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Arnies Life - Miss you dearly

Arnie's Arrival and Beyond...

January 6th 2010 7:43 am
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Arnie's Arrival

I always wanted a dog but was never allowed to have one, eventually my father saw an advert in the vets about some labradors that needed a home, he was from a litter of nine. We called them up and went over there pretty instantly, when we got out of the car we were greeted by Arnie's mother, she was so adorable. We went on inside and saw the last two dogs left, one was playsome Arnie and the other one was a quiet female. My father was the one that decided we would take Arnie. From the moment we saw him we knew he was the one.

When he arrived at our house they carried him inside watched him settle and left. This was February 2005, he was very playful and wanted alot of attention. But a few days later it began to snow, he had never seen snow before, he wasn't quite sure what to do. There was this little golden dog sat under the tree when a drop of snow fell on his nose. He just stood still in fright it was so cute :)


We looked after him, day in day out, we couldn't leave him on his own at night, it was too heart breaking to hear him crying at night, but that came with one problem, he was scared of the stairs, he was alright going up them he just didn't like going down them. We left him for awhile thinking he would come down, we called him, bribed him, nothing. He was quite a larger puppy when we got him, not like on the Andrex adverts hehe, he was getting too heavy to keep taking him up and down the stairs. Until one day we opened the front door and he came flying down to investigate. He got used to the stairs after that and stayed sleeping upstairs at night and downstairs in the day. He didn't tear anything up, he didn't urinate or anything inside, only if he was so desprate that he couldn't help himself.

------------------------------------------------------------ --

We took him to puppy classes at the vets weekly and got him to socialise with other dogs. We would put some music on in the background of fireworks and things to get them used to it all. We would get all the different dogs to greet eachother on the leads, then eventually we would let them off two at a time in size order and let them play and walk around. This got him used to other dogs aswell as us taking him out for walks with other dogs and letting them off and playing.

------------------------------------------------------------ --
Operation and Friends

Some months past and we noticed he started walking on his two front legs. then his two back legs we couldn't understand why he was doing that and the vets said it might just be something he might do. Other male dogs when people took them out would also lift their back leg up when urinating, but Arnie seemed abit slow on this. We kept taking him back to the vets for check up but they said he was fine. One day he fell and yelped! it was awful to hear him like that, he done it for a few weeks and we kept going back to the vets but nothing. When he reached the age of two they said that he had hip displacer, fractured knees and arthritis, they said at a dog of his age it would be best to put him down :(
We couldn't bare the thought of loosing him so we took him to a specialist two hours drive away (along drive for a dog who wasn't keen on car rides.) They said it would cost thousands, but he was all the worth it. We left him there thinking that he would be in there a few days, it was heart breaking as we had never been away from him before. But that next morning the phone rang and we were told he was waking up and missing us and we would go and collect him.

He struggled awhile after that and we were told once again that his leg had gone again and maybe it was the best opition for the dog to put him down. We wern't ganna give up before the dog even had a life. Turned out it was his arthritis, so we took him swimming every Saturday, but he was afraid of the water, but once the first few sesions were over we took off his life jacket and let him play with some toys in the water. He prefered running around the pool than being in it but when it was time to go he jumped in and didn't want to leave. Swimming helped and he enjoyed it but sometimes he would pull a muscle and we would think maybe it was abit more serious but after all these years, hes had lots of life, laughter and friends. Hes lost a few friends by death and he wimpered after them for awhile, he also lost some friends as they moved and they lived next door. He still goes out there and sniffs under the fence.



Snowy Days

January 9th 2010 6:45 am
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I have been out in the snow the last couple of days playing with my younger owners, I tried to catch the snowball but it vanished when I went to catch it. I haven't been for walkies in awhile because of the freezing weather, I don't want to slip on the ice, because of my legs because of what I have been through in the past. But lastnight I got a treat and went walkies, as we were taking our stroll in the cold dark snow I saw someone appear from the distance! It was my owner dad! I had been waiting at the window for him alnight and here he was! I'm off for a nap now.
Woofya Later!


Sunny Dayz

June 27th 2010 1:05 pm
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Today has been a very hot day, sun is shining, birds were singing, I heard the other dogs barking and children screaming whilst playing in the pool!
Whilst I was dreaming of the ice cold water of a river or maybe their pool, I heard the front door open, I leapt up off from my bed to make a run for it... Yes I get walked! Yes it is hot! but I want to go and explore! I can't get told off this time for it, because I didn't open the door and let myself out, I just simply saw an opportunity I had to take!
Sniffing around the neighbourhood, I hear a scream from my owners, is that me they are calling? I turn back to see my owner following me...No! It is too hot for games, I think to myself, or maybe she is coming for a walk with me...I'll just carry on and pretend I didn't hear her.

Later on after being led back into the house...I hear...Daddy's home! Oh yes daddy! He might have something for me...I just have to see what treats he has instore for me today, even if I do have to do a few tricks first...nothing...oh...hmm...sniffs...nope nothing for me just a hug and a rub...
Following my daddy into the garden while he smokes his cigarette, I lay beneath his feet, my other owners come and join us...we all sat and enjoyed the hot searing sun together...Sorry daddy, it was hot, I didn't mean to drool onto your shoe!

Wooof! Pant Pant!


We lost Arnie Today

November 3rd 2012 9:49 am
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Over the last couple of weeks Arnie split open all up one side, they ran some tests and confirmed nothing cancerous, this was tested mainly because the last few years he had slowly been getting lumps over him.
The split was open for about a week and all of the tissue and inside of him started to force out. The vets eventually decided to stitch him up and didn't realise how serious it was. He kept leaking from his large wound. Things started to look up, then took a turn for the worst over the last week, he didn't want to move and his temperature should have been 38, they said that 48 was worrying when they took it before. But the last couple of days it was up to 105 until eventually this morning it split right open again and Arnie left us.
We got to see him, he looked so peaceful, he was still warm, he just looked like Arnie sleeping.
Everybody around here knew Arnie and loved him, friendly dog who used to open the door for people and even let in the sales men! hehe.
He can rest in peace now and play with all of the other pups and dogs that are also missed.
Soon to be your Birthday Arnie, enjoy it with all your new friends up there, don't have too much fun without me! xxx

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In Loving Memory of Arnie


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