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Life styles of the wrinkly and famous

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Earned his Wings.

February 17th 2015 2:57 pm
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So I know we haven't been on much in awhile but, I decided to come on here and let you guys know that Monty has earned his wings. He had been battling cancer for five years and on February 3rd we had to say goodbye to him because, the cancer had spread to his lungs and was making it hard for him to swallow and breathe. He was surrounded by love, he had myself, his Dad, his Aunt Julie and his Aunt Vickie with him when he left this world. I have been dreading making this entry because, I am still grieving over the loss and there hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't cried or thought to myself maybe I could have done more or done something differently and he would still be here. Missy has also been grieving too. She loved him and it took her a week to stop searching the house for him.


Just another update.

December 29th 2013 10:03 pm
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First of all I would like to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes and I also hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Santa brought you lots of good things.

Sorry we haven't been on much. Holidays are the busiest time for Mom. Then Mom's Great Aunt died just before Christmas and she couldn't go to the funeral cause of work but, did manage to go to the gathering after. On top of all that someone tried to rob Aunt Chrissy's work and thankfully she wasn't hurt and he got nothing because, she was fast and smart but, she did make Mom and Grandma worry a lot. I mean she made us worry too when we found out he handed her a note saying "I have a gun give me all your money." Normal people would listen to that kind of note Aunt Chrissy not so much. Mom wanted to beat her when she found that out and told her, it isn't worth her life.

Mom wasn't around much for my Birthday/Christmas cause she had to go to other people's houses this year. She made it up to us though by taking the day after off and spending it with us. We got lots of toys...all big and Missy keeps hitting me with them but, it's all good. Mom is hoping things slow down so she can do more with us but, who knows what 2014 has in store.


Take your dog to work day will keep going for us.

July 20th 2013 1:01 am
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So today we spent a long time at the vet's office. He told Mom that Missy's foot sore isn't plant matter or a spider bite it isn't even an abscess. He said he believes it is a benign tumor that should shrink with an ointment and if it doesn't we will have to remove it. Then it was my turn and I am why it took so long. They removed my wrap and gave Mom some big kudos for her work they told her she was good. Then he pulled the skin tag up to look at my sore and said well we can do two things here. We can do surgery and stitch it or we can let you keep wrapping it and cleaning it like you have been and put him on antibiotics. He said either way it will take a long time to heal because, my body rejects stitches which means they have to stay in longer usually about 6 weeks instead of 2 weeks or go without and let it take 3-4 weeks to heal....we went with no stitches. He cleaned and clipped it so I don't have the skin tag which was creeping Mom out and then he wrapped it. So that means we are going to work for that many more weeks. Missy and I love going to work with Mom so it's cool with us and well Mom doesn't mind us hanging around so long as we behave.

Mom did have to go and buy more wrap and stuff for me today. While she was out she thought she would be nice and buy us a burger from Burger King and well she of course got herself dinner too. She came home we ate our burger and then Missy started hitting Mom with her foot and nudging her with her nose and such whenever Mom would go to take a bite of her dinner. Mom yelled at Missy and told her no you got yours already...well Mom should have listened to Missy cause now she is covered in hives and swelling everywhere. Grandma almost rushed her to the hospital over it but, thankfully the Benadryl (she keeps lots of it on hand for me.) kicked in and she can breathe again....she is itchy still but, at least she can breathe. She of course had to apologize to Missy who was just trying to help her out and said there might be a hotdog in our futures tomorrow. We don't mind that either though Missy is still upset with Mom for not picking up on her signals but, not too mad that she won't lay on her feet or follow her from room to room right now. I personally think Mom should go to the vet for humans but, she is stubborn and fighting it.


It's just not Mommy's Month.

July 18th 2013 10:59 pm
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So you guys know about Missy's lump that was just a fatty lump...I always told Missy that she should cut back on the kibble. Well a week after it was removed guess how got a sore on her foot..that's right Missy. Then this Monday I hurt myself. I have really frail skin from the steroids I am and well it rips easily and I ripped it playing with Daddy. So tomorrow Missy and I are going to the vet to get our sores checked out and Missy's stitches removed. Mommy and Daddy are wanting to pull out their hair with all of the ouchies we seem to be getting here lately.

To make it all worse Mommy is fighting a flu and she found out yesterday that her account was frozen to prevent identity theft. Thankfully they froze it before anyone could get anything out of it but, if you ask Mommy no one wants to rob her because, she keeps spending all of her money on our vet bills.


Spring fun

April 14th 2013 10:00 pm
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Well Spring is here and mind you Missy and Mom would prefer it to be in the 70's for the high Dad, Tipsy, Trixie, Chickadee, Grandma and I am digging this low 80 degree weather. So today Dad did some yard work and then he helped Grandma plant some vegetables that Missy then tried to eat but, she was told they aren't ready yet....Mom didn't touch them because, she seems to have the touch of death when it comes to plants and Dad and Grandma were teasing her over it. So while Dad and Grandma did that Mom was cooking on the grill. Which made Missy and I happy because, it means BBQ for us...we had some ribs today and they were yummy.

While they were doing all of that Missy and I were playing tag in the yard. Needless to say I got cocky and slowed down to tease Missy and out of no where she sped up and plowed through me...just cause she is big doesn't mean she can't be fast that was my lesson for the day. While we were playing Chickadee and the terrors (terriers) were on the high ground which is what everyone does when Missy is running...takes the high grounds cause she isn't very graceful. I mean I don't get it I can leap over anything and run like the wind without missing a step but, she looks so goofy and I honestly thought she would grow out of that. I think it's because, I was a ballerina in my past makes sense to me.

Anyways Spring is here and that means we will get to be out and about a lot more before Summer comes....Missy and Mom don't do heat. I hope Spring comes soon to the rest of our pals...though Missy is jealous of your cooler weather but, what does she know right?


Sorry for being absent.

February 17th 2013 1:11 am
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Well first of all Missy and I want to thank everyone for the gifts on Valentines Day. We also want to say sorry for not being on often, we are trying to get Mom to fix that but, she is kinda stubborn and busy here lately.

Some updates about us we found a trail nearby that leads to the river and Mom found a place that is shallow so Missy can play in the water which is great for her but, water isn't my thing so Dad and I will stick to exploring while I leave Missy and Mom to the fish. Also I have two new masts on my leg and the vet said unless we amputate it they can't be removed and then he told Mom realistically if they are on my leg they are probably in my chest too seeing how the original mast was in my armpit/chest area and the two new ones are way lower down. He doesn't think I am a good candidate for chemo or radiation because, I have more issues then just that. So we will be doing pain meds when needed and keeping me on the steroids to stop my allergies from getting out of hand. Mom was depressed about the news but, she is adjusting cause the vet told her I can still live for years if she keeps what she is doing going. Since Mom and I both love and trust my vet and know he wants what is best for me we will be listening to him and she will keep doing what she is doing for me. She has also decided that we will all be spending more time together that's been kinda fun and interesting. She takes us out more and walks us more now so I am not complaining.

So between that and Mom working longer hours at the shop she hasn't had much time to update our pages. She said she will work on that because, we gave her the sad eyes. We hope you are all okay and having fun.


Big day here.

December 25th 2012 5:22 pm
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So we all know it's Christmas and so from my family to yours we are wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Now to get to the real's my birthday. I was born on Christmas so I have to share my special day with everyone. Mom says everyone is celebrating my birth but, I don't know if I should believe her quite yet. So today Dad made me a cake which was delicious and Mom stayed home today and cooked a dinner. Now she said it's for Christmas but, since it is my special day too I got to enjoy some of it. Missy and I got to sample the sweet potato mashed thing Mom made, mashed red baked potatoes and ham...we got to have ham. Mom gave us a piece while she ate and then after she gave us another piece and I am not talking small pieces. I am talking a full piece of ham. Dad called us spoiled I say we are loved.

I want to thank you all for the gifts they made my day even better. I do hope you guys are all enjoying your Christmas with your family. I also hope you got to sample some of the dinner.


Ahead of the game for once.

November 15th 2012 5:03 pm
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So Mom is usually the kind of person who does things last minute...kinda like Missy. Well this year she totally shocked us. She said she was going to do Christmas cards this year and we looked at her and thought "Yeah sure you are Mom." Well sure enough today the FedEx man showed up with a box. I guess Mom planned ahead for once and had designed and ordered Christmas cards already and they arrived today. We were shocked by this. I guess you can teach a human new tricks.

So Mom said if anyone would like to get a card from us you can feel free to message Missy or myself with your address and we will send you one.


Sorry for vanishing.

November 13th 2012 4:51 pm
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Sorry we haven't been on much our secretary went on a vacation with Missy last weekend and she has also been sick for the last two weeks. She isn't 100% yet but, she is getting there. I doubt the trip helped but, don't tell her that.

While her and Missy were down south I stayed with Daddy at home and got to spend all the one on one time with him that I wanted and I wanted a lot of his time. I also got to sleep on more then the little corner of the bed and I didn't get kicked in the head once. It brought back memories of what it use to be like before they got Missy.

Mommy and Missy hung out Grandma Molly for 5 days. They also went to a big dog called Puppy Up and it was for the which is about raising money to help find a cure for cancer because, cancer touches everyone. I won't lie I did miss them randomly. I know Mommy missed me cause she hadn't spent a night without me since getting me until this trip. So the first night she called Daddy and Grandma crying like a baby saying she wanted to come home and spend time with me. Grandma told her to buck it up and I was doing fine. Daddy made her worse then giggled later about it...which was mean I know. When they came home Mommy had treats and presents for me which was awesome. Then I made her cry again because, the first thing I did when they came home was ran to Missy and kissed her cause oddly enough I really missed. Then I left Mommy to play with Missy. I did come give Mommy a kiss before it hit fifteen minutes, it isn't my fault I missed Missy more then Mommy.

Now that they are home and Mommy is off and on sick things are going back to normal. Normal is kinda nice.


No dog is safe in this house.

October 22nd 2012 6:23 pm
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With Halloween around the corner it means getting dressed up again in silly outfits and smiling through it because, it's what our humans like to do to us. This year I thought I would be in the clear like last year but, no Mom dressed me up too. Thankfully I didn't have to walk around a store looking like a fool that's Missy's job.

On the plus I got lots of yummy treats for it and I overheard Mommy talking to Grandma about how it might be my last year dressing up because, I get tired to easily. Now that doesn't mean I won't be wearing my sweaters and shirts when it's cold because, well it's cold and seeing how I sleep a lot already and they fit comfortably on me it won't matter. It will just keep me warm while I sleep. That and the jackets keep me dry when it is raining and I go out to potty. I hate having damp wrinkles.

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