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Missy's Tail of Mishchieve and Mayhem.

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20 Questions

February 10th 2012 8:14 pm
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I stole this from Coco Rose who took it from Misty. It looked like fun and I wanted to try it.

1. WHAT COLOR COLLAR ARE YOU WEARING? None I only wear a collar when I go out in public.
2. DOES YOUR LEASH MATCH YOUR COLLAR? It's black and black matches everything right? I mean if Mom wasn't so mean she could just order a matching leash for all of my custom collars but, no she said black works just fin.

3. WHAT’S WORSE? An EVIL NEMESIS SQUIRREL bouncing around in the trees or across the fence, a Crow strutting around in your yard or Neighbor People outside talking? I don't mind squirrels or crows but, my neighbors are loud and I need to remind them that I am on duty.

4. SO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE SNACK? I love the homemade treats from Supp Dog Treats but, I also like the Petco treat bar treats.

5. WHERE WAS YOUR LAST CAR RIDE? Petco where the pets go.

6. DO YOU STICK YOUR HEAD OUT THE WINDOW ON CAR RIDES? Yes I do so long as Mom isn't going to fast.

7. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE TOY? Heck yeah I do! I love my Invincible snake.


9. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE WALK? I love going everywhere so long as Mommy is with me. Don't get me wrong I love Daddy but, I am Mommy's shadow.

10. DO YOU GO TO DOG PARKS? Yes I do and I don't tend to leave Mommy's side.

11. WHERE DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? I start off in Mommy's bed until she is asleep, then move to the floor and then to the futon. Now I do go back to Mommy when she is having a bad night because, I know she needs me.

12. DO YOU SNORE? Yes just like my Mommy does.

13. DO YOU SLEEP UNDER THE COVERS? Sometimes I do it depends on the weather and Mom.

14. DO YOU HAVE TO WEAR CLOTHES? Yes I do but, it's hard finding things in my size.

15. ARE YOU THE FAVORITE DOG? Kinda...I am Mommy's girl but, since Monty has gotten sick he has also taken to the Mommy too.

16. WHERE IS YOUR FAVORITE SPOT TO SLEEP IN THE HOUSE? On the floor where I can see all three door ways.

17. WHAT’S THE BEST HUMAN FOOD YOU’VE EVER BEEN FED? El Pollo Loco's BRC burritos. When Grandpa died Dad left one out and Monty and I stole it and shared it.

18. DO YOU GO TO A DOG GROOMER? Yes and No, Mom is a dog groomer and I go to her does that count?

19. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF BATHS? I don't mind them. Dad bathes me so I tolerate them. Mom doesn't bathe me because, when she tries I am trying to rub up on her all wet.

20. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE BORED? Sleep, bug Monty or smack Dad with my foot. I have to keep Dad in check you know.


The Last Word

January 29th 2012 12:45 pm
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So I like to alert Mommy and Daddy when there is something going on. It is something I have done since I found my voice at five months old. So by now they should be use to it one would think.

When I alert Mommy she goes and checks on what I am telling her to check on like a well trained adult. She says "Good job Little Missy, Mommy feels safe with you around." I then stop alerting her of the problem. I have Mommy trained very well as you can tell.

Now I for some reason can't get Daddy trained at all. Seriously no matter how many times I smack him with my paws, he won't get the picture. So I was alerting him of the strangers standing around outside yelling today and he just said "Missy shut up." So I talked back and repeated myself. Again he said "Missy seriously shut up." I mumbled something under my breath and Mommy giggled saying "Missy got the last word in again. Also she is telling you there is someone outside." So Dad went to the window saw the people and said "Okay I checked will she stop now?" I sat down looked at him smacked him with my paw and then barked one last time before laying down. Dad looked at Mom and said "You can tell she is your dog. She always has to have the last word and is stubborn as always."

I am taking that as a compliment because, if I had to be like Mommy or Daddy I would pick Mommy paws down. I mean no offense Daddy but, if I could only save one of you guys Mommy would be the one I saved.


Oops I Did It Again!

January 7th 2012 2:33 pm
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So I got busted again for doing something that I shouldn't be doing. A couple of days ago Mom left Monty and I like she always does to go to work and I got bored of my kibble and helped myself to some treats. Now I have watched Dad open and close the fisherman cabinet lots of times and I am no dummy. So I figured out how to open it myself and I pulled out all of our treats, toys, bones and the cat's chicken jerky.

Now to be fair I didn't eat it all on my own. I was kind enough to share with Monty. So Monty and I helped ourselves to the goodies Mom was saving for later.

When Mom and Dad got home we got busted. Needless to say Dad said "I'm not buying you guys anymore treats for at least two weeks for your punishment." TWO WEEKS!! Is he is crazy no treats for TWO WEEKS!?!?! This just isn't right or fair if you ask me. They were bought for Monty and I anyways (well minus the cat treats) why is it they get to decide when we get a treat? So you bought them but, they were bought for us so we should get to decide when we dine on them. So now we have no treats and Dad isn't budging on his punishment...normally Monty's sad eyes make him cave but, not this time. So Monty and I have been working on Mom and she keeps saying "Sorry guys Dad said nothing for two weeks." We know Mom will cave before then but, she is trying her hardest not to.

Now will I do it again when they buy new treats? In a heartbeat but, I won't get caught next time.


Sunday Pictures.

December 12th 2011 6:09 pm
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So we went to Petco for our professional pictures this year. They were suppose to have Santa there but, he got sick and with Christmas right around the corner they sent him home to rest. Well we still took our pictures and Mommy loved them all. So she ended up spending a whole bunch on them and now has to wait to get them in the mail. Really Mom did you have to go overboard?

Needless to say everyone loved Monty and I there, they all said "Aww how adorable are they?!". I was in a Christmas dress that was a little tight so Mommy told me to suck it in. I had a matching collar and nails as well as bows that Mommy made. They were red and glittery and then she put green jewels in the center of them to cover the rubber band. Monty wore just a plaid bandanna that matched my dress. We did a group picture and then individuals.

Once we get the pictures in Mommy will put them up for us. We had a lot of fun there with these pictures. It was nice no one was touching Mommy, there wasn't a little old lady dressed as Santa and we were put in a pen and off leash just being natural.

Also I would like to thank everyone for the congratulations on being a diary pick. I guess I might be on the nice list after all.


Lucky Dog!

December 3rd 2011 4:18 pm
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I want to thank my friends for the congratulations on being a diary pick. Usually Monty gets picked for that so it's a nice change.

I would also like to tell you about yesterday. I am really a lucky girl because, Mommy didn't yell or punish me for what I did thankfully. I am aware that she should have but, thankfully she didn't. I guess I should tell you what I did huh.

Yesterday Mommy, Daddy and Grandma all left for work. Mommy always kisses Monty and I on the nose before she sends us up the stairs with Daddy. It is our routine if she doesn't do it I won't go upstairs, she also tells us how good we are and to stay that way and that she loves us a lot. I mean we are Mommy's only kids so we are spoiled rotten and I will admit to that. Well we went upstairs with Daddy he said bye to the kitties cause Daddy is a cat person and Mommy is a dog person so it works out. When he was leaving he forgot to make sure the door was completely locked.

After they left I went to do my usual routine of check the door to make sure it is locked. I do this by using all 125lbs of my weight against the door. I can usually get it to move a little but, the locks keep it closed. Well yesterday I did this and the door moved a lot. I looked at Monty and thought "Hey we should be downstairs when Mommy gets home I am sure she would love to see us right away." So I pushed again which undid the lock that Dad didn't secure enough and bam Monty and I went downstairs. The cats came out for a bit and checked out downstairs then realized I was down there and went back upstairs away from me go figure.

Well I took this opportunity to help Grandma with her laundry. I was trying to put it away and fold it but, not having thumbs makes that a hard job. I also helped her by clearly the table off, I heard her say she needed to do that before Uncle Benny and Aunt Erin came to visit. My heart was in the right place during all of this. All the while Monty napped on the new sectional that we aren't suppose to be on.

Well after all that hard work helping with the chores I got hungry and didn't want to go back upstairs for my kibble. Instead I saw some really yummy cashew cookies and pineapple bread and I helped myself to that. I have a sweet tooth what can I say? Well after eating I was tired and I napped and then we heard a car pull up. It was Mommy, Grandma and Daddy they were finally home! Monty and I peeked through the window to make sure it was them and then ran to the door to greet them.

Daddy wasn't happy to see us downstairs. How could he not be happy to see us? Oh that's right because, he is a cat person...his vote doesn't really matter if you ask me because, cats are shady most of the time and very demanding. Grandma and Mom walked in and saw the house. Mom's jaw dropped and Grandma started to giggle. Mom kept apologizing to Grandma for the mess I made. The whole time I am trying to explain to them it isn't a mess it is me helping them with chores. Well they walked into the kitchen and saw the cashew cookie wrapper on the floor and no cookies in it so they knew I got hungry and snacked. Dad ran upstairs to do a head count on the cats, like they were going to leave their room. They don't like me so they will stay as far away from me as possible. Then a half hour later they realized the pineapple bread was missing too. Both Mom and Grandma didn't get to sample the cookies or the bread before I ate it so they were disappointed a bit.

I didn't get yelled at or lectured though, Mom just looked at me and said "At least the door is still on the hinges and you guys are okay." and then she kissed the top of my head. I didn't destroy anything so maybe that is why she didn't yell at me either way I got lucky.


Looking for a Good Saint Nick this Year.

November 30th 2011 3:32 pm
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So Mommy has always done our Santa pictures through Petsmart but, the last two years the pictures have been horrible and the Santa is always questionable. I mean I know I can't have the real deal with me for pictures cause, he is super busy and all. I just think that I deserve slightly better then what I have seen. I mean last years Santa refused to sit with me and was a little old lady wearing a beard. I was not okay with a little old wearing a beard, it was to weird for me. The year before that it was a creepy guy who kept trying to touch Mom and that wasn't okay with Monty and I...Santa was about ready to lose a hand and we were going to be put on the naughty list.

After the creepy Santa incident Monty has had the pleasure of sitting the pictures out so if Mommy can find a good place for Santa picture she is hoping to bring Monty back into the fun. Monty got super anxious after Santa touched Mommy twice so she wanted Monty to be comfortable and told him he didn't have to do that anymore. He loves Mommy a lot and with his anxiety and seeing creepy Santa touch her he got really red and feverish and Mom had to take him to the vet.

So Mommy and I are curious as to where you pups get your Santa pictures done at?


Not Fair!

November 11th 2011 5:18 pm
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Okay so it is raining right now and that is awesome because, I love the rain. I want to stay out there forever when it is raining but, Mom won't let me. She makes me come inside and now I am soaking wet and wanting to do the zoomies all over the house. Well normally I go upstairs and do the zoomies but, Grandma says it sounds like a herd of elephants stomping around up there. So I went downstairs to get my zoomies out of my system and Mom told me no! She actually put me in a sit, then down and stay till I calmed down! I can't play outside where I want to be, I can't play inside where I have be either! What am I to do?

On top of it Mr. Perfect Monty keeps instigating play with me. He knows I can't because, I sound like an elephant stomping around. Yet he still starts it and I can't say no to him, Mom got me to keep him happy and healthy. It is my job to make him happy....I make him miserable too but, that's another story.

Also what is wrong with elephant stomps? People pay to see them stomp around in a circus and zoo so what's the big deal?


About Time!

November 5th 2011 10:41 am
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Fall weather has officially blessed us! All this week highs will be in the 50s-60s and this weekend we will have rain! I have been waiting forever for this weather to come back to me. I love it when it is cold and wet, that is my prime time to enjoy life. To stand outside while it down pours with my mouth wide open and looking up like a turkey. Oh the simple life is just for me. Mom hates it because, I do this at 3:30 in the morning and she is in pjs and cold but, she gets over it.

Mommy bought me a sweater because, I was jealous of Tuesday (Grandma's Chihuahua) and because, I like to feel pretty from time to time. We found one sweater that kinda fit me and by kinda I mean I need to stay away from the Milk Bones because, if I eat to many I won't fit in it anymore. Mom says it's like a fat man in a little jacket, she better not be calling me fat because, I am not the vet said so. So now that this weather has come back to me, I can wear my sweater. Mom is dreading that because, I like to get dirty but, washing machines were created for cleaning my laundry right? Chop chop Mom, I need to look good this fall.

Off to go play outside now! See you guys later.



October 22nd 2011 7:35 pm
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So I went to a costume contest at Petsmart today and I actually placed this year! I got third place, a new toy and a ham and cheddar melt for being such a good girl! Today was so awesome Mommy is so proud of me, she said I was super cute and well behaved. Everyone there loved me and wanted to take pictures of me and with me. I think strangers have more pictures of me today then Mommy. Every time she wanted to take a picture of me someone asked to take one of me so she asked me to pose and I did and then forgot to take a picture herself. Which is okay because, her and I got dressed up and took some pictures at the park. This year Mommy and I will be handing out candy and matching.


Crazy Night!

September 24th 2011 1:42 pm
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So Mommy and Daddy let Monty and I out at midnight to go potty and then a half hour later they went to bed. Two hours later I woke Mommy and Daddy up because, I wouldn't stop barking. They yelled "Missy thanks for the alert but, get to bed." "Missy bed now!" "Missy I am begging you to shut up."

Well a couple minutes later Aunt Chrissy yells "Get down here now!" Mommy, Daddy, Monty and I come running down the stairs and come to find out some creepy guy moved the china hutch outside, fit through the gate, moved the bunny's cage and then entered the house. He heard me barking and Mommy saying quiet so he avoided coming upstairs. He walked by Grandma's door and stood in the living room watching tv and Aunt Chrissy sleeping. Grandma got up and her dogs ran out back because, they are chickens. Grandma said Daddy's name thinking maybe it was Daddy and the guy panicked and walked right out the front door.

Four of the little dogs ran outside when the guy was in the house and three of the little dogs just slept right through it all. Monty stayed on the bed with Mommy and Daddy and didn't bark at all because, he is a pain in the butt like that.

While I was pacing back and forth trying to get Mommy or Daddy up to let me out and let me at him. I knew he was there and I knew he wasn't suppose to be there. Mommy apologized to me but, my feelings are still hurt by her not listening to me. That is twice she hasn't listened to me now and it hurts me every time. It is my job to protect this household and I take my job seriously. All I want is for her to believe me when I bark and alert her and for her to let me investigate the situation. I will stay mad at her for a bit so she learns to listen to me. I mean mind you I think she gets it now but, still she needs to prove to me that she gets it.

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