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Think Camouflage

May 11th 2011 5:59 pm
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So Missy has been going to work with Mommy since her surgery and that is fine by me because, it is nice to have the bed and futon to myself. Plus I hate being in a kennel unlike Missy who is okay with it. (I don't know what is wrong with her but, there are some screws loose in her head clearly.) Well the alone time has been super sweet, me and my kitties all relaxing in front of the air machine. Mom and them are never gone for too long on top of it all so that means I am only alone for a couple of hours and then I get people time again works out for me.

Well yesterday Mom and them didn't work in the morning but, Mom left and went to a flea market. I don't know why she would want to go to a market to buy fleas seeing how she hates fleas but, that is where she went with Grandma and Aunt Renee (Great Aunt Renee to me.) They came home around 3:30 picked up Daddy and left Missy and I at home. That meant no alone time for me. Fine I will deal with sharing the futon and bed cause I can't sleep on both at the same time anyways.

Mom, Dad and Grandma were gone for about 3 hours and I am assuming they were at work because when Dad and Grandma came home they smelt like dogs which is normal for them. Now it was Mommy that threw me for a loop. She was covered in white hairs and smelt like a Husky. To be honest with you she kinda looked like one too. I had to seriously do a double take to make sure that was my Mommy. I mean she had white hair on her clothes, her hair, eyebrows, glasses, up her nose and even in her eyes. She was taking camouflage to an extreme. I can see why deers and moose get confused when humans dress up like trees now and put their urine smells on them.

So for a couple hours I was cautious of Mom because, she smelt and looked like a Husky which led me to believe that she might have been hunting Huskies and that is just not okay with me. Huskies are my friends and they have feelings so I wanted nothing to do with Mommy. Mommy showered and still smelt like a Husky and was still pulling Husky hair out of her eyeball. She keeps telling me that she was just bathing really hairy dogs but, I don't know if I should trust her just yet.

I told Missy about what I thought was going on and sent Missy with her to work today and Missy assured me today there was no foul play going when it came to Mommy. Which makes me feel a little bit better but, don't worry all of my Husky friends out there. I will keep an eye out on my Mommy to be extra safe.




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