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Life styles of the wrinkly and famous

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Really? Seriously? Not cool.

August 31st 2012 8:09 am
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Okay so I know I haven't barked in awhile but, Mom hasn't been feeling good and when she isn't feeling good nothing gets done on Dogster. Well to give a quick update before Mom takes us to work with her today...again. Here is what has been going down.

So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to be a Dalmatian and got all kinds of black spots on my underside. Now that made Mom and Dad worry so they bathed me to make sure it wasn't dirt or anything and Mom says that I had some on my back and on top of my head. Mom's Monty sense started tingling and she made a vet appointment for me to get some blood work done. I have been on steroids for over a year now so she was concerned on how my inside were taking it. So the vet did a full blood panel and urine test and then called Mom yesterday with the results. The vet said I have a healthy liver and kidneys considering that I have cancer so that made Mom relax a little. Then she said that my thyroids are normal but, on the low end of normal and that in 6 months I have to go back for another thyroid test because, by then my thyroids will be bad and I will have hypothyroidism. She told Mommy that spots are symptoms of it but, because it is borderline they can't put me on medicine yet.

Then they talked about my pee. I have no bacteria in my pee which is good but, I have crystals and lots of them which is bad. So they set up an ultra sound for me because, they need to see if I have the early stages of a UTI or if I have stones. They will also be running another urine test. Mom is hoping for just a UTI, Dad isn't so optimistic and thinks it's stones.

Now here is my complaint I can't pee. Mom keeps saying sorry to me but, I can't go until after the ultra sound is done. That isn't fair or right because, when I wake up I have to pee. I just want to pee and Mom keeps saying sorry and to sleep it off until the vet appointment. Well here is the problem I can pee after the appointment it's uncomfortable and bites but, what if I have to do a number two? I can't do a number two on a leash and I won't do a number two anywhere but, in one spot in my yard. So that means I am holding it all day. I want to pee...and go outside.


A new low.

August 4th 2012 10:31 pm
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Okay so I get Missy and I are Mom's kids but, seriously she was at a Petsmart and bought me a shirt which I have been tolerating and she bought Missy a pair of pink Doggles. Now I am okay with her buying Doggles for Missy because, I don't have to wear them or so I thought. Yeah that's right Mom made me try on Missy's pink Doggles. She even forced me to take pictures in them. I know, I know, real men wear pink but, seriously Mom?

(Monty and Missy's Mom here, they got treats out of the deal so I am not torturing them...also I will put the pictures up on Monday.)


Today and today only.

June 20th 2012 8:08 am
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Today June 20th I ask everyone of you to do me one huge favor. If your parents or anyone you know, or heck even if you are a good hacker and can get onto any facebook account could please vote for 2 Million Dogs Mommy and I would greatly appreciate it.

2 Million Dogs has walked over 2300 miles raising awareness for canine cancer because, cancer can touch everyone.


Sad day for Mommy.

June 9th 2012 11:58 pm
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So today Mommy got up early and left with Grandma and they took Sharky with them. Sharky was the first dog Grandma got with Grandpa when they got together 17 years ago. So to Mommy and her siblings Sharky was the first real family pet. Sharky was a Jack Russel Terrier and when he was a puppy got wrapped around Mommy's leg while she was rollerblading and she broke his leg. Grandma and Grandpa fixed it and you could never tell it was broken because, he was full of personality.

Well since getting me Sharky was mad at Mommy and wouldn't come near her and would snap at her. She knew it was just him being him and ignored it and told him that she loved him. Well a year after Grandpa died Sharky started losing his fighting spirit and Mom started to worry. Well Grandma and Aunt Chrissy just kept saying he was fine until last week. He stopped eating and every time he drank he would throw up. Grandma and Mom took him to the vet today and the vet told them that because, Sharky had a stroke not that long ago he must have messed up something in the front half of his brain and he told them that there was nothing they could do to fix him.

So with sadness in our hearts Mom and Grandma had to say good bye to Sharky. Before he left he gave Mom a kiss and at that moment Mom knew he forgave her for getting me. Since coming home all Mommy has done is cry. She knows they did what was best for him but, it still hurts to say good bye to a loved one.


It's getting hot in here

June 2nd 2012 12:58 pm
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Okay so I guess summer is here cause the last couple of days it's been 100 degrees outside. It's hot but, not hot enough for me to feel it worth my time to get into the pool like Missy does or run through the sprinkler like her either. I don't get the appeal of the running through the water because, in my experience the water tends to be rather warm in the pool and the sprinkler lets off warm water for awhile too. If you wanted to get into warm water why not just take a bath and make it worth something?

So my way of staying cool has been to lay on the floor near the air conditioner or fan. I have also been letting Trixie clean my ears and face because, it helps keep her cool I guess.

So if it is warm for any of you pups out there just remember to drink lots of water and sleep the heat off.


You Have Chosen Tears

April 29th 2012 7:53 pm
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Mommy found this on the book of faces it made her cry but, she thinks you guys will appreciate it as much as she did.


The little girl stopped.
Behind her, puppies were playing, chasing each other and wrestling in the warm sunshine.
It looked like so much fun, but in front of her, through the clear stillness of the pond water, she could see her mummy. She was crying.

She pawed at the water, trying to get to her. When that didn't work, she jumped into the shallow water. That just got her wet and Mummy's image danced away in the ripples.
"Mummy!...come back" she cried. "Something's wrong!"

The little girl turned around. A lady was standing at the edge of the pond. Her gentle eyes were filled with love and kindness. The little girl sighed, padded out of the water and walked up to her. There's been a mistake," she said. "I'm not supposed to be here." She looked back at the water. It was becoming still again and her mummy's image was coming back.

"Mummy said it has to be a mistake. She said I wasn't supposed to come here yet," she howled.
The kind lady sighed and sat down in the grass. With some gentle coaxing, the little girl climbed into her lap. It wasn't Mummy's lap, but, it was almost as good.

When she started to pet her and scratch behind her ear, the way she liked, she started to whine softly. She hadn't wanted to, but she couldn't help it. She missed her mummy's touch.

"I'm afraid, there is no mistake. You are supposed to be here and your mummy knows it...deep down in her heart," the lady said. "She knew this would always does".

The little girl sighed and laid her head on the lady's leg.
"But she's so sad. It hurts me to see her cry and her human children too.”
“But they knew right from the beginning this would happen.”

“Why? Because I was so sick?" she whimpered.
This surprised the little girl. No one had said anything like that and she had listened when they thought she was sleeping.
All she had heard them talk about was how cute she was or how smart she was or how big she was getting.

"No, not because you were sick," the lady said. "But, you see, they chose Tears."
"No, they didn't," the little girl argued. "Who would choose to cry?"

The lady gently brushed the top of her head with a kiss. It made her feel safe and loved and warm - but she still worried about her mummy.

"Let me tell you a story," the lady said.

The little girl looked up and saw other animals gathering around. Cats, kittens, hamsters, birds, a lizard, several dogs, puppies and some animals she didn't even recognize, all came to be nearer, so they could hear too. They all lay down near the kind lady and looked up at her, waiting. She smiled at them and began:

A long, long, time ago, the Loving Ones went to the Angel in Charge.
They were lonesome and asked the Angel to help them.
The Angel took them to a wall of windows. They peered out the first window at all sorts of things; dolls, toys, clothes and many other things to hold or use.

"Here are things you can love," the Angel said.
"They will keep you from being lonesome."
"Oh, thank you," the Loving Ones said. "These are just what we need."
"You have chosen Pleasure," the Angel told them.

But, after a time, the Loving Ones came back to the Angel in Charge.
"Things are okay to love," they said. "But, they don't care that we love them."
The Angel in Charge led them over to the second window.
It looked out at all sorts of wild animals.
"Here are animals to love," he said. "They will know you love them."
So, the Loving Ones nodded, hurrying out to care for the wild
"You have chosen Satisfaction," the Angel said.

The Loving Ones worked at taming some of the wild animals.
Many learned to serve the Loving Ones in their daily tasks. Some were just enjoyed and watched, like the birds that came into their yards to be fed. But, after a time, they all came back to the Angel in Charge.

"They know we love them," they told the Angel. "But they don't love us back. We would like to be loved in return."
So the Angel took them to the third window and showed
them lots of people walking around or hurrying to places.
"Here are people for you to love," the Angel told them.
So, the Loving Ones hurried off to find other people to love.
"You have chosen Commitment," the Angel said.

But, after a time, many of Loving Ones came back to the
Angel in Charge. "People are okay to love," they said. "But sometimes they stopped loving us or left us. They broke our hearts."
The Angel just shook his head. "I cannot help you," he said.
"You will have to be satisfied with the choices I gave you."

As the Loving Ones turned to leave one saw the last window
far off to the side and slowly walked up to look out of it.
Through it she could see puppies, kittens and dogs, cats and lizards, hamsters and well, some she didn't recognize.
The other Loving Ones hurried over to see. "What about these?" they asked.
But the Angel just tried to shoo them away.
"Those are Personal Empathy Trainers," he said.
"But, there's a problem with their system operations."

"Would they know that we love them?" someone asked.
"Yes," the Angel said.
"Would they love us back?" another asked.
"Yes," the Angel said.
"Will they ever stop loving us?" someone else asked.
"No," the Angel admitted. "They will love you forever."
"Then THESE are what we want," the Loving Ones said.

But the Angel seemed upset.
"You don't understand," he told them. "You will have to feed these animals."
"That's all right," the Loving Ones said.
"You will have to clean up after them and take care of them forever. You will have to love them unconditionally, as you would want them to love you."
"We don't mind," they protested.
The Loving Ones did not listen. They went down to where the Pets were and picked them up. They could see the love in their own hearts reflected in the animals' eyes.

"They were not programmed right," the Angel said. "We can't offer a warranty. We don't know how durable they are. Some of their systems malfunction very quickly while others last a long time."
But the Loving Ones did not seem to care or want to listen.
They were holding the warm little bodies and finding their hearts so filled with love that they thought they would burst.
"We will take our chances," they said.

"You do not understand." The Angel tried one more time.
"They are so dependent on you and even the most well-made of them is not designed to out-live you. You are destined to suffer their loss."

The Loving Ones looked at the sweetness in their arms, and nodded to one another.
"That is how it should be. It is a fair trade for the love they will offer. We'll worry about the rest later," as they each walked away with a new little pet in their arms.

The Angel just watched them all go, shaking his head.
"You have chosen Tears," he whispered.

"So it is," the kind lady told the little girl. " Each mummy and daddy knows when they take a new pet into their heart... that one day it will leave them and they will cry."

The little girl sat up. "So why do they take us then!?!" she asked. "Why would they do it...if they know?"
"Because even a moment of your love is worth years of pain later," she quietly replied.
"Oh....." the animals all agreed in unison, including the little girl and quietly nodded to each other.
The little girl got off the lady's lap and went back to the edge of the pond.
Her mummy was still there... and still crying.
"Will she ever stop crying?" she asked the kind lady.
She nodded. "You see, the Angel felt sorry for the Loving Ones, knowing how much they would suffer. He couldn't take their tears away, but he did make them special."

She dipped her hand into the pond and let the water trickle off her fingers.
"He made them healing tears, formed by the special water here. Each tear holds a bit of all the happy times of barking, purring, petting, playing...and shared love. All flowing together with the promise to love once again.

As your mummy cries, she is healing. It may take a long while, but the tears will help her feel better. In time she will be less sad and she will begin to smile when she thinks of you. Then, she may open her heart again, to another little baby."
"But then she will cry again one day," the little girl said, sadly.
The lady just smiled at her as she got to her feet.

"No. She will love again. That is all she will think about. She will worry about the rest so many already have before her."
She bent down and gave the little girl a pat on her head and smiled up at the others who had been listening. They all lowered their heads and nodded silently back.

"Look," she said. "The butterflies have come. Shall we all go over to play?"
The other animals all ran ahead, but the little girl wasn't ready to leave the sight of her mummy.
"Will I ever get to be with her again?" she asked solemnly.

The kind lady nodded. "You'll be in the eyes of every puppy she looks at. You'll be in the bark of every dog she pets. Late at night, when she's fast asleep, the spirit of your memory will snuggle up close to her and you both will feel at peace.
One day soon you can even send her a rainbow, to let her know you're safe and waiting here...for when it's time for her to come."

"I would like that," as the little girl took one last, long look at her mummy.
She saw her smile slightly through her tears and she knew she had just recalled a happy memory of her.
"I love you, Mummy," she whispered. "It's okay if you cry, I understand now."

She glanced over at the other pets, all running, playing and laughing, chasing the butterflies.
"Mummy? I’ve got to go and play now,...okay? But I'll be around, I promise. Remember me and I'll always be with you.
Hey!...You lot, wait for me!!!....."
Then she turned and raced happily after the others.

Author Unknown


Delicious hot water.

April 25th 2012 6:18 pm
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Okay so I am in some hot water right now but, it was so worth it. Let me tell you about it.

Mom and Dad are still fighting and Dad is being a butt. He took us downstairs so we could go potty and then he left us down there knowing Mom was cooking and would have her hands full. Well Mom finished cooking her dinner and called us up the stairs now Missy went to a corner and waited like a good girl. (Shocking I know Missy being the good one.) While I was upstairs dancing and jumping. She was on the last step I jumped up on her knocking her plate down and two chili dogs landed top down on the ground. Mom said some naughty words and then said "Fine you could eat them." Missy and I each got a chili dog out of it.

Mind you Mom is upset with me but, mostly mad at Dad because, if she were to do that to Dad he would have thrown a fit. Yet he does that to her all the time when he is mad at her. I don't care about them fighting. I get double the treats still and just ate a delicious chili dog.


Tomorrow will be a boys day!

April 20th 2012 5:57 pm
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So tomorrow morning Mom is going to wake up early and take Missy with her to go the Modesto Dog Park and they will be walking a mile to another park. There are suppose to be lots of dogs going and I personally get a little too excited when it comes to lots of dogs in public. So that means I get to stay home with Dad and sleep in.

I don't really think it will be an all day thing with Mom and Missy being gone. It will probably only be like four hours but, still that is four hours of just me and Dad time with no girls allowed. Plus it will be on Daddy's birthday and it's kinda Mom's gift to him because, he doesn't have to ignore her if she isn't home and Missy isn't the favorite with him. So he gets to spend a few hours with just his kitties and me the honorary kitty.


Mom named her Daxi

April 17th 2012 3:23 pm
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Mom and Dad aren't talking which is okay I guess because, Dad gives us treats and then since he isn't talking to Mom doesn't inform her and then she gives us treats too. So we are getting double treats out of this deal. Last time they did this it lasted 2 weeks....won't lie I want it to last longer because, double the treats is awesome.

Onto a happier subject. Mom added a new member to our family. She calls her Daxi and she a bigger girl who is silver. She is also older but, Mom loves her so we will too. Daxi is Mom's new baby and we are okay with that.

By the Daxi is a SUV. That's right Mom named the car and calls it a member of the family.


Something is up, and of course it can't be good.

March 22nd 2012 5:28 pm
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So Dad hasn't been feeling well which we all knew would happen. Dad doesn't eat meat and we all know you can't be healthy if you don't eat meat but, he can't seem to grasp that. So Mommy has been doing most of the taking care of us, expect for the cats who love her but, would rather not have anything to do with her. The cats are all about Daddy so he has to take care of them.

Well this morning went the same as always Mom and Dad got ready for work and Dad left us with Mom to finish getting ready. Mom turned the TV on like always for us before she left. (We watch the History Channel when they are gone by the way.) Put the headphones in a place that Missy couldn't get to them because, well Missy will eat them out of boredom. Then gave us our "bye-bye treats" that is what Mom calls them. Well she told us that she is making a roast for dinner tonight and if we didn't destroy the place we could have some. So we were amazing as always.

Mom came home with the fixin's for the roast and let us out but, she didn't seem right to me. She started making the roast and she had tears in her eyes. All the while Dad was mowing the lawn or trying to at least cause, he won't let Mom do it. So Missy and I went over to Mommy and I let Missy smack her with her foot to get her attention. She bent down and hugged us both saying she loved us and then went back to the roast. Well that answer wasn't good enough for us. So we bugged her again and this time she told us what happened. Mommy is a groomer for a living (or torturer in Zoe's words.) well one of Mommy's favorite dogs had to be put to sleep and her owner called to let her know that and to thank her for always being so nice to Mandy (a Westie) and for being her groomer. Now Mommy works with Daddy and Grandma Vickie so all of us started to put together their oddness for today after we heard that. Grandma who didn't want to talk to anyone and Dad who wanted to be alone over it. While Mom being well emotional just cried and worked through it.

Now Mandy was an old girl she was 18 years old and she lived an awesome life. Missy and I got to meet her before so we knew her. She was feisty when it came to her feet. So for Mommy who groomed her last and told Mandy's Daddy that she needed to see a vet feels horrible. Mommy knew Mandy wasn't acting right, I mean she did see her every other week at the same time, Mandy was a regular at the shop and it is her job to let the parents know if there is a change in their pet. So when she didn't show for her appointment this week Mommy started to worry...Mommy's gut feeling was right. I guess Mandy had some issues and the vet said it would be best to let Mandy go. So when Mandy's Dad called to tell Mommy that she just cried on the phone with him and thanked him for giving her the pleasure to meet Mandy and get to know her and she told him that Mandy will be missed by them all.

Missy and I told Mommy that Mandy loved her and wouldn't want her to cry. Even though Mom was paid to torture her she still loved her and Mom needs to remember Mandy in her good days and not her bad. I think Mom got the message because, she is crying less. I just hate seeing Mommy sad and not being able to help her. Missy and I are trying to help out and Mommy thanked us and promised us some roast but, it still bites.

Rest In Peace Sweet Mandy. You will be missed by everyone who met you.

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