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July 4th 2013 12:00 pm
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Thats right, pals, Kaboom!
In our neighborhood, in the park, at the baseball field and at the airport, too...and who knows where else? Oh, yes, in the gift shop, too...Huh? In the gift shop? Then we better get them out of there to take them over to our pals pages, because if they go kaboom in the gift shop, they might break things...BOL!
And it will be easy to heist them out of there...because they are FREE!

Free kabooms! Oh, my poor ears, and how I bark, so now I shall be hoarse, too...

Pawppy hung up our Stars and Stripes this morning, and then the fun began. So I had to bark and bark and bark...I hate those fireworks noises.
And soon when it gets darker outside, I shall be barking to make them all go away.
And not only those, I have to bark at balloons, too, because it is the Balloon festival here...too much...I shall be suffering from a systems overload.
And when I do guard duty, when my peeps go to the festivities, what do they pay me with...a milkbone, sheesh...I need some earplugs and maybe a huge knucklebone, BOL!

And growlmy had this thought to help us poor pups who hate all those Kabooms...
The American slogan is: 'Let Freedom Ring!' why don't we all just ring bells and jingle and tinkle them? Then we pups would not have to shudder, shiver and think its the end of the world,and or get all angry at them, like I do...and July fourth would not have the reputation of being the scariest, unsafest day fur pups anymore. I think that is a great idea, maybe we should all woof this to our congressmen!

Well, anyways, I sure hope all my pals are enjoying this day a lot. And those who live up in the Great White North, aka Canada; I hope you all had a wonderfur Canada Day!

Those who live elsewhere...I just hope you are having a great day anyways! BOL!

Well, the peeps are going to put me in charge I gotta go and visit that gift shop to see if there are any more Kabooms left to send. My page is so full of them! Wow!


GOLD?? Fur ME???!?

June 26th 2013 7:53 pm
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The Golden Bone Miss Tree

I was given a bone of Gold.
Its nice to have and to hold.
But truth being told.
I feel so furry old...
Not knowing from whence it rolled,
Onto my page, so bright and bold.

Others, too have gotten bones...
From Jessie or Johnnie or Jones?
Does anyfur know.
Who these bones did throw...
Onto our pages, into my house?
The sender's none other than A Nony Mouse?!

I got this bone yesterday, and I haven't a clue who to thank...
Who I thought was the sender...nope, now I am drawing a blank.

So thanks anyways, whomevfur you be...
Four pups and a kitty...the furs in this Miss Tree...
I shall gnaw on this bone, from a thigh or a shin...
Otherwise my head will be in a spin!

The Golden Bone Miss Tree


Selling Titus???

June 18th 2013 6:48 am
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Growlmy says she has a whole lot of ants in a bottle, that was what some lady gave her in return for the selling of Titus, in her elbow...seems not like a good investment if you ask me...
Growlmy's elbow got all red and hot and swollen, too...she had to work, and she bumped it there, which she said made her see stars. Wow, that might have been fun! What? Growlmy said it wasn't like fireworks...
Anyways that same lady who traded the Titus for some Ants, also gave her a piece of paper that said she had to stay away from her work until next week...hooray, lots of growlmy here with ME! Oh, yeah, I guess I have to share her with some kitties and the other two leggers who live here...

Growlmy says she has NO idea where that selling Titus came from...but she hopes that the ants crawling all around in it now will make thing go back to normal...and you know what? She said she would rather be going to her work, than dealing with Titus and ants...

(In case you were wondering...Selling Titus is what I thought growlmy said when I heard her explaining to Pawppy about cellulitis...)



June 13th 2013 9:01 am
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Oh, MY! How isolated we were without TV & Internet.
Well it is now fixed...and wouldn't you know it the same evening its fixed we fell out again...due to severe thunderstorms.
Well all is OK, and we are safe, too. The yard is cluttered with all kinds of leaves and branches, and some of growlmy's planter pots blew over:(
At least nothing broke the newly installed cable line!
The repair lady said that someone had pulled the whole line down by snagging it on a tall part of their vehicle, Yikes!
Who would be driving around here with anything that tall...
What evfur, It is fixed! Hooray!

Today, growlmy has to go back to work...the next four evenings.
What? It is pawppy's birthday!
Growlmy told me she had done the dogabrating fur that day, yesterday...with a spawsial meal and cake,too...he had an earlybird birthday, BOL!

She has to work on Father's Day, too...sigh...that means that I shall be giving him lots of licks and kisses all by myself...If I can get past those kitties who like to steal his attention...

Speaking of licks, I got to kiss the cable repair lady, BOL! She likes dogs and had just rescued a Lab/Rottie mix!
Good fur her!
I did my best to help her, too...sticking my schnooter into evfurrything to snoopervise it all. Then she shooed me away:( She found a wasp nest close to where she was working, and did not wnat me to get I furgave her. Of course that means extra work fur growlmy & Pawppy...

OK, gotta run now...

Eventually growlmy will help me send thanks to all who sent me prezzies over the past few days.
Thanks again, from the bottom of my doggy heart!


Thanks From Afar...

June 11th 2013 9:39 am
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Um...well you know I have a doggy cousin called Murphy...well, no offense intended...but its Murphy's law in action around here:(

Furstly, it poured most of the day yesterday...on my Gotcha Day. Sheesh!

Growlmy wrote the previous entry just before she went to her work. When she got back, there was silence in the TV, no Cable, and no internet either. Grrr!
So I couldn't play here when she got back, and I still can't. I asked growlmy to go to a coffee shop to check in and see the goings on...and wouldn't you know it, I am a DDP and I can;t even enjoy it until that cable dude comes to fix things. I shall have to try not to bite him! BOL! He is afterall trespassing, but I guess I will allow it.

Sorry if I am missing other fun stuff, and spawsial days here...I sure hope it doesn't take too long.

So....thanks, congrats and woofs to any and all who need these things!

See ya, soon I hope!
Furgive my silence in your pages.


Gotcha Day - 2013

June 10th 2013 11:08 am
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Its my Gotcha Day!
And in 10 minutes growlmy is off to work...sheesh!
She spent a lot of time doing chores here, then she made some pics/badges/mementos fur other furs...and didn't even have time to finish those, BOL!
And its pouring buckets of rain...sigh...

I woof my thanks to all who have paid me more attention than growlmy, (BOL), there is a load of Dogster love here, that is fur sure!

At least boss boy is here...but...he is working at the desk until 530, so all I can do is curl up under his chair and snooze...zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Soon pawppy and unfurbro will get back, hooray!
And later when evfurryone else is in bed...growlmy will get back, too.
I shall have to dogabrate tomorrow, she will be home a lot cause she is off that day!

Woofs to all my furry pals and their peeps, too!


I Had Me Some Company!

June 5th 2013 9:51 pm
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Yup, I sure did!
Yesterday I was minding my own business, and I heard a car come into the driveway. That always puts me in alert mode...but this time not only did I bark the alarm, I had to bark fur joy!
My doggy cousin was here! Murphy! And his Mom, who is my Auntie...she is growlmy's sister.
Murphy was ever so excited too, he hadn't been here in a long time...
So he ran right up the steps and there was my doggy door. He never could figure that out before...but fur some reason, he stuck his schnooter into it...and hopped through!
Growlmy & Auntie were amazed!

And he drank out of all the water bowls he could find...the two in the back porch, and the big one inside, OMD, I thought he was going to empty them!
Auntie told us that he likes to drink!

He even took a swig from the hose when growlmy was filling up her watering cans, BOL! I have nevfur done that! That hose is makes me about a week ago, when I found something delicious to roll in...but that's another dogventure...anyfurs, growlmy used that same hose to make me clean again...sheesh!

We shared some noms and some treats...and then we raced around the yard...a lot! We were exhausted!
Afterall we are both 11, and we aren't silly pups, but dignified ones..we turn on the batteries and race, then we turn them off and rest...

Murphy did a fair share of snarking and grumping at me, too...good grief, I am the host-pup, and he gets snarly...he wanted to go through the doggy door at the same time as me..and he wanted to leave a p-mail...but I was sniffing at him...well, OK, I asked for that one, BOL!

Auntie says he likes to try to be the alpha pup...

Last night he & I went out to know ...a few times...and then just as growlmy was making things ready fur the night sleepover...oh-oh...Murphy left a puddle by pawppy's chair...we knew it was him, because I am not supposed to go in is a kitty room...sheesh!
So that was some late night scrambling to get it cleaned was on the carpet, naturally...

Poor Murphy didn't get a nice reception from Pipo, and Minko just hid for a while...but later he came out. Murphy tried to have a sniff but Minko wasn't allowing it, BOL!

This morning we had a nice time on the patio for a while, we got more treats, and growlmy snapped a few pics...

We heard that UPS truck come to my den, too! More alert barking...and I chased it away...but then it had the nerve to drive back down our Murphy and I both barked at it to stay away, and it just drove on...see how good we are as a guarding team? I don't know why growlmy & Auntie were giggling at us, though..I always bark that UPS truck off, he nevfur brings me anything...all the packages I have received fur me came from the post man...and growlmy says I do not bark at him...BOL!

...then after all that Auntie and Murphy got back in their car and drove away...its so quiet here now...and the kitties don't want to play with I'll curl up and take a long nap!

Growlmy has to go back to her work tomorrow...



June 1st 2013 10:56 am
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My boss-boy is home! Fur I don't know how long...he said until he finds a permanent pawlace to park his junk...BOL! And soon even a car which he is hunting fur right now, even as I paw this entry.

I had a great time and even didn't come outside when growlmy got home from her work last night...but when she came in, I did give her a kissie...

We have some more storms but no bad ones. Maybe we will have more tonight. Sheesh, the weather is horrible and scary these days, in some parts of this land we live in.
I pawray that evfurryone will stay safe.

Well, growlmy is about to leave fur work again...I'll woof some more some other time...


Leashed Up & Going Nowhere

May 28th 2013 10:00 pm
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At about 1145pm, growlmy put my leash on me. Hey I didn't want to go fur any stroll now, Its dark and rainy and thundering to boot.

There was both TV's on here, loud mind you, one had been turned to the baseball game, the other to some news channel. Suddenly after a bunch of beeps, that's when I got leashed. Now sometimes that means I am going to get hauled off for well, a bath or some other torture to my fursonage, but I just got to wander around a bit.
Funny thing was, that I saw her stuff the kitties into their carriers, too. How odd, no suitcases or packing had been done, and none of us evfur go to the vet at night.
Well, boom! And boomedy-boom..and then...
Aroooooooo-weeee-ooooooo...Sirens? I have to go and howl, but growlmy would not let me go outside to sing along...
Growlmy said we were under a tornado warning. What the Dog??? She was getting us ready to go into the cellar if need be. Thankfully, other than huge boomers and loads of lightening and Niagara Falls on our roof, we are OK.
Thank you God fur keeping us safe. We hope evfurryone else around our area is too.


Boss-Boy's Spawsial Day

May 11th 2013 8:48 pm
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Furs and furends, if you have been keeping up with my woofs here, you will know that Boss-boy has become an offurcial Bachelor. In the science of geeky Engineering, BOL!
He has a degree and even a job in doing the things he loves best...and that's the way it should be!
He was in a huge crowd at the U of M...
Boss-Boy is in the middle of that darker crowd...somehwere...

How much attention wouldn't I have gotten if they had let me come along, but fur some reason only service pups are allowed in there...hey, I am a service pup...I woof the strangers away!

Anyways, later the pawrents made a hasty not too pawlanned pic of him in his cap and gown...
Boss-Boy ~ My furry own Bachelor!
He was getting warm so his gown was open...and we also found a photobomber, BOL!
Then someone made a pic of my Boss-boy with Pawppy & Growlmy...not the best, but the pride does show through!!
Boss-Boy ~ With Pawppy & Growlmy
S now not only did you all enjoy the fun of a Go Blue graduation, you have met most of my furmily!
(Unfurbro did not wish to show up here, though he was there and next year it will be his turn to sit in that big crowd...)

And I wish evfurryone a furry Happy Mother's Day!
Well all those here that are moms of course, BOL!

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