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Adventures of Klepto-Dog

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Great Day Today

November 10th 2010 8:09 pm
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The sun was shining with a slight breeze. Not too hot, not too cool. Comfortable and nice, I went outside a few times.

Momma got up early and loved on all of us. She threw my yellow monster a few times for me to bring back. I love playing Fetch but its funner making the humans bring things back.

All day long I would sample that Pedigree goodness and mom gave us a little macaroni and cheese. It was yummy! Other than fries it is one of my favorite foods.

Momma's friends came over this evening so that meant extra attention. After my dinner of Cesar Chicken Primavara, mom washed my face and gave me a complete brush out.

How was your day?


Have you Voted today?

November 9th 2010 6:09 pm
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The 6th Annual Worlds Coolest Dog & Cat Show will be coming to the end in a few days. The first part of the contest. The second part will just be the finalist.

My Momma has voted for every dog and cat. She has seen some sweet looking dogs and has voted fairly even though I hope to be a finalist.

Would love to be a finalist in a few categories. So if you haven't voted for me yet. Please do, even us little guys deserve a chance.


TV Show review

November 8th 2010 9:27 pm
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Pit Bulls and Parolees:

During one of my visits to Zaynes house, I got to watch the show pit bulls and Parolees. We don't have cable but soon we should be able to watch on our huge TV.

This wonderful lady is saving lives that would otherwise be destroyed.

Pit bulls have gotten Bad Raps because of bad owners. She is an expert in the breed and is saving lives.

Momma and me read her Biography to see how she started. What is really amazing is her ranch can house anywhere from 150-250 dogs. She currently has 225 dogs and only places 10 a month.

She is picky and investigates those wanting to adopt a pit bull to make sure the dogs aren't put back into bad situations.

She did this for many years out of the spotlight before Animal Planet. What's more amazing is the food cost for the dogs. According to the Biography its over 20,000+ a month.

Pit bulls are not for everyone and need consistent training. Any dog is capable of biting. Don't punish the breed for the actions of a few dogs.


a day in the life of Rocky..

November 8th 2010 12:49 pm
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My day started before 6 A.M. Daddy is still on the old time. So it might take him a few more days to adjust to the time change.

While Dad had Cocoa and Rudie outside, he fed me Cesar dog food. Momma and dad give me Cesar every day as a supplement to the Pedigree small bites. After enjoying my breakfast and a trip outside I decided to go back to bed.

I took my yellow monster squeaky toy with me and laid it by momma's head just in case she wanted to play when she woke up. Well as she slept I squeezed the yellow monster as quiet as I could.

Squeak squeak SQUEAK, uh oh the monster woke Momma up on purpose! She got up and the rest of us went back to sleep.

What a lazy day today is...


grooming humans 101

November 6th 2010 11:56 pm
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1. Make sure the human is sleeping.
2. Jump up at the feet, walking slowly towards the humans face. If they start to wake up from the movement lay down quickly and pretend you are asleep. When they doze back off to sleep continue your walk to their face.
3. Slowly start to lick their cheek and chin. If they start to wake up pretend you are asleep again.
4. After the cheek and chin are washed, proceed to the exposed ear. Licking gently behind the ear.
5. Once the cleaning is complete, lay your cheek against the humans and enjoy sharing a nap together.

I normally curl up on mom's shoulder with my cheek against hers...


Momma is going away next week.

November 5th 2010 8:12 pm
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Momma will be going away on November 13 for my human grandfather's Barkday. He will be 71 soon, that's 497 in dog years. I don't know why she will be traveling so far when he lives so close.

That means , I will need a sitter because this trip I can't take with her. My usual sitter is my human grandpa or my Aunt, which she will be going also. She will be 100 miles from me, it might as well be a million.

I have never been away from her for more than a few hours. I just don't know if I can function without her. Oh Momma don't leave me...


Uneventful Day

November 4th 2010 8:14 pm
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Today was rather boring. Its been raining all day so my outside play time didn't happen. So I used my puppy pads all day.

Since I couldn't get outside I decided to groom momma. She was sleeping but I thought her face needed washed. So I started on her right cheek and her chin. When she started waking up she turned her head allowing me to clean behind her ear.

After I was done washing Momma I curled up by her neck and went to. Sleep.


The Real Story

November 3rd 2010 8:59 pm
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My sister is in trouble. Yes its true she got grounded today. Earlier when my Grand Pappy stopped by, mother tried to go out and we all ran. I was almost 3 yards away before Pappy got me to come back. Rudie never left the yard because he was marking Pappy's tires.

Cocoa kept on going and going, she's a Sprinter and even a Gray Hound would be impressed with her speed. She's really fast and there is NO WAY I could keep up with her. That's the real reason I went back.

Mother caught Cocoa playing in the road and every time Momma approached her Cocoa ran. She almost got hit by 2 cars!

After 2 hours Cocoa came home and OMD did she stink. I don't know what nasty dead animal she rolled in. She had to take a bath to get rid of that smell. As an added bonus to Cocoa getting in trouble, I got a bath and a full brush out.

Life is great!


My Day

November 1st 2010 7:12 pm
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Momma left me again today for a few hours. But she made it up to me. Dad noticed recently the bigger dogs (Rudie & Cocoa) have been hogging the Pedigree Small Bites. And because I eat a little bit at a time the bowls empty quickly. So mom got Cesar dog food just for me. Dad filled both of the big bowls up with pedigree and Rudie plus the Cat shoved me out of the way.

What's really messed up the Cat has his own food and is fed high up so we can't eat his food but he eats ours. Momma is convinced Rudie is over eating to keep me from eating. So I am now fed seperatly from him and Cocoa. Mom is thinking also I am 10 lbs now! Still undersized but at least normal now.

She did bring home some fries for us and a Santa outfit for me. Size small. Goodnight all!


Thank you

October 31st 2010 7:02 pm
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Thank you for allowing me to be a Diary Pick. I am honored to be allowed to share my non-glamerous life and my fears. I am but a small dog who loves my momma. That can't imagine my life without her.

I do understand when she goes places without me there is a reason. My safety is her first concern but I still miss her. My life is being with her.

Life is better because of her. My mom is the best.

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