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Freckles' Fabarkations, Rebarks and Jacktoids

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Ring-Ring ~ Woof ~ Ring-Ring ~ BARK-BARK-BARK!

August 14th 2013 9:57 pm
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Yup, that's me alright...evfurry time I hear the telephone ringing, I gotta bark the alarm, or else my peeps might not pick it up to make it stop...BOL! Growlmy says I make way too much noise, and she or boss-boy send me outside to finish my woofs out there...
I even do the barkety-bark if I hear the phone on the TV...don't get me started for what I do if I hear doorbells...OMD!

This morning the phone rang and Growlmy picked it up on the furst ring...and you guessed it, I was barking my head off...or so she says.
There was no one to talk to at the other end.
Later in the afternoon, growlmy got another call, and I helped remind her to get it. WOOF!

The lady wanting to talk with growlmy was from work, and I told her, NO you can't have her, I need you! BARK! That lady said that another lady had called earlier in the day and hung up (!) because all she heard was dog barking...yup, it were MOI!

Good thing I barked my head off...BOL!!
Later today I got to sing at the sirens going by...Aroooooooo! That was as much fun as barking at the telephone. Even the cell phones ringing gets me started. OMD! I am so smart...

I think that ringing disturbs my naps and rest, so there.


Daisy & The Sweet Sixteen…

August 3rd 2013 9:39 am
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What a lot is going on here…has been, and is. So much to woof about…and growlmy says she was too busy to let me bark about it all.

Well, a while back, I said I was gong to be away from here for a short while. Growlmy's cousin and her hubby came to our den all the way from the Netherlands. Well, actually they drove over from MY doggy cousin's pawlace in 'The Canadias'. But they didn't take him with them…but…I sniffed the bags they brought along and I COULD smell him! And my auntie…growlmy and the other unfurs said it was so cute to see me sniffing those bags ad wagging my tail expecting Murphy to jump out…
Well growlmy's cousins liked me and gave me lots of attention! Hooray…they love doggies!
They liked my kitty brofurs too…

Howevfur growlmy took her cousins on road trips, and I was NOT invited along…sigh…always the unfurs try to do things and sneak away without me.
They said there was not enough room in the car…oh yes, excuses, excuses…

They went to pawlaces in Indiana to see the Amish stuff…I hear that those farmers like to do breeding of furs like myself…JRT's. Howevfur growlmy says that she would nevfur get a pup from the likes of those…

They also toured round my own locale of Calhoun County…rich in history of the Civil war, slavery (The Underground Railway),Fort Custer National Cemetery, and Kellogg's, among other things. They went to a farmer's market and enjoyed fresh produce, too..but they didn't bring ME anything, sigh…even though I was on guard duty…

Then it was time for the company to leave…so they left and drove away to go to Niagara Falls. OMD, I would love to see all that water!

Well, then it was a lot quieter here, and growlmy and pawppy got to have a dogabration…what, I wasn't even with them! It was their 26th annifurrsary…They had a furry spawsial meal in a fancy restaurant.
They also went to search fur a new couch and loveseat…appawrently us furs here and the toll of years has made the current ones a bit less than lovely, not to mention they are furry old fashioned and growlmy says, ugly! BOL!
Maybe they will get leather ones so I can have a new delicious chew toy! What? Oh, sorry growlmy…

Then growlmy went back to working with her peeps again at the nursing home…they all missed her, they said.

And…finally our driveway was fixed and ridded of those paw prints, that had been there for about 6 months…now it is all nice and flat and smooth…poor Bandit, may he RIP…

Now you all might be wondering about this Daisy and her sweet 16.

The other day growlmy saw a kitty at the neighbor's palace. OMD! I shall have a lot of barking to do to keep him out of MY yard and all the catnip growlmy cultivates for my own kitty brofurs.

Then…there are chickens clucking and scratching in that yard. White ones, black ones, speckled ones and brown ones. A rooster too, by the sounds I hear. I was told there are sixteen of them! Sixteen yummy chicken dinners and a lot of scrambled eggs, Mmmmmm!
Hmmm...I think that if one tries to venture over the fence, I may just be able to snag me a chicken dinner!

This morning, I was rudely awakened by some shrill barks and yaps.
OMD! there is yet another pup over there. Her name is Daisy, she is a year old, and looks like a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. A beige fluff ball fur sure! Growlmy says she is furry cute.
I sure hope she gets to visit me in my yard sometime. Growlmy says she hopes that her furmily will be more responsible with her, and not let her run loose, or be tied up like the other pups endured. Time will tell…

Boss-boy now has his first car, a brand new one, too! A blue hatchback, perfect fur taking a pup on road trips…so last night he puts junk in it and drives away without ME. Sheesh. Well, at least pawppy and growlmy were here…and boss-boy says he will be back in a couple of days.

Well, now I am resting…too much excitement here!


Vacation Woofs

July 22nd 2013 7:28 am
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Ok, Pups pals and your peeps...
I am going to be AWOL sort of this week. Growlmy has company and won't be able to visit here furry much, if at all...sigh...I will miss a lot of things and spawsial days and playing with you on your pages. Sorry about that...

But soon I will be back to WOOF and do all the fun stuff here.
I sure hope when I get back that the comments notification system is fixed by then...I already think Dogster is on Vacation, BOL!

See ya!


Not So Smelly DDP!

July 11th 2013 9:21 am
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Oh, My Goodness...Oh My Barkness!

I am a DDP today again!

And this time I do not have stinkies on me, BOL! So it a not so smelly DDP!
A couple of nights ago, there was a huge downpour here, with heavy winds, too...but growlmy said it was OK; we missed the brunt of a bad storm..
Anyways she hopes that it washed away whatevfur I had been decorating myself with...She may be correct, because either its not fun anymore, or its gone!
She says she hopes its gone and not coming back, BOL!

Today she got out the hose...and I took one look...and I ran away!
Growlmy laughed because she thought I thought I was going to get an outdoor summer-styled wash...nope! She hosed off the sidewalk and patio. Then she giggled at herself because the Dutch are known for washing their steps and porches and sidewalks...(and growlmy's pawrents came from there...but she nevfur saw them doing that).

Thanks, Dogster for this DDP day, and to my pals fur all the comments and gifties!
Hugs and woofs to you all!


Goodness, ME! Stinky ME!!

July 8th 2013 8:54 am
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Hey, growlmy how can I be a stinky pup if I am a DDP??

Well, I am stinky...and I am a DDP! So there!
And thanks to the furends who have sent me gifts and comments.
I shall have to go and roll in some more stinky junk to dogabrate, and to let you enjoy some too...

Yesterday, just as growlmy was about to go to I saunter, all black as the night along one side...and Pee-EEUUUUUW!

Well you know what happened...
I did it again first thing this morning...and I am not telling growlmy where this bit of deliciousness is...and she is wondering how on earth this happens in a fenced yard? BOL!

Well, I shall have to present her with another stinky gift when she comes home from work...sheesh...She was off all of last week, to enjoy some vacation and all the kaboomers, but now the first day back...I get a DDP,and she has to leave...sigh...whatevfur!

OK, now I gotta run off to find my stinky stash...
Bye pals!
Bye, Growlmy, BOL!


Kabooming Thanks!

July 5th 2013 5:35 pm
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I normally wouldn't thank furs fur making noises all ovfur my page...I would bark and get all bent out of shape, BOL!
But I am thanking all of my pawsome pals fur the beautiful fireworks that are glowing and shimmering on my page.
It sure made fur a terrierific July Fourth!

So Thanks and Thanks to Dogster, too!



July 4th 2013 12:00 pm
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Thats right, pals, Kaboom!
In our neighborhood, in the park, at the baseball field and at the airport, too...and who knows where else? Oh, yes, in the gift shop, too...Huh? In the gift shop? Then we better get them out of there to take them over to our pals pages, because if they go kaboom in the gift shop, they might break things...BOL!
And it will be easy to heist them out of there...because they are FREE!

Free kabooms! Oh, my poor ears, and how I bark, so now I shall be hoarse, too...

Pawppy hung up our Stars and Stripes this morning, and then the fun began. So I had to bark and bark and bark...I hate those fireworks noises.
And soon when it gets darker outside, I shall be barking to make them all go away.
And not only those, I have to bark at balloons, too, because it is the Balloon festival here...too much...I shall be suffering from a systems overload.
And when I do guard duty, when my peeps go to the festivities, what do they pay me with...a milkbone, sheesh...I need some earplugs and maybe a huge knucklebone, BOL!

And growlmy had this thought to help us poor pups who hate all those Kabooms...
The American slogan is: 'Let Freedom Ring!' why don't we all just ring bells and jingle and tinkle them? Then we pups would not have to shudder, shiver and think its the end of the world,and or get all angry at them, like I do...and July fourth would not have the reputation of being the scariest, unsafest day fur pups anymore. I think that is a great idea, maybe we should all woof this to our congressmen!

Well, anyways, I sure hope all my pals are enjoying this day a lot. And those who live up in the Great White North, aka Canada; I hope you all had a wonderfur Canada Day!

Those who live elsewhere...I just hope you are having a great day anyways! BOL!

Well, the peeps are going to put me in charge I gotta go and visit that gift shop to see if there are any more Kabooms left to send. My page is so full of them! Wow!


GOLD?? Fur ME???!?

June 26th 2013 7:53 pm
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The Golden Bone Miss Tree

I was given a bone of Gold.
Its nice to have and to hold.
But truth being told.
I feel so furry old...
Not knowing from whence it rolled,
Onto my page, so bright and bold.

Others, too have gotten bones...
From Jessie or Johnnie or Jones?
Does anyfur know.
Who these bones did throw...
Onto our pages, into my house?
The sender's none other than A Nony Mouse?!

I got this bone yesterday, and I haven't a clue who to thank...
Who I thought was the sender...nope, now I am drawing a blank.

So thanks anyways, whomevfur you be...
Four pups and a kitty...the furs in this Miss Tree...
I shall gnaw on this bone, from a thigh or a shin...
Otherwise my head will be in a spin!

The Golden Bone Miss Tree


Selling Titus???

June 18th 2013 6:48 am
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Growlmy says she has a whole lot of ants in a bottle, that was what some lady gave her in return for the selling of Titus, in her elbow...seems not like a good investment if you ask me...
Growlmy's elbow got all red and hot and swollen, too...she had to work, and she bumped it there, which she said made her see stars. Wow, that might have been fun! What? Growlmy said it wasn't like fireworks...
Anyways that same lady who traded the Titus for some Ants, also gave her a piece of paper that said she had to stay away from her work until next week...hooray, lots of growlmy here with ME! Oh, yeah, I guess I have to share her with some kitties and the other two leggers who live here...

Growlmy says she has NO idea where that selling Titus came from...but she hopes that the ants crawling all around in it now will make thing go back to normal...and you know what? She said she would rather be going to her work, than dealing with Titus and ants...

(In case you were wondering...Selling Titus is what I thought growlmy said when I heard her explaining to Pawppy about cellulitis...)



June 13th 2013 9:01 am
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Oh, MY! How isolated we were without TV & Internet.
Well it is now fixed...and wouldn't you know it the same evening its fixed we fell out again...due to severe thunderstorms.
Well all is OK, and we are safe, too. The yard is cluttered with all kinds of leaves and branches, and some of growlmy's planter pots blew over:(
At least nothing broke the newly installed cable line!
The repair lady said that someone had pulled the whole line down by snagging it on a tall part of their vehicle, Yikes!
Who would be driving around here with anything that tall...
What evfur, It is fixed! Hooray!

Today, growlmy has to go back to work...the next four evenings.
What? It is pawppy's birthday!
Growlmy told me she had done the dogabrating fur that day, yesterday...with a spawsial meal and cake,too...he had an earlybird birthday, BOL!

She has to work on Father's Day, too...sigh...that means that I shall be giving him lots of licks and kisses all by myself...If I can get past those kitties who like to steal his attention...

Speaking of licks, I got to kiss the cable repair lady, BOL! She likes dogs and had just rescued a Lab/Rottie mix!
Good fur her!
I did my best to help her, too...sticking my schnooter into evfurrything to snoopervise it all. Then she shooed me away:( She found a wasp nest close to where she was working, and did not wnat me to get I furgave her. Of course that means extra work fur growlmy & Pawppy...

OK, gotta run now...

Eventually growlmy will help me send thanks to all who sent me prezzies over the past few days.
Thanks again, from the bottom of my doggy heart!

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