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Missy's Tail of Mishchieve and Mayhem.

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Reasons to bark.

January 16th 2010 11:03 pm
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So as we all know humans are not fond of barking. Yet we bark all the time. I don't think humans quite understand why we bark. I have many reasons for barking so I am going to list my top 10 reasons for barking.

10. The neighbors behind us listen to horrible rap music and I feel the need to let them know that their music is horrible.
9. The terriers in the main house won't quit back talking and I have to tell them who is boss.
8. The Garbage Man needs to stop stealing the trash it is unacceptable.
7. The giant bird in the other room is talking up a storm and yelling Mommy's name and I just want him to stop because, she is my Mommy and not his.
6. I am trying to whistle like the Guinea Pigs do. I just haven't gotten it down yet.
5. One of the humans cats outside just smashed down on the swamp cooler and I need to let them know that they need to jump lightly.
4. Monty my brother never listens to me and so I have to yell at him to get his attention.
3. I know it peeves Daddy and it makes me giggle.
2. I love watching the evil kitties jump every time I bark. It is only fair seeing how they don't like me.
1. Is because I am a lady and we like to gossip to anyone who will hear us.


A day of joy

January 19th 2010 7:46 pm
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Today I got to spend all day with Mommy. At first Daddy let me out to go do my thing and I was happy because it was raining and I love the rain. So I stood out in the rain and soaked it all up until Daddy made me come inside. So then I came in and Daddy left for work. Mommy was still in bed sleeping so I decided that it was my duty to keep Mommy warm. So I jumped into bed tried getting under the covers with Mommy who was telling me No but, I don't listen to that word and I did it anyways. Mommy then started to pet me and informed me that I was soaking wet. Little did she know that I already knew that and did that on purpose. She felt bad for me and pulled the blankies over me so I could keep warm and then held me. I feel asleep in Mommy's arms for a good hour it was nice. Monty was at Mommy's feet like he always is. (I don't think he loves Mommy as much as I do. ) Mommy got up and gave both Monty and I treats then started to get ready for the day. Shortly after Daddy called and talked to Mommy and said that he wanted to see Mommy and to bring me with her. I got super happy when Mommy told me that. So Mommy put me on my leash and we were off.

We got to Grandma's shop and Mommy let me in and I was jumping everywhere and she told me to chill, which I did for once. Then Mommy showed off what I had learned so far in school. Grandma was impressed Daddy just shook his head like he tends to do. (He favors Monty.) So while Grandma groomed Mommy took me in the back and dried my feet cause of course I stepped in every puddle I could find. Then when we got done there Mommy sat down and laid on her feet and slept. When Grandma's dog went home Mommy put me on the table and cleaned me up some. I love when Mommy grooms me it is so relaxing. After that I got to eat more biscuits for tricks. Daddy then dressed me up in his grooming apron silly Daddy should know blue isn't my color but, Mommy wanted pictures anyways so I posed for her.

Then an evil kitty came in and started biting and scratching at Mommy and I got upset because I don't want Mommy hurt. Daddy is a man he can handle his own but no one messes with my Mommy when I am around. Well Mommy decided that it would be best if I went home due to the evil kitty so she took me home where I pouted because I wasn't by her side. Then she went back to help at the shop again. Shortly after she came home again and loved on me to no end. Monty kept trying to steal her away from me but I wasn't allowing that.

It was a nice day.


Just giving you quick update

December 5th 2010 4:39 pm
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It is winter time which is one of my favorite times ever, cause it is cold, wet and Mom keeps promising me that I will get to go play in the snow. Who doesn't love snow or the rain? Well I guess the cats don't but, what do they know they poop in box. Monty isn't a huge fan of it either but, then again he doesn't like swimming either and he also will poop in a box from time to time. He is a little weird if you ask me but, that is a whole other story.

Since it has been awhile since I last stole Mom's computer I guess I should catch everyone up on what has been going on this year. Umm the year didn't start off well for my family and I, my Mom's dad passed away in the beginning of this year and she was really sad which made me sad. She is slowly getting better though and that makes me happy, I have been helping she told me so. Plus Mom changed her job so now she is home a lot more with me and that makes me super happy it means more cuddle times, even if I don't want to cuddle I will for Mom. Mom has been taking me out to a lot more places now days which is cool. I went to the lake with her and some friends got to go swimming with them all, the water was refreshing. Everyone was saying it was cold but, what do they know? She also took me with her to the corn mazes which was totally awesome cause I got to hang out with some of my favorite two legged friends. I got to take pictures with Aunt Heidi, Aunt Krystal, Aunt Dora and Mom we all stuck our heads in these holes that were painted like pumpkins. Mommy liked it so that is all that mattered to me. I got to see some horses it's been awhile since I have seen horses. Interesting creatures they are, riding people around on their back. They need to be informed that people have legs and can walk themselves silly horses don't break your back when they have legs. This Halloween I got to play dress up again, I was Minnie Mouse everyone loved me, yet I didn't win any prizes. Though I know I was the cutest of all who doesn't love a girl in ribbons and pearls? I also found out that my brother Monty is sick but, I was told not to worry about it because Mom and Dad are going to get him better. I trust Mom and Dad they wouldn't lie to me. Mom bought a doggy cook book too and she said she will be baking me some yummy treats, I love treats a whole lot. Then again I don't know anyone who doesn't love treats. I also get to see my Grandma Molly and Great Grandma Goldie soon which is awesome cause they always bring goodies. I love goodies, but I already told you that I think? Anyways I hear Mom coming and I don't want to get caught using her computer so I gotta run.


This bites.

January 13th 2011 7:59 pm
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So Monty had surgery on the 27th and Mommy and Daddy neglected to tell me this little bit of important information okay. That morning they left him and they came home and there was no Monty to be found and trust me I checked. They both left for work so I had to go to my kennel cause if I don't I destroy the bed but, in my defense it's cause I am not 100% sure Mommy would be coming home and when that happens I panic and get nervous so I eat things including the bed. Anyways I was lonely all day cause I had no Monty to talk to. They came home from work and still no Monty now I am starting to worry. They left again to go work on the new place which I haven't gotten to see yet and I was alone again. Finally they come home with Monty, 8 hours later he is home and all drugged up. So I was told by Mommy that I can't play with Monty for 2 weeks. Okay first of all you take him away from me, he is MY big brother even though he is smaller then me he is still my big brother and then you tell me I can't play with him.

Well the day after his surgery he was wanting to play again so I was all down for this idea. Monty and I play hard and enjoy it but, Mommy yelled at me yet again and told me no playing with Monty. Doesn't she understand he is feeling better and wants to play? She tells me I need to ignore his play attempts because he has stitches and I will have to wait for them to be removed to play with him. So she repeats 2 weeks to me and I listen to her, even though he keeps trying to convince me to play with him.

Well 2 weeks was the 10th and he still has stitches! How is that possible?!?! I can't play with him until those darn stitches come out! I know he wants them out as bad as I do but, Mommy doesn't understand how bad I want to play with my brother. I know she is trying to fill in that void by playing with me way more then normal but, Mommy you are not a dog. I cannot open your mouth and put my mouth into your mouth. You are bigger then me and so playing leap frog isn't fun with you. I can't force my dog toys into your mouth and flip you over with my head like I can with Monty. There is a void right now in my heart because, of those darn stitches.

So I have started telling Monty he needs to heal faster so we can play again. He keeps telling me he is trying but, yet there are still stitches in his body. Then there is that whole e-collar thing, he keeps telling me to help him get it off. He has worn the towel with the collar that was breeze to take apart I didn't even have to try. So they tape it all, I don't get why Mommy likes the tape so much. She is making my job harder and keeps rotating e-collars. The inflatable one is a little rough now and almost completely covered in tape. Mommy is starting to become a Duct Tape Diva if you ask me. BOL!

Needless to say it bites that I can't play with my Monty. If it is this hard on me I can only imagine the suffering Monty is going through. I mean who wouldn't want to play with Little Ole' Me?


Live and learn

January 28th 2011 3:29 pm
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So late Sunday evening or early Monday morning Mommy and Grandma's cars got robbed. I tried telling Mommy to get up and let me at em but, she just said "Not right now Little Missy. I am tired." Finally a half hour later after growling like a bear, barking and begging Monty to help Mommy finally let me out. I ran straight to the fence and started to jump over it but, Mommy again not listening to me called me off of it. Thankfully though my bark and growl scared the bad guys off and they didn't take Mommy's car.

Mommy got up that morning and had to talk to the police and then came back in. I was upset with Mommy so I refused to talk to her or even look at her. If she would have just trusted me when I first told her to get up none of this would have happened. Mommy had to bribe me to forgive her. How dare Mommy using food to bribe me, that is my one weakness and she knows it. Mommy did promise to listen to me from now on though which is a good thing because, I do look out for Mommy and my family.

Mommy also decided that thanks to my fence fiasco I had to go to the doctor to get a micro chip. I guess my tag isn't enough for Mommy to be content with. She said if Monty is micro chipped Little Miss you should be too. So now both Monty and I are chipped so we can return to Mommy if we ever get lost. The vet's helpers were shocked by how big I was too. I guess I put on 5lbs making me weigh in at a whooping 125lbs now. I was also counter surfing at the vet's office, that got me into a little bit of trouble with Mommy. She didn't understand that I was just making sure they spelled my name right on all of those papers.



February 18th 2011 9:03 pm
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So it is raining and I am loving it! Now when I go out at 4 o'clock in the morning not so much but, still I am loving the rain. On top of the rain being here which is super awesome by the way if I forgot to mention that, Mommy brought home some yummy food for Monty and I. I love Mommy she is my favorite always spoiling us with good stuff.

She brought home two plain hamburgers for Monty and I to enjoy as a late Valentines Day gift, whatever that means either way I get a burger.

Now I do kinda feel bad for Monty but, I won't let him know that cause I am the little sister and all. Mommy knows he doesn't like the cold weather and rain but, she keeps making him go outside until he goes potty. She even put him in a red and black jacket thinking that would make him feel better. Now I did kinda laugh over that one and I know I shouldn't have but, I couldn't help myself. Mommy knows he won't go number two in front of her but, she still watches him. I know she is trying not to watch him but, she still does. If he has to go I know he will go outside, Monty is super awesome when it comes to being obedient and Mommy knows that. Now if Mommy isn't home he does get into some trouble but, he won't go potty on the floor ever, he will use the box that the cats use. I personally don't like when he does that because I always try to eat out of the box when Mommy isn't looking but, I can't win it all right?

I think Mommy was trying to give Monty a peace offering by giving him a burger and a piece of ham too. I know she loves him and I know he loves her but, man they are both super stubborn and I thought I was bad. BOL!

Never the less I get a burger for some day that starts with a V and she even gave me a special treat on some dog kibble earlier today. She just keeps giving me reasons to want to protect my charges, cause without her I wouldn't get yummy treats.


Thanks to everyone!

March 11th 2011 8:02 pm
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I just want to thank you guys for all of the Birthday wishes and gifts. You guys all made my day very special. It started off ruff cause Mommy was upset over me getting older and over her not knowing if her family in Japan is okay but, thanks to you guys and Mommy pulling it together I had an amazing Birthday. So thank you all for everything.


Ruff Week.

April 3rd 2011 12:59 am
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So Mommy, Daddy and everyone has been moving to the new house which is nice by the way but, that meant they were all super tired and out late. Which meant I was in my kennel longer then I would like but, that was okay because the new house comes with a HUGE yard and stairs to keep me in shape.

The not so pleasant thing is one of Grandma's dogs dug out of the new yard and is missing now. That made Mommy and Grandma cry and Daddy is now keeping a close eye on the rest of us now. Mommy put up flyers, notified Suki's chip company, and talked to some people. Grandma took a flyer to the local vet office, grooming salon and went to the shelter. Well today some mean lady called and said she had our dog and that we need to take better care of her and then hung up on Auntie Chrissy. Well that upset both Mommy and Grandma and made Aunt Chrissy mad as well as Grandma. None of them know if the lady was lying or not but, I can tell you one thing Suki was spoiled and was no where near being neglected. So Monday Grandma is calling the Sheriff's department and seeing if there is anything they can do to help.

All of us are trying to keep up happy thoughts that Suki will come back to us. I mean yes she can be a bit cranky but, that doesn't mean we don't love her. Hopefully she will come home safely to us all.


No Bueno Today

April 28th 2011 6:37 pm
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So today Mom took Monty and I to work with her so we could get a bath and she could re-shave my feet because of these pesky foxtails. Needless to say I got my bath Mom started my feet and saw my back foot bleeding. Her and Grandma checked it over and Mom called the vet. They got me in instantly and said how pretty I was and compared my size to an English Mastiff.

Then they took us to a room and the new vet came in which was odd cause I like the other guy more but, I love everyone and so I sat there. She talked to Mommy and Mommy told her about my feet and her concerns. Then the vet upset Mommy because she either doesn't know when to shut up or doesn't word things right cause, she commented on how Mommy was wearing a smock and Mommy said "Well I came from work to here." She asked what Mommy did for a living and Mommy said "Grooming" and she said "Oh yeah anyone who doesn't have a job should just groom dogs because anyone can do it." Mommy gave her a look and smiled and said "Anyone with patients can do it. Just like anyone with Money can be a vet." The lady shut up real quick.

She then asked if I knew how to sit. What kind of question is that? Yeah I know how to sit! I know all sorts of commands. Mommy put me in a sit and asked for a foot. I gave her foot and the vet lady looked at us with shock. Mommy spread my toes and showed her the spots she was concerned about on my front feet and then asked me to stand and stay which I know how to do on command and I did. She then picked up my back feet and showed her the spots of concern which were bleeding. The vet commented on how well behaved I am and Mommy explained to her that is because she has been working with me since I was 9 weeks old on this stuff.

The vet lady took me into the back to check to see if we could see any foxtails left in my foot she found one but, didn't want to go any further because, I wasn't sedated. So she came back up with me and Mommy and her talked. Needless to say I go back to the vet tomorrow to have my feet cut open and remove any foxtails that are stuck in there.

Mommy is worrying a little over it but, I know I will be okay because, I have to be for Mommy. She needs me and I know it. We haven't spent a night apart since the day she got me and she plans on keeping it that way for a long time.

So tomorrow I will give everyone an update on how it went and how bald my feet will be. BOL!


Whooo! Foxatil Free!

April 29th 2011 6:57 pm
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Okay I am home now and kinda groggy from all of the meds they gave me. I now have poodle feet as well, it looks awkward on me.

They found two foxtails in my feet and one that was so far up in my girl bits that they had to use a special tool to find it and remove it. I have stitches on one foot because they had to cut it open super wide.

Mommy has decided that she will not be letting that new vet work on us anymore because she is rude and made Mommy cry. Which is weird because Mommy is usually really strong. Before letting Mommy see me they put Mommy in a room to talk to her and the vet informed her of what they did and then questioned her about my anal glands. She said "Do you even check your own dogs anal glands?" Mommy responded "Yes I do and I did them yesterday." The evil vet said "Well you need to do them from the inside out then because, they were full." Then she went on to say "Also if you don't know how to remove a foxtail properly then maybe you shouldn't let your dog out in the yard until you get it under control." Mom replied by saying "I have sprayed the yard, mowed the yard and weed whacked the yard. I am trying if you have any suggestions please let me hear them. Also I do know how to remove them correctly but, Missy sometimes beats me to it." Evil vet women told Mommy "Then maybe you should keep a better eye on your dog." Mom started getting upset at this point and stopped talking before she did something very bad to this lady.

They had me meet Mommy around back and I was on a kennel lead because, they didn't remove my leash or collar in the kennel and I chewed it to pieces. Mommy picked up all 125lbs of me and put me in the car. Got in the car herself and cried for five minutes telling me she was sorry. I tried telling her not to let that mean lady get to her because, I don't think she is a bad Mommy and I know she watches me like a hawk when she is home. It is Daddy that doesn't and she can't do anything to fix that.

Thankfully by the time we got to the shop Mommy kinda stopped crying and Grandma made her completely stop by telling her exactly what I was trying to tell her. Needless to say we will be sticking with original vet and if they won't let us do that then Mommy will be finding a new vet for us.

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