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Life styles of the wrinkly and famous

I showed him!

March 15th 2011 4:35 pm
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So yesterday Daddy asked Mommy to go back home and pick up Missy and I so we can go to Mommy's shop and get a bath. Which was fine with me because, I won't lie was I was oily and stinky. I don't think Mommy liked burying her head into my wrinkly body with the odor that was coming from me and we can't have that cause I love to cuddle.

Now the bath part Missy and I are wonderful with. Missy likes it more then me of course but, I tolerate it never the less cause Mommy trained me too. Now that Mommy and Daddy work together, Daddy likes to do all the bathing which I will deal with cause Mommy told me I had to. Missy prefers Daddy for the bath cause he gives treats and I prefer Mommy cause she gives kisses and is faster then Daddy. Well it was all the standard procedures up until he put Missy's hair growth stuff onto my leg that was shaved cause he said he wants to hide the scar. Which Mommy doesn't mind seeing because it is easier for her to check for new cancer lumps and tell what is a lump and what is the veins the vet had to tie off. Either way when she checks me I get a massage so hey no complaining there.

Well he had that stuff sit on me for five whole minutes. I was just sitting in the tub all wet for five whole minutes. That is so not cool. I was going to let him know that later, one way or another. Mommy came back to the tub and kissed me and let me kiss her then went back to drying Missy, which made me feel a little better.

After I was all rinsed and dried Daddy pulled me out and put me on Mommy's grooming table, Mommy was sitting on the zebra bench talking to Grandma and looked at me and said "I love you Boo Boo Bear." She then asked Daddy why I was on the table, he said he wanted to file the sharp points off of my nails. I turned around from looking at Mommy and looked at Daddy with my "You say what face!" Then looked back at Mommy who Daddy was teasing about not loving me as much as she loved Missy (Missy is a Momma's girl and I won't lie I favor Daddy and Mommy knows that.) she told him "Whatever makes you sleep at night buddy." Meaning she knows he is just being a butthead. She also told him to tighten the loop on my neck if he was going to do my nails and he said "I know what I am doing." Mommy rolled her eyes at him walked up to me and kissed me and said "Your a good boy, you know what to do huh." I got her signal.

So I let Daddy do a foot by himself kinda, and then jumped off the table and ran to Mommy. She giggled and whispered "That's my handsome man." I wiggled all over in excitement. Daddy wasn't too pleased but, we laughed. What Daddy doesn't understand is I favor him more then Mommy because, he isn't the bad guy with me. Mommy ALWAYS does my nails on her own usually and I am home on the bed cuddling with her. Daddy just isn't Mommy when it comes to grooming and I wanted Daddy to know that.

Mommy ended up finishing my nails and going back over Daddy's work and I got treat for it, then I got to play with Daddy like I always do. Daddy is all pleasure and Mommy is all work he need to remember his place in our pack.




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