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Epic Fanny; Three Royal Kings; Three Years

January 8th 2013 5:43 pm
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Hello, pups and peeps alike!

Sunday was the last offurcial day of Christmas, at least if you are old fashioned and follow the tradition of the Twelve Days of is also known as Epic Fanny. Who is this, you ask...well, I even had to ask, BOL!
Epic is quite old, and Fanny is the the fanny part of a peep...tee-hee...What, growlmy? Oh...I guess in my older years I need to clean out my ears and realign the filing cabinets in my head.
Growlmy told me it was Epiphany, the day of the three kings coming to bear their, frankincense and myrrh. We really are not sure that they were royalty, let alone kings, but that is what the tradition says...the Bible calls them Wise Men...kings need to be wise, and those gifts they brought to give were costly and mostly only kings were rich.
So now you know, the story according to MJF...

Here is something else to consider, and I know that not of few of our peeps, (and some pups, too, I think...), can truly feel for these words below:

The Week After Christmas

Twas the week after Christmas and all through the house
Nothing would fit me, not even a blouse.

The cookies I'd nibbled, the eggnog I'd taste.
All the holiday parties had gone to my waist.

When I got on the scales there arose such a number!
When I walked to the store (less a walk than a lumber).

I'd remember the marvelous meals I'd prepared;
The gravies and sauces and beef nicely rared,

The wine and the rum balls, the bread and the cheese
And the way I'd never said, "No thank you, please."

So--away with the last of the sour cream dip,
Get rid of the fruitcake, every cracker and chip...

Every last bit of food that I like must be banished
Till all the additional ounces have vanished.

I won't have a cookie--not even a lick.
I'll want only to chew on a long celery stick.

I won't have hot biscuits, or corn bread, or pie,
I'll munch on a carrot and quietly cry.

I'm hungry, I'm lonesome, and life is a bore --
But isn't that what January is for?

Unable to giggle, no longer a riot.
Happy New Year to all and to all a good diet!

Tee-hee! BOL!
I furst thought that was what the Epic Fanny story was referring to...

And here is something I didn't find too funny...I have now been here in Dogsterland 37 months, and growlmy didn't even know about it, till furgot all about it, BOL!
GRRR! I seem to have to take a lot of second place seats here...well anyways, there are now three candles on that little Dogster cake on my page.
I love Dogster, and I LOVE all my pup pals, too!



Happy Barky Woof Year!

January 4th 2013 10:39 am
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Yup, I am happy and barking out loud...most of the time!
The furs in this den got at least 27 cards, compared to the 24 that the peeps we WON!
There was even a bacon scented 'air-freshener' from the Papillon Pack! Yum! Bacon!

I have had a lot of fun and amusement ripping my new unstuffie apart...yup, even those can be destroyed! It was a squirrel with a bushy tail, so I have wreaked my vengeance upon that variety of rodent pest...GRRR!
Growlmy keeps finding the shreds of its tail all over the carpet, or dangling from my jaws.

Best of all, over the past couple of weeks, even on the days when growlmy had to go to her work, I was not alone, because Boss-boy and unfur-bro were both here, and sometimes pawppy was too. I hear that tomorrow they will be going back to their school...sigh...all good things have to come to an end...

And on that note, I wish evfurryone a furry good and Happy New Year, full of woofingly great fun, barkingly wonderfur health and of course as always, 'wots of wuf'!

Woofs and more woofs!


Christmas!! Be Joyful!

December 25th 2012 4:30 pm
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Be joyful! I helped growlmy be just that, despite the sad news from yesterday.
Today I woofed loudly and ran outside to skid on the icy layer of snow...hey, we weren't supposed to have that till tomorrow, sheesh, I don't care for that cold stuff.
Anyways I greeted the new pup next door, as he was doing *privacy junk* and did my own...then back into the warn den.
After my breakfast, growlmy did a quick look on Dogster before the rest of my peeps got up...yes, at this den we sleep in, BOL! Presents can wait, now that my unfurbros are grown up.
Anyways, she saw the little e-mail notice...Mr Jack Freckles is a Daily Dairy Pick! OMD! That is like getting a present from Dogster! Thanks, HQ!
And you my pup furends have been gifting me all day long! Thanks evfur so much! Woofs and Happy Christmas to you all!

I also got a couple of packages to open...a bully stick and a untuffed squirrel-dude!
There are 2 squeakers for me to figure out how to get out of that dude...BOL!
Growlmy saw I was eyeballing the toys that my kitty brofurs had...hmmm, I think I like their catnip!
But the most fun I have had in ages and ages, was ripping all the wrapping paper to shreds! I furgot I am supposed to be rather dognified at my ripe years of 10 1/2...BOL! Growlmy said I was helping her with getting the mess edited befur bagging it fur disposal!

I got some Christmas dinner tidbits...and then I gnawed my bully stick....under the table while my peeps were eating dinner, YUMMY!

I also got some things I wasn't too thrilled with...a new Christmas collar with bells on it, BOL, growlmy relented and took it off after I tried scratching it off...Also I got some bling! Um...Bling?? Fur a manly pup?? Well, I have been wearing it all day, it has red, green and clear stones on it, just right fur today...then I shall growl fur my regular one, right, growlmy??

So joy seems to reign here, once again!
The true JOY of this season, for which I and my furmily give thanks, CHRISTmas!

Have a Blessed Christmas evfurryone!


Its Christmas Eve, But Growlmy Is Leaking, OMD :(

December 24th 2012 6:34 pm
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Growlmy should be feeling efvur so happy, since its Christmas Eve, she is off until Dec 27th...Our house is full of decorations, loads of cards from peeps and furs...thanks so much to all my furry pals who sent cards, I loved them!...but growlmy is feeling oh so sad, and perhaps its mixed with some anger and guilt, too...

No, not to worry I am just fine, full of vim and vigor and barks galore, BOL!

The problem is...
There is a new puppy next door.
And Bandit is no more.
And worse yet, Peanut Buster is gone,too.

Shortly after that night at the end of Novenmber, we didn't see them anymore. Well, today growlmy talked with Bandit's peeps, and he was hit by a car and injured beyond help...and Peanut was hit at the same time, and he was killed instantly.
Oh, NO. Tell us it isn't true:(
Growlmy has been so upset.
She feels bad that she didn't just take that Peanut into our den outright... he would have been safe. Well, now he won't be sending his cheerful barks to anyone...RIP, Peanut. You were a cute pup, and I would have enjoyed having you fur a brofur.
Bandit's peeps must have learned things, too, because now there is a fence with a gate behind their den...hope that the new dude doesn't learn how to get out. He looks like a 'Mutski' as we call them, (BOL), but they said he doesn't have a name yet...

Sorry to spoil all of the fun and joy of your Christmas dogabrations, but growlmy had to vent her feelings...we know you will understand.
Now I have to go and lick the puddles on growlmy's cheeks...

On a brighter note fur some, we are going to have a White Christmas afterall! Except that I don't care fur it, BOL! I like me my green grass!



December 7th 2012 10:20 am
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What a surprise when growlmy saw me begging on the front of the Dogster page this morning!
My other page Freckles Specials , where I feature things related to my life, is featured as Dog of the Day!

Funny thing is, I haven't updated anything there for a long time...BOL!
Growlmy and I thanks all those who have set me gifts, messages, and comments. I even got some PPR's!
I will send out thank you's ...eventually, BOL!
Growlmy was hoping to help me strt sending out my cards today...before she went to work, but not sure if that will happen! Maybe fur sure you will have them in time fur next Christmas...BOL! BOL!
She hasn't even sent out human cards...and all the decorations are out of the closet, but still in boxes...Sigh...

OK...more woofs later!


Would You Like A Little Chrismas Greeting??

December 5th 2012 9:12 pm
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Thanks to all of you furs who have already sent me cards!
Its a lot of fun to hold you in my! BOL!
And like so many others...I have way more than growlmy and pawppy...

I am inviting any of you furs who would like a little Christmas greeting from me and my furmily to send me a P-mail with your address. I have s few, but I think I should update the list.

Its just a little photo-collage print...but I thought it would be fun to share them in the mail.

Today was St Nicholas Day!

Growlmy's pawrents used to enjoy that fun day when they lived in Europe...The Netherlands...but when they came to Canada, they dropped it, because it wasn't celebrated on this side of the pond...they would put a carrot in their wooden shoe for the St's horse, and if they had been good, they would get a gift...or some coal if they had not been good...kind of like our Santa Claus...but if you had been really bad you might get carried off in the St's helper's bag...oh-oh! BOL!
There would be a gift exchange, and special songs and treats.
Then when it was Dec 25th, everyone had a nice and quiet holy day, to reflect on what the true meaning of Christmas really is.
Sometimes I hear growlmy thinking out loud that she thinks we would do well here, to return to such a time as those days...

Well...Happy St Nicholas Day...and soon: A Blessed Christmas to all!


Barkety - Invaders - Barkety-bark-woof!!

November 26th 2012 7:59 pm
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Oh, and howls the sirens interrupting the peace this morning...
And there were two invading dudes here today.
They even dared to open the basement entryway...and then they came up the stairs. They set off the smoke alarm, too...that made me do even more barkety-barks!

Growlmy said she gave those dudes permission to do this invasion, it was planned. We needed to get a new water heater...oh-oh, I hope that doesn't mean I will be getting a *shhh* bath...Well they sure knew how to make a lot of noise.
I greeted them with some good Sir Lick-a-lot licks, too...they said it was OK, cause they had pups at their homes, too...I got one of them really good when he came up the stairs and I was standing there, at the top, waiting...BOL!

With a new softener, a new water heater, maybe I won't hear so much about the yellow clothing around here...there is a lot of iron in our water,, but that should make growlmy happy...we can be iron men...strong ou know, BOL!

Later my pawrents left me in charge for a while...and on their way down the road, they saw Peanut...he was loose again. No word yet from his peeps about coming here...but he keeps trying to push the board away from the gap in our fence gate...I cannot go through but Peanut can, he is about 2/3rds my size.
He wants to be ours, too, that is obvious...maybe another phone call...

And it is way too quiet here, despite my barky voice...boss-boy has gone back to college...

I guess you all noticed that Christmas has arrived on my page...what a silly small Santa cap growlmy used, BOL!


A Stinky Poopy Peanut

November 23rd 2012 10:32 am
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Yup, stinky and poopy...Peanut was running loose again, bothering the neighbors goat, who was also loose, BOL!
Growlmy & Pawppy say it is a zoo around here...
Anyways Mr Buster Brown Peanut had rolled in something only he knew what it was, but it was totally gross, stinky and likely some other critter's doo-doo...YUCK!
Hey, I didn't think it was that bad, BOL!

Growlmy asked pawppy if we should allow him entrance...more to relieve Prince of his taunting pest, but I think there was talk of maybe getting him to be my brofur!! OMD!!
He heard growlmy call him, and he came running over the first time!
So did Bandit who was also bothering his goat brofur...sheesh, it is a zoo!
Growlmy called Peanut's boss-lady...who apologized and said he gets off his chain...and then he crawls out of their fenced yard. She says she loves him, even though he is so naughty! Hmmm, but since she said she is disabled she can't just run out after him. Well she said she would talk to our neighbor, her husband, whether they should let him be our pup instead...we shall see..time will tell. He is 5 years old.

Well, today is the day of leftovers here, the turkey dinner was yummy, and I scored some tidbits of white meat. YUM!

Our warm weather is done fur, is SNOWING! Big fluffy flakes!
Oh NO! I do not care fur snow,and I think pawppy will be scared of it, too, now that he is using a cane...
Oh, well...

I hope all my furry pals and their furmiies had a wonderfur and Happy Thanksgiving!
We in this furmily did NOT go and do any 'Black Friday' avaricious gathering in of so called bargains...not even going to look for puppy gifts, (or kitty ones)...sigh...growlmy says she didn't need/want anything, and she hates those huge crowds...and she needs her energy to go to work...leaves in a few minutes...I shall get boss boy and pawppy to pay me attentions, BOL!


Kicked Out Fur A Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20th 2012 7:16 pm
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Yup, You heard that correctly! Kicked out!

Growlmy went to her oncologist today, and since all was fine, and it has been a little over five years after her chemo junk, she has been 'demoted' to visiting this MD only once a year, now...that sounds scary, to be 'set free' as it were, but of course if she thought anything was amiss, they would see her right away!

Pawppy is doing well, and life is returning to a more normal/regular rhythm.

Hooray on all counts!

Growlmy & Pawppy left early this morning to drive the 50 miles to that MD, and then they stayed there afterwards to go shopping...which yielded nothing, tee-hee...growlmy says she is getting too old fur all the newer styles, BOL!
Then both of them went to a class to help them learn more things on their new confusers...growlmy said it was great, but by the time she got home most of the stuff she got taught was out of her head...she says her head is like a sieve, lately!

Anyways they both came home after they ate supper...and of course I was patiently waiting fur them, because it has been rather mild and nice I got to do yard guard duty...and bask in my heated back porch nest, going outside through my doggy door to bark at the varmints that dared to intrude, or the neighbors when they did all of their coming and going...
I have not seen Peanut/Buster Brown since Sunday. Hmmm...

Tomorrow, growlmy will be doing all of those things that peeps do to get ready for that big meal on Thursday, aka Thanksgiving...and later Pawppy will drive(!) the 90 miles to Ann Arbor to pick up Boss-boy and unfurbro, so they can spend Thanksgiving with me. Hooray!
Then after said feast, growlmy has to go to work...4 evenings in a row, the whole Thanksgiving weekend! OMD!
But she says its OK, she likes her work, and its kind of fun to be there and meet furmily members of her residents, and enjoy a lighter atmosphere. Sometimes on days like this, the administrative staff is there, too, to help out and to show their support.

So you may not hear a lot of my barks...but at any rate,

I do wish all of my pals and their furmilies a Furry Happy Thanksgiving!

Woofs & Gobbles!


Peanut Buster!

November 17th 2012 8:00 pm
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It is Indian Summer around here!
Growlmy got out that noisy thing that makes the grass shorter, and she decided to mulch the leaves into it...pawppy isn't allowed to do that kind of thing yet, though he does almost everyting else...normal life is slowly resuming around here...
The weather has been furry nice, and is forecast to stay this way until Thanksgiving...then growlmy didn't want to wait with this chore to have boss boy and unfurbro do it, because then the weather would give them an she did it! A fun time fur me, I love to be outside with her.

Well, Jackson to the north was sitting in his yard watching us, and Bandit was on a leash with his furmily(!)...but then that little JRT came by and was playing fence games with growlmy let him in. YES!
She was calling him Buster Brown, because his face is dark brown, and he has more dark brown patches over his body.
There is a tad of white at the end of his schnooter, and on the end of his tail...his legs are a lot shorter than mine, as is his tail...and his head is daintier, too, if you can say that about a boy pup, BOL!

Well, him and I had a ton of fun, running all around, romping, barking and marking all the fences and bushes with good doggy messages.
I also shadowed him as much as possible...because I was him at every chance...and he was dumb and didn't challenge my efforts, BOL! Growlmy was embarrased, because the neighbors got to see this silly side of me...she said I am a naughty pup with a one track mind...well I nevfur!

Anyways, when growlmy was done with that noisy mower, she put it away...and Buster Brown was following her like a shadow...watching her face and coming across the yard when she called him...she said I could learn some things from him...
She took a look at his tags, and appawrently his name is Peanut!
He has a current doggy license, and did not look underfed. I guess he just likes to roam and visit, but of course that isn't safe at all:(

(Growlmy did not have her camera to use as she was working in the yard, so there are no pics at all of this little dude...)

Eventually she had to put him out of the yard. He promptly went to see what the other neighbors were doing.

Then he decided that our yard was the best...and he managed to squeeze himself back in! BOL! So growlmy had to close up the gap in the gate and put him out again...he came back repeatedly to beg entrance...good grief, he thinks he belongs here, and he got no food or treats here, only my attentions,(!), and some kind words from growlmy...hopefully when it was dark he went back to his own pawlace...and we sure hope they learn to close off his exit spots, because that little pup is going to get hit by a car one of these days, OMD! That would be awfur. We are not in a position to have a second pup...but if those peeps who own him are not more vigilant they won't have a doggy either:(

Now that growlmy knows his name, she thinks Peanut is not furry distinguished, so she will call him Mr Peanut Buster, or Mr Buster Brown...

Tonight I am exhaustermated as growlmy told pawppy, BOL!
I have been plopped down in my nest all evening!!

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