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The world through a puppy's eyes!

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My first Obedience Training

February 20th 2010 2:04 am
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well although I have been to watch training a few times in arms - Thursday evening was different. I was allowed to go on the floor with another puppy (a 16 week old Daschund), she was very timid and a bit snappy! We had to go downstairs to the puppy class and horror! I never seen steps before and wondered how on earth I could get down that very very big steep downward slope eeeek! It took a lot of coaxing to get me down but I wouldn't be beaten by these step thingys - I gingerly went down the first lot containing 4 mum said then a bit of a "landing" then another 2 then there was another 6! Well by this time I had had enough and wouldn't go down the 6 no matter how much coaxing was going on BOL. Mum had no choice but to pick me up coz we was holding the start of the class up!

We got into this room had a bit of an introduction to each other then it was down to business. Mum says I did very well on my sit and downs, my wait wasn't too bad and my heel work was pretty good (well I had to stay real close to mum coz I was determined to get the treat out of her finger tips) BOL. We had a bit of a break to have a playtime but Heidi (the Daschund) kept snapping at me. I heard her owner say that is why she was there! It didn't bother me too much but I just couldn't understand why she didn't like me:(

We then did a bit more "work" and mum decided to try a Sit Stay - I said "what"! I had a couple of attempts at it and then got a big fuss made of me coz apparently I did it:D *thinks, seems no different to me with my Sit Wait* hmmm

Mum then decided we had done enough and was very pleased with my first lot of training outside the home *doing happy dance*

I then had to tackle those steps again! Not a problem going up - I ran just in case they decided to get me BOL

....more to come so stay tuned:D

Little Miss Meesha


I'm all jabbed up!

February 10th 2010 2:28 pm
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Well mum took me to Mr Vet Man this morning for my final jabbies! Sadie came too to keep me company in the car;) We arrived and the staff couldn't believe how I'd grown BOL. I was certainly being made a big fuss of which I loved and kept giving kisses to them and wagging my tail *little did I know what was to come*!

The time came for me to go in and be plonked on the table where I promptly lay down and started wagging my tail at Mr Vet Man and gave him kisses too which he said he liked very much hehe. Mum then sat me up and he showed me something in a plastic crinkly wrapper and next thing it jumped on the top of my neck! Mum was making a big fuss of me and I never even noticed it was all over. Then I had my kennel cough vaccine too coz apparently I will be mixing with lots of doggies soon - can't wait! I got weighed again and came in at 5.4kg - Mr Vet Man thought I would be more but when he smoothed my coat down he chuckled and's all coat BOL. He said my weight was coming along just fine;)

I can go out on the pavements nearby in a couple of days; I can be put on the floor at Obedience next Thursday and the week after that I can go out with Sadie on proper walkies *doing happy dance* mum says she can't wait coz I'm one big bundle of energy BOL.

I didn't get chipped today - mum and Mr Vet Man have agreed this can be done when I go get spayed later in the year *whatever that means* *shrugs*

.....more to come;)

Little Miss Meesha


Home Alone and I mean ALONE!

January 31st 2010 7:45 am
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well today was the day I was left all on my ownsome in my crate whilst mum went walkies with Sadie, Millie, Cooper and their mum! My crate was by the window so I could see the birdies flying about outside and I had a nylon bone; a nylon ring; my teddy pillow and a hard plastic ball to keep me company;) she wus gone around an hour and a half which seemed like ages to me! when they gots back i wuz still asleep in my bed all curled up and comfy, i had ripped my peepad up though *ooops* but i hadn't toileted on it anyways;) i wuz so glad to see them i peed myself BOL. Being left wasn't so bad i guess and when Sadie come to say hello we had a play outside even though she had been running about all that time with her pals - i love my Sadie *sighs*

stay tuned....

Little Miss Meesha


My first Vets visit

January 27th 2010 11:44 am
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I went to the Vets this morning for a health check and my first injection - Vet said I was adorable and a lovely temperament *whatever that means* - I got so bored of waiting I fell asleep stretched out on the table whilst Vet and mum were chatting BOL. I weighed in at a perfect 4.9kg (9.8 lbs) - Vet said weight was spot on;) mum checked on whether i should still be getting a couple of weetabix with warm milk for my breakfast and the answer was NO!! eeeek no more weetabix for me:( I go back in two weeks time for my final injection then I may actually go out the following day just pavement walking near my home then, two weeks after i can go with my sis on her daily outings woohoo *doing happy dance* then I will find out where she disappears to everyday *thinks*.

----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------

I have to tell you all that I really enjoyed watching my sis doing her agility training last night - she is amazing! I was watching with interest all the other pups too.......... i wanna be just like that yeahhhhhh :D

Stay tuned......

Little Miss Meesha


My new home

January 25th 2010 3:14 pm
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hello everypup, mum has been waiting fur me for 4 weeks since she first saw me to bring me home to meet my big sister Sadie and live with my new family:D I think I am winning Sadie around slowly until I have my mad half hours after a feed! She doesn't seem to like me darting about and jumping on her for some reason and I have been told off a few times by her but, I will learn how far I can go with her;) I am crated at night in the same room as Sadie but I don't like it and cry but last night it was good because mum furgot to bolt the door on the crate and I must have leaned on it and guess opened! When mum came through this morning I was curled up at the foot of Sadie's bed BOL. Mum was amazed coz she hadn't "pup proofed" the room at all and everything was still in it's place and not chewed or broken! All I wanted was to curl up with my Sadie as close as she will allow me to get which was on the edge of her bed *sighs contentedly*. I don't know whether I will be allowed to just have my own bed in there tonight or whether I will have to be crated again *shrugs*

Stay tuned for more stories.....

Little Miss Meesha

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