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This Dog's Charmed Life (Dud's Diary of Badness)

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I miss him

August 30th 2012 12:50 pm
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I miss my brother Ollie Lou so much. I know that we didn't always see nose to nose on certain things, such as BALLS, but we were together for a very long time. He was there when I first came home - him and Rems. And now they are both at the bridge......sigh.....the only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that he's watching over me with Trusty and Rems and Bailey........oh and the only other thing that makes me feel better is that my mom is playing BALL TIME with me every night because I am down in the dumps - last night? She used not one, not two, not three but FOUR BALLS TO THROW FOR ME - that was serious BALL TIME!
But, sigh, I still miss my brother


yay it's my birthday!

October 30th 2011 8:57 am
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Today is my birthday - I am seven years old! And to celebrate yesterday Mum took me bye bye in the car - one of my favourite things ever! And it was SNOWING! in October! Mum said "Must be for a special boy's seventh birthday! Who could that be?" And I was wagging
in the backseat and she said "Oh! That's you! My Peep!"
it snowed over a foot - trees snapped the power went out for a minute about four or five times - Anne got very upset - she always gets that way when the lights go out - and this morning when we woke up it was like a winterwonderland! Today for my birthday we are having Frosty Paws! YAY! Oh - and a happy birthday to all my siblings - especially Toby Shea! Love you all1 Oh and LOVE YOU MOM!


Why I Love my Mother - By Dudley Colangelo

August 26th 2010 7:33 pm
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Why I love my mother:

Because even though there are FOUR other doggies in this house - she ALWAYS makes special time for just me.
Because when she takes a vacation from work? It's never a vacation from me - as a matter of paw - it's always to spend LOTS of time with me!
Because she always says "good night Peep, I love you" and "Good Morning Peep - I love you!"
And she always waits for me to ease into waking up before saying "Okay! Let's all go out!"
Because she takes me into stores like Best Buy - without so much as blinking at anyone - and - Home Depot too - even though they have a sign up that says "No Pets" - she says to me - "what am I supposed to do? I WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU in the car! No matter how cool it is out!"
Because on days like today? When she turned into Dunkin Donuts - and locked me in the car - with the air conditioner blasting - she told the people inside that the iced coffee was for her, but the whole wheat bagel with a smidge of cream cheese - was to be shared with me.
And this was after she weighed me on the scale at Petsmart and I toppled to scale at - GASP - 118! I am a big boy. A lady who heard Mom say "118! Holy Crap!" said - "if that was me I'd be wearing a bikini" and my Mom said - "if that was me? I'd be wearing a bikini and high heels EVERYWHERE I WENT in the summer!
Because she furminates me and it feels so good!
These are just a few reasons why I LOVE MY MOMMIE!


I love love love

July 30th 2010 6:52 pm
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My Mum. Poor girl - doing all the jobs to keep up the house and still giving me kisses and taking me on our garden/yard tour every night! We are very excited that Johnny is better and cannot wait for Aunt Babs to come home and see all the different tomatoes that are in our garden. Oh! And there's a few squash and! Eggplant! And zucchini and beans and peppers! I love to be with Mum and look at everything coming up and out. She has tomatoes allover the yard - in flower beds with some peppers and in the back yard. And I have finally stopped going in that big flower bed (with tomatoes and basil and peppers in the back) and sitting in it! BOL! I know you are tired and doing so much, Mommie - just want to say I appreciate you and I love you Mommie!


New Nightly Ritual

July 5th 2010 9:44 am
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So here's what we do at night now - me and Mom? Well we always take a walk into the front and side yards to view the gardens and flowers - but now with the heat wave? She has to water all the flower and veggie to keep me occupied? She lets me play with the hose first and I get nice and refreshed - and then!? TOTAL EXCITEMEMNT! She produces a - GASP - BALL! And I get to do fetch! Or! When she has to cut/prune tree branches? I get a REALLY BIG STICK! I get soooooo excited! And then I get in trouble - because I take it and my large butt and go into one of her flower beds! BOL!


I Just

March 31st 2010 4:44 pm
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Farted. Passed Gas. Let out some air - and wooooo-heeeeeee it's BAD! BOL!



March 21st 2010 9:56 am
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Today is March 21st. That means that yesterday? SPRING has SPRUNG! I love the warm Spring weather! The throwing of balls, the chasing of balls, the semi-returning of balls. The barking at balls. The chewing of balls......everything about Spring say BALL PLAYING to me.
Of course, I like to lay down with the ball - in front of the water bowl, and put the ball in the bowl and then drink the water - of course this is after I've already had a good drink of clean *non-ball* water. And then I usually get a "Peep! NO! What are you doing!?" which is my cue to take the ball and run away. But then I can't control myself and I just want Mom to throw it for me. So I bring it over, and if she's not paying attention to me - I put it down and bark at her. However, if she's waiting for me to bring it to her? I will not give it to her. No way. No until I am GOOD and READY! By this time? I usually get one more good throw and when I bring it back I am told "Time for the ball to go night-night" and into the dishwasher or under sink cabinet (sigh) it goes. Who knew that Balls needed so much Night-Night? BOL!



March 11th 2010 7:03 pm
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I was thinking today...about this house that we live in now. This is the second home I've lived in with my Mommie (if you don't count the farm where I was born at Nana Karen's).

The first house I knew was the one Mom brought me home to - where my brothers Rems and Oliver Louis were waiting for me, with my Dad. That was in Peekskill. I was a baby there. I loved it. I grew from a baby puppy to a young doggie there. I loved being with my brothers - especially Rems. That's also the house where I remember having to say goodbye to Rems. That was sad. Both of us (me and OL) were very depressed. That's also the house though - where I remember this little baby girl puppina coming to see me - my baby sister Anne Marie. She was soooo little and such a baby! And! She was so frisky!
Then I had to go to the "pokey" (the kennel at the vets) for two months or so - with the Drama Queen himself. Oliver Louis. There were a few weekends out at Nana's townhouse - until the day Mom picked us up and took us here to our new house in Putnam Valley. Actually I remember that Mom took me here once before I even went to the pokey - and I ran around the yard and played with a ball with her - that was a blast.
Anyway - the reason I am thinking about all of this? Is because tonight I was watching House Hunters with my Mom - and she looked at me and said "Home is wherever we are together Peep, isn't it?" And I looked at her and she gave me some kisses. Then I thought to myself "Wow - she is sooo right!
It may have not been the "perfect" house when we moved here, but it's getting there. And as soon as my Mom's bed was set up - in her bedroom? I knew this was my new home. That and the fact that we are all together. That's what really makes it home for me.
Sure, it wasn't easy in the beginning - the first year and a half was not the best. We didn't know anything about wells, and pumps. and all electric heat. And the floods! All FOUR of them! With that last one - the water heater - being the mother of them all! But - Mom says that all the "crappy stuff" is over now. And - I remember that even through the worst parts of it? The fact that we were all together made it lmore than worth it.
So tonight - when I was just watching House Hunters with my Mom? I thought to myself with a big fat sigh... "It's so good to be home"


Can I tell you?

March 4th 2010 3:59 pm
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How great my mom is? Everynight she spends special "alone" time with me - she pets me, rubs my belly, does a complete doggie massage of me - from my head and EARS (love that) right down to my hiney! Even though she is gearing up to work twelve hour days? She still does this every single night with me. And! Even better? She tells me all these things like how she thinks about me all day, and she cannot wait until the snow is gone so that we can take our nightly walks in the front yard and check on all of our plants, and that I am here very special Peep and that she love, Loves, LOVES ME!


A Snow-icane

February 24th 2010 11:38 am
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That's what the weather people up here are predicting for late tonight/early tomorrow morning all the way into Friday! A combo snowstorm and hurricane!

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