Mom is watching me like a hawk to make sure I get better soon.

All in all though I am happy to be free of my stitches. I can play again once my FSF stops acting up.


I Am Officially Four Now!

December 26th 2011 11:23 pm
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So Christmas and my birthday happen to be the same day and usually I have a high list of things to want but, this year I kept it simple and I got everything I wanted.

Mom and Dad had been fighting really bad but, Santa made sure to make my Christmas and Birthday wish come true and made them stop fighting just for me. I also got a new cow foot that I love but, had to share with Missy. Tomorrow yes after Christmas Mom and Dad are going to go to Petco and get more treats for Missy and I so I feel all in all it was a good day. I also got to spend time with my Uncle Benny and Aunt Erin as well time with Missy. Since getting stabbed which my vet has confirmed is what happened to me Mommy and Daddy haven't let me and Missy hang out really for fear of my stitches getting messed up. On Christmas day though they did let Missy and I play for awhile and it was nice. Oddly enough I do enjoy playing with her.

Negative things are now that the vet said with the utmost confidence that I was stabbed we are no longer allowed outside unsupervised and that upsets me because, I hate potting in front of people. Thankfully Mom and Grandma are going to do a double picket on the back fence so no one can stick anything through the slates between each picket anymore. Another sad fact for me is that Uncle Benny and Aunt Erin went back to Louisiana today and I probably won't see them for another year and half and that makes me a sad panda. Good thing is they said once they graduate they will be moving back to California. They also made sure to say goodbye to Missy and I. They woke Mom up and then said "We just wanted to say bye to the dogs and not you." Mom shook her head and elbowed Uncle Benny, she needed to remind him that she is the oldest or alpha dog in our lingo.

I want to thank you all for the birthday and Christmas wishes. I also hope everyone else had an awesome Christmas.


Finally Home!

December 19th 2011 5:22 pm
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So this morning Mom called the vet rushed me in and the vet looked at me and said "He needs stitches for sure." So I am now the proud owner of some stitches, he did a local on me so I am not to drowsy thankfully. Hopefully I can get them removed in two and half weeks and not my regular six weeks.

Good news or sorta good news is he doesn't think my back legs are swelling due to cancer he thinks it is a breed thing and used a really big word that pretty much means swollen hocks.

Bad news is he is concerned about my front leg where he removed the mass cell because, it is too large in his opinion. Without removing the leg it will always be like that and he is 98% sure I still have some of the mass cell in that leg and part of my chest. He also said I have to have eye surgery beginning of next year, because my eye lids are upsetting my eyes. I was really confused when he said that but, Mom and Dad understood so that is all that matters.

For the next two and half weeks I will be going to work with Mom because, she can't leave me with Missy unattended. Missy is big on smacking me with her feet so better safe then sorry Mom says.


Mom and Dad are Worrying Now

December 18th 2011 4:41 pm
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So I am diary pick of the day which is awesome. Yet Mom is still punishing me with the darn hoodie. I guess I should tell you why she is punishing me with clothes.

So Mom let Missy and I downstairs and Missy ran right to the living room and I went straight outside. Mom, Missy and the little dogs were all wrapping presents while I was outside alone. Dad came downstairs and I came inside to check out why Dad was downstairs. Which is when Dad saw it, and started blaming the little dogs. Mom and Grandma gave Dad a confused look and then went to check me out. I have a giant rip in my leg/chest area right now and skin and coat are still hanging from it. Now Mom said "All of the dogs where with us wrapping presents expect for him so stop blaming them." Then she proceeded to panic. She is 95% sure I was running around the Pomegranate tree that they are trying to remove and got snagged on it.

Needless the vet opens up tomorrow so Mom will be calling him first thing in the morning and taking me in because, I will be needing stitches. Until then I am wrapped up with 2x2 gauze, vet wrap and now a stupid hoodie Mom bought just before Missy joined the family. While I am in there they are going to have him check out my back leg cause it keeps swelling randomly and I am getting my teeth cleaned.

My birthday is a week away, Christmas Day to be exact. I am going to have stitches and a bald spot on my birthday and be drowsy leading up to it. This isn't right I tell you. My luck I will be still wearing the darn hoodie on my birthday.

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